Things To Do In Steelport - Family-Friendly Edition

Discussion in 'Compilations' started by Fan of Saints, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. I have the GOG version of the game and everything worked up until character creation in which my character was invisible for some reason, I put everything into the game files, launched the game through DX11 since the new launcher launched my steam, and up until that point everything was fine, did I do something wrong or is this just a bug?
  2. I've been using this mod for a few days without issue, but I tried today to install JediDave's All New Character Customization mod and the two aren't compatible. I can run TTDIS without issue, and I can run NCC with no issues, but anytime I attempt to run both of them together, the NCC tattoos will not show up, or will crash my game when trying to purchase them in store. I've done a fresh install, and can otherwise get everything working separately. Any recommendations?
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  3. Character creation doesn't work for me at all. I can't select anything other then "Start Game" and my char is invisible. Idk why it's happening since I've used this mod before and never got this problem until now.
  4. The best way around that, is to make your character, and then install the mod. Other users have reported this issue as well. Another way, is to make your character (which will be invisible) and the moment you are in the plane, go ahead and quit the game and restart. You should have the model of the default male, and go to image as designed once you've escaped.
  5. Gracias m8
  6. I used to use GoS, sorta sad to see it's not up-to-date. It recommended coming here and using TtDiS, but this is an all inclusive mod. GoS had the ability to select which mods you wanted to install and which mods you wanted to leave out. Is there any way at all to have that sort of function in TtDiS? As it stands it's an all or nothing mod compilation, unless I'm just not seeing a way to install it a la carte.
  7. Nice, what's up with the camera its going frame by frame very slow
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  8. I'm playing with the game with the mod installed in co-op, and I find the game a bit too easy on the hard difficulty. Are there any hints as to which files to edit to make the game a bit more challenging, perhaps by giving enemies better weapons/more HP?

    I've also experienced the game crashing for my co-op partner every 30-60 minutes for no real reason. We have no other mods installed, however I have the HD textures while he doesn't (we both use stream_grid.asm_pc for IdolNinja's mission replay). Could that be causing the crashes for one player, or is it a normal thing with the game?

    It's a great mod pack though, thank's a lot for making it.
  9. Try these:
    - difficulty_levels.xtbl
    - spawn_info_groups.xtbl
    - weapons.xtbl
    - tweak_table.xtbl

    You will find them when you extract misc_tables.vpp_pc
  10. difficulty_levels.xtbl was what I was looking for, thank you.
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