1. M

    Morph mod

    Hi would anybody be able to create a morph mod for any gang member/npc? it would be insane like for exemple playing as troy/lin/dex/julius/gat/price ect...
  2. -SeaboundSaint-

    Female Prison Overhaul

    Welcome to Stilwater Women's Correctional Facility! Did you ever find it strange starting a new game as a female boss, only to wake up from a coma inside a male prison? Did you ever find it odd busting Laura out of jail whilst male prisoners riot? This mod was built to address these...
  3. -SeaboundSaint-

    Pedestrian Reactions

    This mod alters how pedestrians react to you (regardless of your respect level). They can either Ignore you, Hate (Taunt) you, or Love (Compliment) you. This mod can either affect All Pedestrians (Civilians, Saints Gang Members, Enemy Gang Members, and Police), or Civilians Only. INSTALLATION...
  4. SpyFreakAR15

    Homies & NPCs Dark blue or black cop uniforms and Pale blue ultor guards

    Sorry if it looks like spamming, but the previous thread died fast. im trying to commission and even offer money to someone who can take the SR1 style cops reskin as a jumping point re-color the still-water PD to have dark blue NYPD/LAPD style uniforms (images for reference). as well as recolor...
  5. T

    NPC hair for player?

    Hello, I'd like to ask if it's possible to make all the NPC hairs available for the player? I've seen some on my crew and in the city that aren't available. Has anyone done such a mod or would anyone like to do it? I realize that this isn't the place to ask but in case no on wants to do it, how...
  6. T

    Homies & NPCs Decker Specialist Gang Member

    Any ideas how to make a mod for the remastered version to have the decker specialist as a gang member? No animations just need the aesthetic. Thanks for any help.
  7. S

    Some model preset issue

    Hello again I'm working on modifying the npc fighting melee styles, male with brotherhood and female with ronin. I use the solution of @Heeyay in the post Thats works fine. But... There is one...
  8. Y

    Homies & NPCs Im trying to Increase the amount of NPC's that spawn during notoriety levels

    i have tried this myself through the file notoriety_spawn .xtbl, editing the police vehicle and npc max amounts also spawn times at medium and large levels but not much happens. I am not a expert at modding so if anyone knows if this is possible or another way to do it let me know.
  9. D

    Homies & NPCs homie driver

    Could it be possible to "order" a homie to drive us to a location on the gps like in certain missions ?
  10. X

    Character Customization Npc clothing for player

    I see NPCs wearing clothing that I can't access all the time, and some of it actually looks cool, I'd like a mod that adds NPC clothing for the player
  11. Singa

    WORKSHOP Super Shaundi Tattoo

    This mod adds Shaundi's tattoo from Saints Row 2 to her superpowered outfit in Saints Row IV. You can find the full list of my Shaundi tattoo mods here: CLICK Screenshots: Installation: Steam: To install this mod through Steam, simply subscribe to it on the mod page and it will...
  12. Singa

    Shaundi Tattoo

    This mod adds Shaundi's tattoo from Saints Row 2 to her model from Saints Row: The Third. This also affects her different model during the bank heist intro. You can find the full list of my Shaundi tattoo mods here: CLICK Screenshots: Installation: To install the mod, move the 4 .str2_pc...
  13. 3rdStreetSaint 212

    Homies & NPCs Lin is a possible Homie in SR2

    I found a model that could be used for Lin. (On the Right... I said the RIGHT) Yeah, I know it's not perfect, but it's as close as I can get without following every single NPC around Stilwater to find a closer model. 1st Question: Can NPC Hairstyles be changed? (Not a major issue for me, if...
  14. Merronkur

    NPCs don't rip you out of your vehicle & driving a car that explodes doesn't kill you instantly

    this is definitely one of the most annoying things in not just this game, but any game. i'd like a mod where NPCs never get the notion to forcibly remove you from your vehicle in which you have no choice but to just sit there and take it, losing control of your character for all of what feels...
  15. Singa

    Female Cops

    This mod adds female cops to the Steelport PD. They're basically the cop strippers with the police color scheme (or SWAT to be specific since police makes their uniforms white), but I think it fits Steelport pretty well. Inspired by BadMadScientist's Notoriety: male and female cops, and...
  16. Singa

    WORKSHOP Fun Shaundi Tattoo Fix

    I noticed that Fun Shaundi in SRIV uses a different tattoo than she has in SR2, the tattoo Volition gave her is indeed an SR2 tattoo, but not the one Shaundi has. You can find the full list of my Shaundi tattoo mods here: CLICK Screenshots: Installation: Steam: To install this mod through...
  17. J

    Wear NPC Clothes

    Can anyone tell me is there anyway where you can wear the npc's clothes My request is to wear the NPC STRIPPERS Clothes Please Reply ----
  18. O

    Strippers as gang

    How to mod Saints row 2, to have Strippers in your gang to recruit them from the streets? (change your regular gang NPC/texture to stripper NPC/texture) I hope I am not the only only one who thought about this.... Help is appreciated....
  19. Nonohi

    Saints Row: The Third Player to NPC

    how do I change the 3d model of my character for an npc (or a morph mod?)
  20. N

    how to make your character a stripper

    is there a mod that turns your character into one of the strippers? for instance, the devil stripper or the angel stripper. thanks in advance to anyone who can help