Things To Do In Steelport - Family-Friendly Edition

Discussion in 'Compilations' started by Fan of Saints, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. I could also use some help with some mod conflicts involving completely invisible and shapeless (ie character doesn't morph clothes) character outside of hairstyles and clothing when in the character creator. My request primarily involves this mod comp and is in the get help section of the adult corner for SR:TT.
  2. Also, for those who are having character invisibility issues when installing this, there is a work around thanks to Suilebhain. Start a new game, complete the first two missions, and then when you've gotten past all the dlc notifications (if you have them) save the game, exit to desktop, install mods, then restart game and enjoy.
  3. Is anyone else having mesh/clipping issues with clothing? Nearly every clothing option has varying degrees of weird clipping, it doesn't cover things it should etc.

    Using Family Friendly version (Naughty just crashes), Steam version.

    I already tried removing the customization_items.xtbl, removing the updated slider mod, and removed shiny clothing. It doesn't happen on vanilla, but I can't figure out what mod in the pack might possibly be doing it. From my research, it seems mesh related, but nothing appears to be modifying the player model, but it's impossible for me to say for sure.

  4. does this pack removes the annoying MySteelport website integration now that the website is long gone?
  5. Is it possible to somehow remove those changed car physics? I liked defaults more.
  6. yes, just remove the .str2_pc files that have car or bike in their their name, except for the bike_jet files.
  7. just registered, I felt the urge to play saints row again but this time modded. This seems like the best mod to get but I can't download it, I don't have permission, how can I get it?
  8. When my friend tries to brake with a car he goes into the first person view, is this a problem with the mod? He uses a controller.
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  9. huh? All three downloads seem to work just fine. They're at the end of the first post of this thread. You do have to login to download files from here I believe though.
  10. Has anyone ever figured out how to remove Realistic Eye Textures with/without the Naughty Edition on SRTT and SR4? I like the vanilla eye colors more than the realistic eye colors in my opinion. I don't like the Reasonable Body Slider Mod either and I prefer the vanilla sliders too but deleting player_creation.xtbl is easy enough. I just don't know what I should do as I have already tried updating the ASM files last I've tried it.
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