1. BeeDaWolfie

    Has anyone seen this Estrada?

    Using the in game dirty cheat "Exotic Import" I can easily obtain this Estrada however I wanted to know if anyone has found it in game legitimately or if it's a reward? I'm currently puting together a save I wanna share right before take me to church that is as close to what I feel counts as a...
  2. -SeaboundSaint-

    preload.tbl explained

    I have decided to share this reply in the Guides and Tutorials section, as it may be helpful for other modders. Original thread: Female Prison Overhaul Also talked about here: Hotdog for sale The issue with the Big Swallow is caused by preload.tbl. preload.tbl works as a hierarchy of meshes...
  3. A

    Removing Automatic Vertical Camera Adjustment (Plus a Question About Modding Dubstep Gun)

    So, I went through about 50 troubleshooting pages to ensure no one had asked this question before. I'm working on making a camera mod for SR4 that's similar to my mod for SR3. The only thing I'm struggling to figure out now is how to remove the automatic vertical camera adjustment that occurs...
  4. M

    Can't get the game to go past the main menu

    I bought saints row 2 on steam and I am inable to get the game to go past the main menu at all. When launched there is no sound until the menu. Once there I can go into menus like settings and everything. The second I try to start the game instantly closes with no message on screen at all. I...
  5. YoungStallion94

    Saints Row 2 Xenia Canary Install Issues: DLC Not Working

    Hello, I've been trying to get Saints Row 2 and it's DLC up and running through Flippy's vidoes and download links that he's provided in those vidoes telling you how to install them, and while I got the original Saints Row up and running along with its DLC and have it running nice and smooth, I...
  6. A

    Missing Ultor Mission: Ultor Family Fun Day

    Background: Using GOTR mod for Steam bought version of Saints Row 2. I have a picture of the all the mods from GoTR I am using. There are red dots next to mods that I am not using that I placed to indicate that they were used at some point. I also have a picture of SR2 from steam to prove I am...
  7. Jakowski

    Game crashes after i protect cid

    Hi there, my game crash after this dialogue i have some mods like the rain and recovering billboards from saints row 3 is one of my mods? anyway thanks.
  8. RedAISkye

    Anyone that can upload original build(not legacy) before re-elected update?

    My game auto-updated and I saw many people complaining about game not launching or their saves being ruined aside from EGS being forced with performance issues and they're not fixed by selecting the legacy build in the beta settings. So, anyone who didn't update the game that can upload the...
  9. Kibeaux


    Can someone tell me or send me a Asian female formula a good please, because no matter how hard my created character never turns out the way I want it to. Or just tell me how some people's versions turned out so dope.
  10. T

    NPC hair for player?

    Hello, I'd like to ask if it's possible to make all the NPC hairs available for the player? I've seen some on my crew and in the city that aren't available. Has anyone done such a mod or would anyone like to do it? I realize that this isn't the place to ask but in case no on wants to do it, how...
  11. O

    Saints Row 2 stuck at being capped at 42 fps

    I bought the game few days ago, unlocked the fps and capped it with rivatuner to 59 fps so that the cutscenes didn't break. Worked like a charm. Today I was messing around with some mods mainly Gentleman of the row and some HD textures. Anyway, I messed up copying some files so I ended up...
  12. K

    Mission Help? Ronin Room Service

    Have tried to do this mission probably 15 times now, and no matter what I do I can't kill all the lieutenants before the timer goes off. Any advice? I'm using Gentlemen of the Row, and have tried the mission skip file - but it crashed my game. Also tried with homies but they just got in the...
  13. S

    SOLVED Can't Repack Textures Simply After Unpacking With SR3 Texture Utilities

    I have, in all honesty, racked my brain for hours now and can't for the life of me seem to figure this out. Right now, I'm simply working with interface-backend.cpeg_pc as two different mods I want have this file, one which modifies weapons and one which simply changes the look of the phone...
  14. forstaken

    Activities & Missions Co-Op Set to "Open to all" yet never seen a player join or prompt, and usually its an infinite loop if i try to find matches

    NOTES: I have got a old save with the stag ship mod (keeps it at the end of the game ) . Could it be that making it not compatible?? ugh , removed the mod , doesnt f work
  15. K686

    Character Customization Is it possible to reduce the player textures specularity/glossiness editing xtbl files?

    So, I believe I just "ported" these two mods from SR-IV to make them work with SR3: Remaster: "Reasonable Body Slider Mod": An edited version of "Skinny & Abs(100%)"...
  16. D

    How do I install vpp_pc mod files?

    I downloaded a bunch of workshop mods while using the pre-workshop build. However, I managed to grab the files of these mods and put them in a "mods" folder in the game's folder, but they don't work. Did I do something wrong? Is there something I have to do to enable these mods? Someone please...

    Currently working on a couple weapon mods but I can't get them to work properly. Can anyone help me?

    Hey it's me, no I'm not dead, again. I'm currently trying my hands at making a couple weapon mods for Saints Row IV, for the eight hundredth time lol. So far everything seems to be going smoothly and I did make sure to follow Henry08's SRIV SDK Release B: Creating new weapon tutorial step by...
  18. SkatefilterX-5

    Taxi script, I need help! This script isn't functioning even no sound played from start

    I try to get started with taxi mini game. Which I use as in m14 aka Live with Killbane. I grab decker groups and use them as passengers in lua and I keep checking over and over and I can't even find any errors not even notepad++ detects any errors i make. So it hard to find any mistakes without...
  19. Carls

    Self config

    I've been fiddling with the game files, and i want know how i modify the configurations of the game, example, i can edit some things like speed and jump, but i want modify all attributes of player and enemies and vehicles, i like much SRIV and SRIII but i want can make the game more hard for me...
  20. Punished Uncle Sludge

    Is it possable to edit SR2 UV maps?

    I'm new to SR2 model/texture editing and I'm attempting the give the police Cruiser an LAPD style re-texture. But most vehicle textures are flipped and mirrored on each side, making it impossible to actually give them authentic LAPD liveries. I understand this game is held together with phlegm...