Homies packs with personal vehicles

Just a simple and quick mod that replaces all the unlockable homies with the storymode's characters which also spawn with their respective vehicles.
The first pack is the Saints, the second one the Rollerz, then the Carnales and the Vice Kings with a few more to come.
I'll keep updating this thread with more homie packs but for now, here's the Saints + Aisha.
To install just unpack your misc2 file, drag and drop in the misc2 folder, replace, rebuild, replace the original misc2 in your game's folder and you're good to go.


First edit:
Here's the Rollerz + Lin and a couple of others

Second Edit:
Here's the Carnales

Ok, one last time for tonight, the Vice Kings, everybody:

If any of you have any ideas on what homies you would like me to add, just let me know.


  • Homies Pack-Saints.rar
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  • Homies Pack-Westside Rollerz.rar
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  • Homies Pack-Los Carnales.rar
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  • Homies Pack-Vice Kings.rar
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