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    Ha! Sneaky little bugger!
  2. here is the updated billboard texture toolkit.

    It does not contain every feature I have put in the SRIV version, because I was not inclined to spend all that much time on it. But I went for the more interesting features, or easiest, or both ;)

    here is a run down of the additions:
    - added horizontal standard billboards [billboard_doughnut, billboard01_signtemp_d, billboard02_signtemp_d, billboard_mbrawl_a_d]
    - added file containing low resolution versions of standard billboards [billboard_al]
    - added file containing fixed non rotating version of giant vertical LCDs [lcd_large_al_a]
    - added files containing the downtown and 3 Count Casino horizontal LCDs [billboard_lcd_logos_a_d, billboard_lcd_logos_b_d, lcdbillboard_sheet_a]
    - added file containing the images for rotating panels outside of Image as Designed stores [screen_sign_iad_boards]
    - added file containing the images for the LCDs at Planet Saints clothing stores [billboardlcd_saints_d]
    - added file containing the animated girl for the giant LCD screen on Orion tower [screen_orion_lcd]

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  3. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Want to just create a new thread that you can manage and I'll lock this one?
  4. I dont plan on modifying the tool further and everything related to it is already nice and tidy in this thread. For now, I suppose just switching the uploaded file in the OP should do the trick.
  5. Thank you gameqube for this updated version of the Billboard ToolKit for SRTT.

    I was hoping for these files to be included, is it too late for you to add them along with thier corresponding batch file codes ?


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  6. Some of those files are found in an extremely high number of .str2_pc files, and it is thus a chore to update the batchfile for them. And it is even worse in SRTT with all the different game states (burn, lockdown, daedelus, etc). If I feel like I want a new dose of tedious work of this kind, I will give it another shot. But it is not for the immediate future.
  7. Thanks for the info about the high number of .str2_pc files that are present with some of those files.
    Would that be the brick billboards that do this ?

    Is it possible to edit the following image files apart from the toolkit by doing them manually ?

    If so, would you know which .str2_pc files and their respective .asm_pc files are ?

    Thank you.
  8. The toolkit already modifies around 110 .str2_pc files, for a little over 1 GB of data.

    I had begun checking for including the female_statue_lamp files and realized that I would have to add around 20 more .str2_pc files just for that and decided it was not worth it.

    As for the brick_billboards, they are in general found only in 1 to 3 .str2_pc files each. Though, those numbers are for SRIV. In SRTT, it can be be multiplied by a factor of 2 or 3 because of the various states of the game [burn, lockdown, daedelus, etc] I must admit I did not even evaluate the numbers for SRTT, as I was not convinced it was worth it that much. I almost dont notice them in the first place, in game in SRIV. And since I was feeling a little lazy toward this update, since I dont play SRTT anymore, I dropped the idea.

    busstop_01_d can easily be added , it is pretty much a one line addition in both Pack_and_send_all_work_area_dds_files_to_your_mod_release.bat and patch_srtt_billboards.bat

    You should be able to figure out what to do by checking the files content. Duplicate the lines regarding screen_orion_lcd.tga.DDS and change screen_orion_lcd.tga.DDS to busstop_01_d.tga.DDs

    Finally, in SRIV, bench_add01_d was found in around 70 .str2_pc files and traffic_signs_01_d in around 90 .str2_pc files . I did not want to bother doing that all over again, and worse because of the additional states of the game in SRTT [burn, lockdown, etc].

    The best way to proceed is recursively unpack both sr3_city_0.vpp_pc and sr3_city_1.vpp_pc files and then search for the various files you are looking for, using the windows file search functionality. It will list the location of all instances of the file you are looking for. You use that listing to update the patch_srtt_billboards.bat file. You should be able to understand what is going on in the file, it is nicely commented, and it is basically either commands to copy files around, or Gibbed.SaintsRow3 tools commands.
  9. Thank you for the informative reply.
  10. I have a small problem with this mod, I've followed all the instructions. But when the billboards are modded they just go black in game. Any idea what is causing this? I've put it in the correct folder \Steam\steamapps\common\saints row the third\ but nothing happens.
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