Removing Automatic Vertical Camera Adjustment (Plus a Question About Modding Dubstep Gun)

So, I went through about 50 troubleshooting pages to ensure no one had asked this question before. I'm working on making a camera mod for SR4 that's similar to my mod for SR3. The only thing I'm struggling to figure out now is how to remove the automatic vertical camera adjustment that occurs during the various states.

I've experimented with changing many different values, and it doesn't seem to really have any effect on this vertical adjustment. I'd like to make it so that the camera stays fixed in all states, and does not adjust itself, as the auto-adjust can wildly throw off your view.

Is this something that can be edited through camera_free.xtbl? Or is this something that is changed through a different file? Or have I just missed the core value?

On a totally separate note: I've also been trying to build a mod for the Dubstep Gun. I have successfully downloaded Wwise, added markers to the .wav, converted the .wav to .wem through Wwise, and unpacked and repacked using ThomasJepp tools. But every time I go back into the game it just plays the original songs, not the modded songs. I followed PlatinumMaster's guide for replacing songs and making the gun fire.

Do I need to place the new packfiles into my mod folder, not replace the original packfiles? Is there a specific trigger in the .wav that I need to add for the game to recognize this new song file? I've added the Cannon_Fire and Rifle_Fire markers to all the appropriate sections of the song.

Just wondering if I'm missing something here. I would appreciate any help anyone can give me.

Thank you!
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