How to replace npc character mesh

Discussion in 'Guides and Tutorials' started by Henry08, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. Sounds good i'll try the student version
  2. Yeah,the navigation inside of blender is weird but it cost nothing.My old 3ds version was good but its a school version i believe out of the year 2000 or something but it don't works anymore today.And it hasn't had a big green button. :)
    Yeah,one should investigate more xtables but there are too much of them.:(
  3. Wow, so they is a way to import mesh on the game? I will give a try, even do it looks way too long, but I've the patient for it!

    Just a quick question: What should be the difference if I do all on 3D Max? I'm more use of using 3D Max 2010 for many years and well, never try Maya too.
  4. There are few problems with max, I believe SDK character male template has wrong orientation (90 degree for some axis) also converter had problem with material slot for RGB\BCM pattern, in Maya there is Diffuse slot but in 3dmax this should be specular level but converter didn't read it. Flow754 fixed it for some guy but I am not sure did he update official SDK release.
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  5. I see, well, gotta give a try on Maya, but I will wait a time because as I read one cannot edit hair yet, right?
  6. Sorry if I'm being obtuse, but where did you get the nude Shaundi model?

    I'm uhh, asking for a friend! A friend who's wondering how difficult it'd be to get a naked Kinzie.
  7. Hair model is using for the main character only, NPC has simple mesh. You can use 3DMax with fbx templates there is no difference with Maya the problem is only shaders with changeable colors. You can't set them in 3dmax.
    Ehh I made it by myself with maya, Kinzie was in progress but I can't get enough will of power to finish it.
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  8. Damn, that's a shame. Don't suppose you could post what you have, for someone else to continue off of?
  9. I see, thanks a lot for the explanation!
    BTW, any suggestion about which Maya will work better for the game?
  10. I guess any that supports FBX2014 more new has more features I guess. I use 2016
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