1. -SeaboundSaint-

    Vehicle Internal Names

    There are 131 Vehicles in Vanilla Saints Row 2: • 9 Bikes • 7 Boats • 41 Cars • 6 Helicopters • 1 Minivan • 4 Planes • 32 Special • 7 SUV • 17 Trucks • 5 Vans • 2 Wagons +2 GotR Exclusive Vehicles +15 DLC vehicles (only available via...
  2. -SeaboundSaint-

    Traffic Speeds

    ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - TRAFFIC SPEEDS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════ This simple mod changes the speed of traffic vehicles to either "No Speed Limits", "Sunday Drivers", "Snail's...
  3. j3lly_m3lly

    bugged backseat

    the backseats of any kenshin in my game doesn't work even tho the backseats of sandstorms, hoverbikes, and jetskis work perfectly fine for me. despite playing my entire playthru only using kenshin, i was able to get an npc to sit on it as a passenger only a single time, but they were sitting...
  4. F

    Underglow/Neons Mod

    Add underglow / neon as a customization option for all cars.
  5. Saint_of_the_Barrio

    SotB's White stripe tires add-on + other customizations

    Remember how some vehicles in SR1 had thin white stripe tires (I.E the Compton or the Cavallaro)? Well, this mod adds those tires back into the game WITHOUT REPLACING ANY OTHERS. That's right, I managed to restore the white stripe tires by messing with the externalized components.xtbl and...
  6. Singa

    Anime Decals for Ronin Vehicles

    This April Fools mod gives the Ronin vehicles anime decals. Yes, it's very creative. Screenshots: Installation: To install it simply move the ".g_peg_pc" and ".peg_pc" files from this mod's folder to "Gentlemen Of The Row" > "optional_mod_stuff" >...
  7. Saint_of_the_Barrio

    Help with DLC vehicles

    So, after finally getting the SR1 DLCs (through LEGAL means) I finally was able to try out the DLC cosmetics, however, the DLC vehicles, the Rumbler and the Leftturner are nowhere to be found and I can't spawn them in any way, can someone please help?
  8. Saint_of_the_Barrio

    Homies packs with personal vehicles

    Just a simple and quick mod that replaces all the unlockable homies with the storymode's characters which also spawn with their respective vehicles. The first pack is the Saints, the second one the Rollerz, then the Carnales and the Vice Kings with a few more to come. I'll keep updating this...
  9. Saint_of_the_Barrio

    Add all vehicles to Foreing Power + some vehicle customization fixes and expansions

    Just as the title says, I've had this one laying around for a while and it was time for me to post it. This mod simply adds all the game's vehicles to Foreing Power as well as adding a few new customization options to some of the vehicles, Like giving the player the ability to buy the "Ho" hood...
  10. F

    SR1 Increased Traffic Density + New Vehicles

    DOWNLOAD More Traffic and Vehicles SR1 by F13 This mod restores some cut/rare vehicles, and increases traffic and ped density. You can buy the Goliath and Baddog at Foreign Power (for a price), and the forklift now spawns in the factory district. Install: drop the files in the phantasy row...
  11. Saint_of_the_Barrio

    Car customization tweaks and stuff

    Cared to read the title? Good, that means you know what this is all about. Sarcasm aside, this is just a simple mod that add a couple of new customization options to a few vehicles in SR2, check it out: So there you have it, you want more ? Well, here's the changelog...
  12. NutInMyDonut

    Saints Row 2 Vehicle Files for Download?

    I want a file that contains all Saints Row 2 vehicles from the game. Including rare unobtainable vehicles too. (Which should be batched with the normal vehicles). Id highly appreciate it if someone special can provide this file. Thanks.
  13. D

    Vehicles Does anyone have the vehicle files for saints row 4?

    I'm currently playing saints row 4 again on ps3 and i was wondering if anyone has some vehicle files so i can inject cars into the savedata via save editor. If anyone has some vehicle files please comment down below.
  14. S

    Vehicles Is there a way to edit the vehicle weapons without causing a crash?

    When I touch ANYTHING in the vehicle weapons in weapons.xtbl. It always crashes after logos shown up. Is there something that I need to match the values with some other xtbl? If it is, which one is? And if not, is there way to edit the vehicle weapons without causing a crash? Edit: I figured...
  15. Merronkur

    NPCs don't rip you out of your vehicle & driving a car that explodes doesn't kill you instantly

    this is definitely one of the most annoying things in not just this game, but any game. i'd like a mod where NPCs never get the notion to forcibly remove you from your vehicle in which you have no choice but to just sit there and take it, losing control of your character for all of what feels...
  16. Singa

    SRTT Remaster | More Crushing Vehicles

    This mod adds the crushing effect from tanks to multiple heavy vehicles in the game, like my similar mod for Saints Row IV. Version for the original game can be found here. The vehicles included in this mod: Installation: Open the folder of the vehicle you want and copy its .xtbl-file into...
  17. Singa

    SRTT | More Crushing Vehicles

    This mod adds the crushing effect from tanks to multiple heavy vehicles in the game, like my similar mod for Saints Row IV. There are two files attached to this thread: "More Crushing Vehicles SRTT.rar" has all the files in individual folders named after the vehicle it affects, to make it...
  18. D

    The Steelport Beautification Thread

    Welcome to the Steelport Beautification thread! As the title states, this thread is here to act as a guide to improving your virtual Steelport, not only aesthetically, but also functionally. I'm constantly using most of these along side each other in game and haven't had any issues...
  19. Joe Steel

    How open to gcar_pc files?

    I want to convert Saints Row vehicles to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. But I don't know how open gcar_pc files... If someone knows to how open and convert gcar_pc files, please tell me how to do... And how did he achieve this ...
  20. U

    SRIII/IV Textures

    I've been using with success on characters, haven't tried anything else yet but when I've tried to do vehicles every texture is a corrupted dds for some reason. I was wondering if anyone has had success making them work...