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This is a bundle of all my weapon mods for Saints Row: The Third - Remastered, making my mods compatible with each other.

You can choose to download the mod standalone or a version that is compatible with F13's Super Ethical Patch.

Included are:

Permanently Keep Temporary Weapons:

This mod changes the temporary pick-up weapons (Minigun, Flamethrower, Grenade Launcher and Shock Hammer) into regular weapons that you can keep and access in your weapons cache.
You will find the Minigun and Flamethrower in the SPECIAL category, the Grenade Launcher in the EXPLOSIVES category and the Shock Hammer under MELEE.

One thing about the Shock Hammer, it will say it has infinite charges when you first equip it. After 10 attacks you will drop the hammer as if it is used up, but you can pick it back up again by simply walking over it, after that it will have infinite charges

Semi- & Fully-Automatic AR-55:

This mod changes the AR-55 to function as either a fully automatic-rifle or a semi-automatic rifle.
You can choose which firing type you want to install.

Sniper & Togo Fine Aim:

This mod allows you to fineaim with the McManus 2015 Sniper Rifle and the Togo-13. You can fineaim like with most other weapons by right clicking and then use the scroll wheel to enter scoped mode. I also added 2 more zoom stages to the Sniper Rifle to make using the scope on mid-range better.

SRTTR - More Gibs:

This mod adds the gib effect to several explosives and other vehicle weapons.


To install it simply copy the included weapons.xtbl into "steamapps" > "common" > "Saints Row The Third Remastered".

To uninstall the mod, remove weapons.xtbl from "steamapps" > "common" > "Saints Row The Third Remastered".

Hope you enjoy!


LucasRitter for his Saints Row: The Third - Remastered VPP viewer used to extract the file.

F13 for merging this mod with his Super Ethical Patch to make a compatible version.


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