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  1. My character is invisible even after quitting and restarting the game. However, the hair is visible.
  2. It is probably too late to be asking but did a fix for this ever get made? I am in the same boat in that I was hoping to use this pack and the dualshock 4 button prompts mod but I noticed that patch_vint_doc_containers.asm_pc , interface-backend_cpeg_pc and interface-backend_gpeg_pc are in conflict. If a fix did get made for this I cannot seem to find a link anywhere. If anyone has it or knows where it could be found it would be appreciated. Alternatively I would have no problem attempting to fix the conflict(s) myself however these files do not seem to be covered by the merge mods guide here: . If anyone around could assist in that manner I would be graeful.
  3. I used to play with GoS and decided to check this one out. So far i've only noticed changed vehicle handling and smarter enemies. What's up with a very far third person camera and invisible character after the first mission? Somehow managed to get over it and finally got to the character creation. How do i get rid of super buffed-up bodies? I've deleted 'player_creation.xtbl' as it is said on the mod page but now i can't really change clothes in store. Everytime i try to change them (in a safehouse, shops) they don't change appearance, a bit of scrolling up and down and my game starts to stutter then when i hit a menu button or something else i get blackscreen and that's all. I'd really like to play with TTDIS but this stuff makes me crazy. Anyone knows how to fix this?
  4. Hello, unfortenately i can`t play with this mod.
    I did install on fresh and clean steam installation but as soon as i start new game i get black screen.
    I really want this mod , any sollutions?
  5. yeah i have the same thing
  6. Finally get it to work.
    Clean steam files-> install mod ->goto folder ?:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\47494006\55230\remote and delete remotecache.vdf !!!
    Start Game , set Antiallising to 8x , play prologue till character complitation -> Character is invisible ! -> start game -> when in prison , save game, exit game , restart game and you`ll be fine.
    Later , when you have enough money go to the shop where you can have beauty surgery -> now make your dream character....
    Great mod ,much better than the others!!!
  7. does this work with the all new character creation mod by jedidave?
  8. Just installed the mod package and im not able to get past the opening mission. When i have killed the swat guys that attack helicopter spawns 200ish meters below me on to the ground and doesnt move anywhere. I managed to damage it enough to trigger the "vault ride" section by using satchel charges to boost myself to the roof of the next skyscraper and shooting the chopper from there. But when the vault is lifted after the cutscene the helicopter doesnt show up at all and im left to shoot endless waves of swat guys on the roof. Any fixes to the issue?
  9. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    A recommendation I made previously seems appropriate here:
  10. When i had Gentlemen of Steelport installed in my game, this would also happened to me when i start a new game. I fixed it by disabling Heli Customization since it converts all helis into boats. My point is if you have a Gentlemen of Steelport build with Heli Customization installed (or just the mod itself), you should remove it and rebuild it without that mod.

    How do you remove Realistic Eye Textures with Naughty Edition installed on SR3 and SR4? I already know how to remove it without the Naughty Edition installed and to be honest, it's easy! You just have to remove the eye_[color].str2_pc files and update the removal with ASM Updater. Anyways, I honestly like to use the vanilla eyes instead of those eyes because my character is supposed to look like me (minus/excluding the clothes) and my (blue) eyes aren't as light as the RET blue eye. I also like to keep most of my character customization as vanilla as possible. :)
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