Super Kick on Cars

Discussion in 'Other mods' started by Tales of Gaming, May 23, 2020 at 1:28 AM.

  1. I'm been messing around all these years kicking cars.

    This only works for Luchadores team as specialist, so you may nolonger team with your saints however story homies won't turn against you , you cant drive with other people or do hostage diversion or you'll automatically get out the vehicle but you can still super kick cars very high with any weapons, doesn't works for fist and melee weapons.

    Also Coop player is a Luchadores team and you 2 can work with your rival gang. (Havent test coop yet if he's a saint or not)

    ...some gang may be hostile during missions...

    Also works in Remastered.

    Put these 3 files into Saints Row 3/Remastered in the root folder.
    This also included tweak table for no more abandoning mission homies if your in a rush or can't find 4-door car.

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