1. MadeOfPuddin

    Tattoo Fixes & Additions

    TATTOO FIXES & ADDITIONS IMAGES FIXES ADDITIONS CHANGELOG Removed unneccessary Colorizable flag from tattoo_Rcalf_oninew (Hidden Evil, Entire Right Leg) Added missing Colorizable flag to tattoo_Lcalf_3 (Keep Swimming, Entire Left Leg) Fixed tattoo_lowback_lotusnew1 being in the wrong slot...
  2. Vlad Viper

    Animation Fixes

    This mod will fix some animation oversights and bugs. To install it just extract "anim_files.xtbl" into the directory where your your exe is. Compatible with Re-elected Made By Vlad Viper modifications made inside anim_files.xtbl: [/SIZE]...
  3. Barba!!!!

    Vrchat and Saints Row

    Dear Saints Row fans my name is sapphire but you can call me Barba and it is nice to meet you all I am looking for new people to help me and working on project with vrchat to recreate Saints Row how it should have been in the actual games and the disappointment it shouldn't have led up to. so...
  4. A

    Wwise 2012 DL Broken

    Hey all, So, I've recently been looking into making a mod for the Dubstep gun, and I see that it requires Wwise 2012.2 build 4419. When I went to the download page linked in the SRMods forum, it appears that even after accepting the license agreement the download does not initiate. I've spam...
  5. F

    SR4 Re-Elected: The Pentagon Patch V1.1

    SAINTS ROW IV RE-ELECTED: THE PENTAGON PATCH DOWNLOAD LATEST VERSION Similar to my Super Ethical Patch for SR3, this is a compilation of several Saints Row IV mods and tweaks ported and remade for the Re-Elected patch, as well as some new mods. The mod includes several changes, fixes, quality...
  6. Vlad Viper

    ETD Aliens all in one

    This mod will restore all the ETD aliens into SR4. To install it move all files inside your game directory. Known issues that i'm incapable of fixing: -The head of the Warden will disappear beyond a certain distance because of missing LOD functionality. FIXED -Zinyak's left hand doesn't...
  7. Vlad Viper

    SRTT Money Pickup For SR4

    SRTT money pickup ported to SR4. To install it extract both files from inside the chosen rar archive into the directory where your your exe is. Made By Vlad Viper Coin version: ONLY CHOOSE ONE!
  8. Vlad Viper

    Flipped Camera

    This will flip your game camera upside down. You can try completing the game like this if you dare. Also keep in mind things might visually bug out at certain camera angles. I don't think that's something that can be fixed. To install it extract the flipped_camera_super_sprint_and_jump.vpp_pc...
  9. nclok1405

    [SRTT/SRIV/SRGOOH] Cutscene TV v0.3 (Replay Cutscenes from a Crib TV)

    Cutscene TV v0.3 Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: === Description === This mod allows you to rewatch most of cutscenes from TVs in Saints Row: The Third, IV, and Gat out of Hell. Instructions: 1. In SRTT, go to any of cribs you own and go near a TV. In SRIV, go near a...
  10. Singa

    WORKSHOP Super Shaundi Tattoo

    This mod adds Shaundi's tattoo from Saints Row 2 to her superpowered outfit in Saints Row IV. You can find the full list of my Shaundi tattoo mods here: CLICK Screenshots: Installation: Steam: To install this mod through Steam, simply subscribe to it on the mod page and it will...
  11. Singa

    WORKSHOP Saints Row: The Third Shaundi Tattoo

    This mod adds Shaundi's tattoo from Saints Row 2 to her model from Saints Row: The Third in Saints Row IV. You can find the full list of my Shaundi tattoo mods here: CLICK Screenshots: Installation: Steam: To install this mod through Steam, simply subscribe to it on the mod page and it...
  12. Vlad Viper

    Mute Boss Voice Option

    This will make your boss completely mute. It replaces Nolan North's voice slot. To install it extract the mute_boss.vpp_pc file into the mods folder inside your directory and put the audio_personas.xtbl file where your your exe is. German and Polish languages supported thanks to Singa and...
  13. _eb_

    BarkString for [TALK TO] Conversation on the Ship

    Hi, I'm new here - so apologize if it's not placed at the right section of the forums. Also didn't see if it has been requested before so I go with it. I asked if it's feasible for a mod/setup to make the cutscene for TALK TO conversation on the ship from this -- to this -- Simply because it...
  14. T

    Since SR3 was Remastered so will SR4?

    I don't think I need to mention anything else besides the title, but yes, I'm curious. Also included poll for users.
  15. SlimaneLeMagnifique

    Aspiration Radius

    Hello, I'm looking for a way to increase the radius of the aspiration(you know the little blue crosses), by mod or not. There are 3 upgrades for this but i still feel like i have very short arms. I already searched on this forum and google but i found nothing. Thanks!
  16. Lupo Yutani

    SOLVED SRIV -Starting from scratch, help?

    I have a save in the beginning, the mods I tried were -Things to do Family -Things to do Naughty -Time control -Mission replay (Was removed) Everything seems to run fine and well until it came to the hubs, like they'd load, but either scrolling over certain items or even outfits causes...
  17. KittyHawk


    Another old save file I had lying around when My Steelport was active, this time a fantastic Waluigi I downloaded, for SR4. No idea who created it, would credit them if I knew... WEH
  18. F

    Saints Row IV: Improved TOD

    This mod removes the green tint from the "Modern" Time of Day to make it look more natural To install: Simply extract the .RAR and place "modern_tod_override.xtbl" in your roots folder—where the .exe is I highly recommend using this mod with cRAZYSAINTS's Improved Water mod Special Thanks...
  19. nclok1405

    SuperUI for SRIV v1.2 (No exit prompt in menus, Enhanced Gateway menu & more!)

    SuperUI for other games: SR2 | SRTT Classic | SRIV | SRGOOH SuperUI for SRIV v1.2 Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: sriv_superui_v1.2.7z === Description === This mod enhances user interface of Saints Row IV in many ways. It also adds bonus features to some of the missions. NOTICE...
  20. D

    A ton of questions regarding vehicle modding (Paints, variants, etc)

    Hello, I've recently started modding SRIV a bit, mostly related to vehicles, and I would like to know how to do these few things properly. Properly adding car colours. I added a few new ones, but their names are just random numbers, characters, etc. (Basically I'd like their names to be...