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I've always been bothered with the Syndicate soldiers we unlock for Gang Customization.

Their outfits are covered in stars and skulls, with not a single fleur-de-lis on them. And the Morningstar males have these horrible yellow ties and pins.

This mod tries to solve that problem by editing all the Luchadore and Morningstar grunts available to us, replacing stars with fleur-de-lis and adding Saints tattoos to them.

I was also going to do this for the Deckers, however, unlike Luchadores and Morningstar, the Deckers unfortunately don't have separate textures for their Gang Customization counterparts, which means if I edited them, my changes would also show on the regular Decker enemies that you fight, so I left them out.
Maybe I'll make an optional file with them in the future for people who don't care about seeing fleur-de-lis on enemy Deckers.



- Eyeshadow changed from yellow to purple
- Nailpolish changed from red to purple
- Saints neck tattoo added



- Saints stomach and cleavage tattoos added



- Eyeshadow changed from yellow to purple
- Saints thigh tattoos added
- Stars on the bottom of the cape changed to fleur-de-lis


- Necktattoo changed to fleur-de-lis
- Fleur-de-lis added to pins
- Star-shaped button on glove changed to fleur-de-lis
- Star on shirt changed to fleur-de-lis


- Tie, handkerchief and pin changed from yellow to purple
- Stars on pins and gloves changed to fleur-de-lis


- Tie and pins changed from yellow to purple
- Stars on pins and gloves changed to fleur-de-lis


- Star on mask and boots changed to fleur-de-lis
- Saints tattoos added to both arms


- Stars on mask, kneepads and boots changed to fleur-de-lis


- Stars on mask, shirt and kneepads changed to fleur-de-lis
- Saints logo added on back of shirt


- Stars on kneepad and boots changed to fleur-de-lis
- Fleur-de-lis tattoos added to arms


- Star on shirt changed to fleur-de-lis
- Saints tattoo added to stomach


- Saints tattoo added to arm
- Stars on kneepad and boots changed to fleur-de-lis


This mod comes with two options; "No Tattoos" & "With Tattoos".

Enter the folder of whichever version you would like to install and copy the included character_containers.asm_pc file as well as all of the .str2_pc files from the Luchadores and Morningstar folders to your Saints Row the Third root folder: \steamapps\common\Saints Row the Third

The ASM file of either option is updated to include all textures. In case you only want to install some of the textures like for example just the Morningstar, you still have to copy my character_containers.asm_pc file to your root folder. After that, use Viper Venom's UPDATED ASM UPDATER and run "Update_ASM_Files - after ADDITION or CHANGE of a mod file" to update the .asm_pc file to only include the textures you picked.

In case you already have a characters_container.asm_pc from another mod in your root folder, only move the .str2_pc files into your root folder and use Viper Venom's UPDATED ASM UPDATER, and run "Update_ASM_Files - after ADDITION or CHANGE of a mod file" to update the .asm_pc file to make it compatible with my textures.

To uninstall the mod, remove any of the .str2_pc files of my mod from your root folder, only remove character_containers.asm_pc if you have no other mods that depend on it, it's safer to just leave that file in your root folder and use the ASM UPDATER again by running "Update_ASM_Files - after REMOVAL of a mod file".


and Minimaul for gibbed tools

for his texture tools

Viper Venom
for the ASM updater


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That's a good mod indeed. However, i have some issues with it: 1. Zoey (i used variation with a tattoo on her) loses any physics on her cape; it just becomes stiff 2. Casey (i used variation without a tattoo on him) has a strange problem with the back of his right shoulder (look at the screenshot to see what i mean). in any case - i really like the work you did. It's a shame that you cannot edit Deckers in the same way, but oh well, this works too.


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Thanks for the feedback. The Cape being stiff is normal, I only edited the textures and left meshes and rigs alone. When I took photos and videos of vanilla and modded textures, Zoey's cape was stiff even in vanilla.
As for what's happening with Casey's shoulder I can only assume that it's present in his vanilla version as well since all I edited are stars on his knees, boots and mask.

When I get home I will check their vanilla models to see if these bugs are present without my mod.
So Casey's shoulder has that weird lighting in his vanilla version too.


And Zoey's cape lacks proper physics in her vanilla version as well.

oh.. i didn't knew that. it's unsurprising tho cuz i didn't really used them as my gang until your mod fixed my biggest issue with them. sorry for bringing something that you didn't even affected
ok, i suddenly found this: when you stand far away from Clara she uses her vanilla texture. i'm not sure if other Morningstar/Luchadores grunts have the same issue.

This is odd since I edited both the regular and high textures that are used for close and long distances. Is this with or without tattoo?
I'll check her files in the tattoo variant to see if I messed up and will update the mod with a fix if it turns out to be my mistake.

Edit: Nope, both regular and _high textures in tattoo and no tattoo versions have the purple eyeshadow. I suspect it might be some engine thing that somehow still pulls the vanilla texture. Similar thing happens when modding textures for clothes in SR2 for example, where the game will still load the vanilla texture for NPCs unless you equip the clothing item yourself.

I didn't notice this bug while testing since I only really took close-up pics and videos, so I hope this issue isn't too bad.
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considering that i found this by complete accident, it's not that bad, just something i thought i should point out