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  1. Wrong size dds file aor like me you messed up and the larde lcd screen isnt just 1 texture file at 512x512 it'4 differen rotating pictures in 1 dds file shrank to 512x512 and the game doesn't know what to do whit it so it goes blank.
  2. Thanks for the updated setup;) i couldn't figure out why my setup wasn't changing all the billboards i textured(more than 30 like idle ninja said in setup no offense my friend:p). But if you guys do decide to update this(as much as it's a pain and maybe not worth the hassle) we would be more than appreciative;). Anyways thanks for the update and keep up the excellent work my friends;) loving the mods
  3. For testing purposes can anyone tell me where the three "Join Stag" billboards are? I've looked all over the city for them after stag came and I've had no luck and I need to see if my mod worked.
  4. Hi guys. I realize this thread hasn't been active for a long time, but I really need some help in making my custom billboards.

    I've been trying to export images to DDS files. But I'm having a strange issue. No matter what image editor I use (I've tried both GIMP and, my exported DDS files look all wonky.

    Oddly, they only do this if the image has been resized by any editor (I've tried Paint, Irfranview, GIMP,, AND online editors).

    Let me give you an example. Here's an image I exported. You can see it looks perfectly fine.

    Here is a version I re-sized (by one pixel)

    Now, this distortion only happens when the compression is in the DXT1 format, but since that's the only format we need, it might as well be my only option. I've tried to see if perhaps the file size was the problem, but it is not.

    The really strange thing is that I was doing some editing yesterday and it exported just fine after re-sizing...but now it doesn't work, even with the same files I used!
  5. Oi, I notice this question is a couple months old, but nobody's answered it, and since I think I found the problem, I decided to share. I don't know exactly what causes this distortion (I'm not enough of an image geek for that), but I did notice two things that will almost always trigger it in GIMP. First, if the image is imported, resized, and then exported (as luigi mentioned), second, if the image contains more than one layer (This happens if you do copy/pasting or adding text). I found that I could avoid the problem as follows:
    1) Make sure the image only has one layer by using GIMP's 'flatten image' command to consolidate. Then use the Layer > 'layer to image size' command to remove any extraneous layer information.
    2) Export the final image to a .png file, not to a DDS.
    3) Open the exported .png file (right click -> edit with GIMP; this step is important, so before you move on make sure you're working with the newly exported copy and not the original).
    4) Export as DDS.

    If you read the mod's original directions carefully, this is actually what you're supposed to do, but it doesn't quite come across that way. I don't know what the actual process does, but there's something about resizing and exporting in the same session that screws with the formatting. Hope that helps someone.
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  6. Can someone tell me where exactly the Billboard's DDs are located (as in where in sr3_city_0)??
  7. Can someone help me? I can not run any .bat file, starting with 'Pack_and_send_all_work_area_dds_files_to_your_mod_release'

    Nothing happens when double click on it.

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