Things To Do In Steelport - Family-Friendly Edition

Discussion in 'Compilations' started by Fan of Saints, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. Hi, does anyone know how to fix the really zoomed-out third person view? I love this mod, modpack, whatever, but I just can't get over how far away the camera is from my character. Apologies if someone's answered this already, but I can't seem to find anything anywhere.
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  2. Hi, I believe the fix is to delete the camera.xtbl :) Optionally you can edit it and reduce the FOV inside of it by opening it in a text editor like notepad.
  3. Can't zoom in with a sniper rifle during the Guardian Angel mission, it also gets stuck in infinite loading often.

    Does the mod work with Realism?
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  4. This has probably been asked before, but reading through the thread no one has actually found a fix:

    Is this mod actually compatible with the Steam version of the game? I've tried to install it, and i'm 100% positive everything is where it should be BUT the game just crashes either when loading a save or starting a new game. This is with a fresh install of the game, too. Game runs fine without it.

    Also, I've installed various other mods since trying to get this one working, and they all work absolutely fine, no problems.

    Does anyone know how to make this compatible with the steam copy?
  5. Judging from what you said, your SR3 sounds suspiciously like it's pirated. Just to be sure, do you have any mods that might be incompatible and did you try removing your all of your mods before installing TTDIS? Just to be a bit more sure, could you also send a list of your mods too so we can take a look to see if any of your mods are incompatible over on our end in case if you missed any. :)
  6. how do i get Jedi Daves Character customization to work with Things to do and Sandbox + because when i use the customiser it gives me two files i need to put in my cache and when i do that it causes my game not to run or the things to do mod to work

    so i dont know how to make them compatible with each other
  7. Nope, got a genuine Steam copy - tried first on an install which had mods previously (though i'd cleaned them out since this pack had 90% of what i'd installed anyway), didn't work, then tried on a fresh install, same problem.

    That being said, in the time between then and now i've been messing around with other mods and i've narrowed it down to some possibly faulty ASM files on my end- when I get some time i'll play around with the ASM updater and that might get it working.

    EDIT: Managed to get it working after doing a fresh reinstall after completing the co op campaign with a friend - works fine now! Didn't work when I reinstalled it for the 1st time, I think the Google Drive version might be corrupt - downloading it from MEGA got it working!
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  8. Is there a way to change the texture mod to the fall or winter version?
  9. Since I prefer the pistol crosshair (circle with dot) to the rifle crosshair, the minimap staying while zoomed and an FOV of 50, which lines in the HUD.STR2_PC file (from Saints HUD) would I need to change for the first two changes and what would I need to retain the default FOV of 50 while both on foot at the same time (both for SR3 and SR4)? Using the FOV editor mod causes Saints HUD to not change anything.
  10. I got stuttering...unending stuttering and the charakter creation dosent work.
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