1. V1LL1AN

    Grillz for character

    After so long of people asking me to drop this since i shared it on steam that i found a way to give your character grillz i finally decided to release this to the public. Your character can have some blinged out mouthstones lol. I plan to make more in the future whenever i have the time to do...
  2. S

    Removing obscured slot from customization_items has no effect in game.

    Hi guys. Simply the title question; I am editing the customization_items in personal mods folder from GOTR and re-patching. I've edited all instances of customization_items I can find to the state of the image attatched. As you see the obscured slot remains obscured on the Track Hot Pants. Any...
  3. Singa

    Cow Print Clothing

    This mod let's you put a cow print design on a bunch of female clothing items to celebrate 2021 as the Year of the Ox. Affected are bras, underwear, stockings and gloves. Screenshots: Installing: To install the mod, simply move the .g_peg_pc and .peg_pc files of the clothing item you...
  4. N

    Saints Row 4 : stripper clothes

    Title says evrything i want them for the Player character (if their is already a mod for it i didnt find it so if that's the case send me the link)
  5. Admixon

    Removed Clothing & Hair Restrictions

    Description Me and Singa made a mod that changes some of the clothing items so you'll be able to: - wear mask/hats with your favorite hair. It also won't turn your hair to ponytail while wearing hats or tops - wear shoes with outfits at the same time - wear tops and bras at the same time ... (We...
  6. MegaFreeman

    How To Add New Simple Re-textured Clothing (beginners guide)

    Hello everyone, my name is MegaFreeman and today I will be teaching you how to retexture clothing in Saints Row IV and then add it as brand new items to the game. This one is based on Flippy's own video tutorial, but updated to support Workshop Patch. Keep in mind this is made for simple...
  7. A


    Someone can make Air Jordan's to put in game ?
  8. G7.

    Angel halo and more wings

    Admixon's Angel of All Saints it's amazing but i wish they had more wing options and some halo to match the Admixon mod (the halo available in the game is a "toy" halo and I thought of something more like a real halo, maybe shiny if possible ) thanks in advance :)
  9. Singa

    Many More Clothing Colors

    This mod adds many more colors to the wardrobe and clothing store menu. And since the eyes are a clothing item in GotR, this mod also gives you a wider color selection for them. Vanilla SR2 gives you 69 color options, GotR extends that to 102 and with this mod you'll have a total of 284 colors...
  10. Earl47

    baggy clothes

    I think this would be a pretty cool mod. Baggy t-shirts and Jeans was the style back then and I think it would be perfect for saint row 2. I would like to request anyone who mods to create a mod with more baggy clothes like jeans and t-shirts and a few big jackets too. Thank you in advance.
  11. N

    Neko/Cat Lingerie?

    Neko/Cat Lingerie is a neko/cat bra and underwear themed. It's a known lingerie around the World. Here's the attached files if you wonder how it looks like. It works with both gender. Original Lingerie Name: Cat Keyhole lingerie
  12. Nonohi

    New Clothes Mod

    Please if you can, send me a link for a new clothes mod (for example, adidas clothes, nike etc.) Thanks :) (sorry for my poor english, im brazilian) :D:D:D:D:D
  13. DSG99

    Need assistance with getting these mods to work... (SR4)

    Hey guys! Recently got into Saints Row again after a while and I got some mods for IV. When using these mods are together (without any merging since I am really dumb and stupid at that) the game would either crash at launch or when I went into the upgrade section of Friendly Fire. There they...
  14. BrittishBear

    Of the shoulder

    I would like a mod that has a of the shoulder top.
  15. Prophet of Duality

    Tokyo Ghoul Mask

    Can someone make Kaneki's mask from the anime/ manga Tokyo Ghoul. It would be awesome to have this in-game. (Picture provided if you don't know what it looks like.)
  16. Henry08

    Obscured VIDs list

    If you tried to create new cloth item maybe you already know what are Obscured VIDs. There are parts of body mesh that you need to hide in the customization_items.xtbl in order for your model to look correct and not overlap with these parts of the body. So for my mod I done some research and...
  17. shiningknight345

    Remove wrist item restrictions?

    I wasn't sure where to put this so I figured I'd just put it here(sorry if it's in a wrong spot). I haven't seen any mods to do so, but it's possible right? Considering there's a mod to remove the hat/underwear restrictions, wouldn't it work the same way? I just always wore the hobo gloves and...
  18. shiningknight345

    Clothing idea that's probably already been said

    I've been scouring the forums and I thought of something. I know the very first post said you guys don't have mesh tools to work with(even though that post was 6 years ago), but considering Viper has been able to port items from SRIV replacing SRIII clothing items, people are able to make...
  19. F

    The Saints Row T-shirt Pack

    Saints Row T-shirt pack for Saints Row IV UNKUT TEE OLD SCHOOL TEE Not on Steam workshop due to technical reasons (download below) SAINTS ROW 1 BALANCE TEE AND THE GLITCH T-SHIRT. To download without Workshop, simply create a "mods" folder in your roots and drop the files in said mods...
  20. BrittishBear

    Improper texture

    When i tried to retexture thr old steel tee shirt, evrything went well except for the fact that the part i cut of went white. how could i fix it.