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[V] IdolNinja
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Mar 26, 2017 at 3:56 PM
Nov 20, 2011
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[V] IdolNinja

Volition Staff

One day I feel I'm ahead of the wheel, and the next it's rolling over me. Jan 12, 2014

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Viewing forum list, Mar 26, 2017 at 3:56 PM
    1. AleaToRy
      Anyway do make a console menu like dev build ?
    2. tyhender
      omg, the more DLCs I have installed,the less mods work!
      And I own all of them =D
      1. Admixon
        Do you have all of the mods?
        Feb 17, 2017
      2. tyhender
        Wut? No,I own all the DLCs.
        Feb 17, 2017
    3. GabrielPlays
      I have 5 mods in my SRTT how to remove them from the steam file instantly? sorry im a modding newbie
      1. [V] IdolNinja
        [V] IdolNinja
        Easiest way is to delete all the files from the root of your SRTT install (where you put the mods) but leave the subfolders. Then verify integrity of game cache. That should remove everything. For additional help please use the forum itself. Thanks.
        Feb 9, 2017
    4. FAnonymous
      IdolNinja Thank you so much for the mods on SR2. Today is the first time I'm playing this game and it is amazing.
      1. [V] IdolNinja likes this.
      2. Ryan_saint_2
        Do me a favour and explain to your friends who don't play sr2 how they're missing out.
        Nov 4, 2016
    5. Brields95
      Hey, I know I'm late to the party, but I've extracted the SR2 GOTR mod, and need to no where to put the files for it to work. Btw SR2 steam version runs better on my windows 8 Asus then the consol version did on my xbox 360. you guys did an awesome job.
      1. [V] IdolNinja
        [V] IdolNinja
        The files go in the root of your SR2 install folder where the game exe is. In the future, please use the forum itself for any questions instead of posting public messages on profiles.
        Sep 20, 2016
    6. [V] Kirkwood West
      [V] Kirkwood West
      Man... totally biffed my profile name. could I change my name from Duke Of Vacation to Kirkwood West Or [V] Kirkwood West ? or refer me to a moderator that can :) thanks buddy.
      1. [V] IdolNinja
        [V] IdolNinja
        I'm no longer a moderator, but I'll let Minimaul know.
        Aug 29, 2016
      2. Minimaul
        Done this for you.
        Aug 29, 2016
    7. TOPG122
      Hey ninja! I was just wondering if you could help me with one of your older mods for saints row the third called Sandbox+. When I try to toggle superpowers, nothing happens except one explosion under my character. Pls help :D
      1. [V] IdolNinja
        [V] IdolNinja
        Do you own the Trouble with Clones DLC? The command will not work correctly if you don't. For future questions please use the forum itself instead of putting messages on a public profile.
        Aug 28, 2016
    8. howrang44
      Hello im new here, nice meeting you all o/ (sorry bad english)
    9. Wayve
      all I wanted to say to you is I enjoy your mods for SR4 (more specifically the more cheats one) and continue the good work.
      here's hoping to more years of idolizing a decent mod maker! cheers! *clanks a tall glass of root beer*
      1. [V] IdolNinja likes this.
    10. josueyanime
      hi ninja, the mod "Additional Cheats" does not work me, pls help
      1. [V] IdolNinja
        [V] IdolNinja
        Please post in the forum itself instead of posting messages on public profiles.
        Mar 19, 2016
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