saints row 3

  1. Bailzibub777

    Saints Row: Abridged

    i am currently in the process of recording video and audio for a new series id like to start on youtube which will be an abridged version of the saints row series with my version of the boss. I wanted to post this here to announce its coming either by the end of this year or beginning of next...
  2. Gector Nathan (Matt Fan)

    Killian art by Scarffist

    So i have a friend named Scarffist, and one day i asked her for commission and of course i payed her for that, i asked to draw my Saints Row 3/4 Character named Killian (The reason I give my characters names is because I'm schizophrenic (unofficially)), young skinny skeleton guy, and this post...
  3. Singa

    Improved Syndicate Saints For Gang Customization

    I've always been bothered with the Syndicate soldiers we unlock for Gang Customization. Their outfits are covered in stars and skulls, with not a single fleur-de-lis on them. And the Morningstar males have these horrible yellow ties and pins. This mod tries to solve that problem by editing all...
  4. S

    SOLVED Can't Repack Textures Simply After Unpacking With SR3 Texture Utilities

    I have, in all honesty, racked my brain for hours now and can't for the life of me seem to figure this out. Right now, I'm simply working with interface-backend.cpeg_pc as two different mods I want have this file, one which modifies weapons and one which simply changes the look of the phone...
  5. Singa

    Angel Saints Stripper Tramp Stamp Fix

    It took me until the other day to notice that the lower back tattoo on the angel costume stripper in gang customization was applied wrong. So I decided to fix this minor detail that has been present for over a decade. Screenshots: Installation: To install the mod, move the 2 .str2_pc...
  6. L

    Character Customization Giant character

    is there any mod that could increase the height of the character with editing the xtbl file.
  7. Singa

    Actual Fire Truck

    What's a fire truck without any fire? The polar opposite to my recent mod: This mod allows you to use the cannon on top of the fire truck, emphasis on the "fire" part. It is basically a weaker, yet more mobile version of the Gatmobile's flamethrower. It is still powerful, and unlike the...
  8. Singa

    Functioning Fire Truck

    Were you also disappointed when getting into a Blaze for the first time in SRTT, only to realize that you couldn't use its waterspray, despite having an icon for it in the hud? This mod re-enables the firetruck's watercannon that was removed from SRTT. It works similarly to SR2's, letting you...
  9. Singa

    Singa's Weapon Mods

    This is a bundle of all my weapon mods for Saints Row: The Third - Remastered, making my mods compatible with each other. You can choose to download the mod standalone or a version that is compatible with F13's Super Ethical Patch. Included are: Actual Fire Truck: This mod allows you to use...
  10. Singa

    Notoriety Adjustments & Variety

    This mod fixes some bugs and general issues I had with notoriety, as well as enhances enemy variety. It also includes my Female Cops, Female Soldiers, and SWAT & SNG Decal Fix Below you will find all changes in detail. Bug fixes: The SWAT Bear APCs now use the correct SWAT variant...
  11. Singa

    Female Soldiers

    Just like my female cops mod, this mod adds female soldiers to the Steelport National Guard. They're basically the alternate cop strippers with the SNG color scheme. They will spawn in SNG Bulldogs, Challenger tanks, Eagle and Vulture Helicopters. Screenshots: Installation: To install it...
  12. ColbyDash

    Ultimate 100% Save

    I've been meaning to create a save like this for a while but hey look ma, I did it! Now you won't have to worry about if all upgrades have already been bought or if a shit ton of clothes have already been bought as well. Anyways here's the description of my save: Unlike any other 100% completed...
  13. cediegreyhat

    SuperSonic Mod

    SuperSonic Mod *This is a mod for SRTT*(PC Only) Mod Features -Supersonic Speed(literally fast sprint) -supersonic swimming -faster fire spread animation(its to fast to notice) -other shit too (i added hidden features just find it) -Time Control(Next Update) -Walkthrough walls(Next Update)...
  14. K

    KillBane wins

    For some reason growing up KillBane was always my favorite bad guy. Just bought the remastered version yesterday and remembered how it ends, does anyone have a way to maybe create a bad ending mod where KillBane wins the fight where you go after him? Or maybe it just switches the character...
  15. T

    Since SR3 was Remastered so will SR4?

    I don't think I need to mention anything else besides the title, but yes, I'm curious. Also included poll for users.
  16. SkatefilterX-5

    Super Kick on Cars

    I'm been messing around all these years kicking cars. This only works for Luchadores team as specialist, so you may nolonger team with your saints however story homies won't turn against you , you cant drive with other people or do hostage diversion or you'll automatically get out the vehicle...
  17. Singa

    Saints Row: The Third Saints Row: The Third - Remastered Announced

    So after weeks of speculations based on leaks online, we finally got official confirmation that Saints Row: The Third will receive a remaster that will release on May 22nd 2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on the Epic Games Store. [Source: see trailer below] It will come to Steam later at...
  18. Singa

    SRTT | Better Defined Muscles

    This mod enhances the muscle map on your character, even if the muscle slider is at zero, this way you can have regular sized limbs and abs at the same time. This mod has been confirmed to work in the remaster, huge thanks to Firefanix for testing it! Screenshots: On the left you will see the...
  19. D

    [MOD REQUEST] female bunny suit

    I would love to have bunny suit for female which you can change color. The mod has to work in Saint's row the third P. S. sorry for my english
  20. B

    How to activate specific mods?

    My issue is with the "Things to do in Steelport - Family edition" mod. Some of the hotkeys it uses are "SEMICOLON" and "RBRACKET" such as "- 6 + SEMICOLON - Give $10,000 cash" Trying to use these yields no results. I've tried pressing "6 + (,) [which is where the semicolon ; is on...