How to replace npc character mesh

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  1. Show me your log in the console window, something like this happens when you try to convert fbx file with version greater then 2014
  2. Well.. I'm using Maya 2014, so I highly doubt that.
  3. Send me file with textures
  4. Ok.. so.. this is kinda awkward now, but I found a way around that problem, again... But, there's one more, and I still don't know how to fix it. This happened before and now again. I'm guessing, it has something to do with bones, but not sure how to fix it.

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  5. That because you didn't transfer weights right, by default setting hips weights will be transfered to the bone_root which hasn't any weight by default.
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  6. Strange. Any tips on how I can fix this?
  7. This or transfer weights from root to hip bone
  8. Well damn.. Here I am again, with yet another problem. This time, something's wrong with head mesh, I think. I wasn't able to move body a bit back nor move neck bone a bit forward.

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  9. You should freeze transform root bone after moving and before it unbind skin. That why I attached character files from my mods to the tutorial. Character here already has right offset.
  10. I didn't quite understand. What did u mean by "moving"?
    I tried to freeze bone_root transformations after this step of tutorial (replacing character mesh), but problem still remains
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