How to replace npc character mesh

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  1. Yeah,right that one.Thank's. :)
  2. Hi, I'm having an odd problem here. I exported model from Maya, imported to FBX Converter, assigned a shader, checked "Cmeshx" and "Matlibx" and finally clicked "convert". But, there are no ".ccmesh ".gcmesh" in output folder, only cpeg, gpeg and matlib. Guess I messed up somewhere...
  3. That means mesh converter failed on some step. You can show me log in the python's console or upload your file/
  4. Here
  5. upload_2018-12-30_23-58-17.png
    Your model has two uv layers, converter works only with a single
  6. Ok... so now, I've encountered another problem. This time, with textures.. Some parts are black(sometimes even invisible, depends on shader I'm choosing in converter, I guess), and another is always grey, no matter what. Though, jump suit textures always seams to appear correctly..

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  7. Grey means that converter didn't find texture that was applied in the folder with fbx file, black is more complicated. that also can be problem with low-res, hi-res textures. What size are of your str2_pc files?
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  8. 658 KB and 946KB(high)

    All textures are in the same folder as fbx
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  9. Okay, send me model with your textures
  10. Nevermind, I fixed it. But, now I have another problem.. This time, I tried to replace the whole body and did everything the same as before, but when I try to convert, converter freezes for a few seconds and nothing happens(except for new .cmeshx file)
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