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Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by Carls, Oct 6, 2020.

  1. I've been fiddling with the game files, and i want know how i modify the configurations of the game, example, i can edit some things like speed and jump, but i want modify all attributes of player and enemies and vehicles, i like much SRIV and SRIII but i want can make the game more hard for me, in my way, i think that not can be complicated why i edited somethings in game but i'm new in this type of programing, a tool for it can exist? or exist?

    Is it, sorry for anything, i want my game more style souls mode.
    And I have knowledge about programing but not in this style of programing, i end the game on hardcore but was easy.

    Below i wanting this, if help me thanks.
    - MaxHealth
    - MaxSpeed and Accel
    - MinJump and MaxJump
    - CameraConfigs(Aim,Stand,Crouched,Running)
    - Damage(NoWeapons,Weapons,Skills,Npc's,Enemies,Vehicles crash,Fall,HeadShotMultiplier,Burn,and etc...)
    - GameMusic(RadioStations)
    - XP,Money(MaybeMultiplier)

    - Ai(Npc's,Homies,Enemies)*maybe can discard
    I know I can have some mods with some of the things I mentioned, but I don't want to download much, I really don't want to.

    Once again, thanks a lot.
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  2. tweak_tables.xtbl

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