Saints Row: The Third Saints Row: The Third - Remastered Announced

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So after weeks of speculations based on leaks online, we finally got official confirmation that Saints Row: The Third will receive a remaster that will release on May 22nd 2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on the Epic Games Store. [Source: see trailer below]

It will come to Steam later at some point during 2021. [Source]

It is the Full Package of the game, meaning all the DLC, except the Bloodsucker Pack and Unlockables Pack will be included. [Source]

Keep in mind that this is NOT the new game they have announced last year, this was done by Sperasoft while Volition has still been working on a brand new Saints Row game. [Source]

Update 1:

The game will run at 30FPS on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and higher framerates on PC. [Source]

Update 2:

The game will not feature any additional content, nor will any content (such as radio songs) be missing. [Source]

Update 3:

Here's some screenshots from several gaming websites:



Update 4:

Here is a short gameplay video of the remaster, it is in Spanish, but it shows us a bit more about how the game will look.


You can still play co-op as you're used to. [Source]
It will release physically for both XB1 and PS4, PC will be digital only. [Source]
They reworked over 4000 assets including weapon & vehicle models, textures and VFX, as well as a new lighting engine. [Source]
There are no plans to release it on next gen or the Nintendo Switch. [
There's no collector's edition. [

Update 6:

My Steelport won't come back. [Source]
There will be no modding support from Volition's side. [Source]
There will be no crossplay. [Source]
Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro will run at higher resolutions [Source]

Update 7:

There are no preorder bonuses. [Source]

Update 8:

It will have trophies and achievements like before. [Source]

Update 9:

The Bloodsucker Pack and Unlockable Pack will not be included in the remaster. [Source]

Update 10:

PS4 and XB1 preorders are now up on the official website.


Update 11:

Some of the graphical enhancements.[Source]

  • New lighting engine with physical based rendering and global illumination
  • New ambient occlusion methods
  • TAA and FXAA implementation
  • Enhanced fog with volumetric effects
  • HDR sky support
  • HDR rendering
  • Increased traffic and pedestrian density
  • Enhanced depth of field and motion blur
  • Improved VFX
  • Enhanced environment reflections
  • Extended post process
  • High resolutions textures, UV corrections and unified Texel Density
  • Enhanced foliage rendering and grass view distance
  • Removed animation compression
  • Enhanced planar reflections tech
Update 12:

Here's a look at Oleg's redesign:


Update 13:

Another look at the remaster:

Update 14:

There will be no option to pre-order the game on the PlayStation Store. You can buy it there at launch or pre-order it for the PS4 on the official Saints Row website. [Source]

Update 15:

A new short clip from the Return To Steelport opening cutscene has been posted.
Oleg seems to have a tattoo on the back of his head, might be something like a barcode. [Source]

Update 16:

Pre-ordering and preloading is now available on Xbox One, as well as a 10% discount. [Source]

Update 17:

Great look at Shaundi and Pierce.

Update 18:

Some testicular assault:

Update 19:

Naked Oleg
They couldn't bother to add anything new? Or change anything? So no better customization, same bland world (mind you it'll be shinier, but the same exact shine in every spot), not being able to downgrade from upgrades, etc. Seems like a wasted opportunity. Especially since its a remaster. This looks more like an HD texture pack than anything. I can't see myself being hyped for this.
With all the Me Too, & Politically Correct stuuufff.
I'm wondering if they're going to nerf the sex appeal slider & nude pixies.
I really hope not.
they already nerfed the slider way back for SRIV but only for male Boss. Boss' dick was crushed under the oppressive boot of political correctness worn by V themselves and we already live in the world you describe, our priceless boner rights trampled into the ground
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