Car customization tweaks and stuff

Cared to read the title? Good, that means you know what this is all about. Sarcasm aside, this is just a simple mod that add a couple of new customization options to a few vehicles in SR2, check it out:



So there you have it, you want more ? Well, here's the changelog:

bike_chopper01=Sabertooth, given the ability to remove the front fairing and both front and rear wheel cover thingies
bike_standard02=Melbourne, added a few seat options, now you can have the boxes at the sides and rear seats
bike_rocket01=Tetsuo, given the ability to remove the front wheel cover and side mirrors
bike_rocket02=Kenshin, added a few new exhaust tips options, which only the Ronin can get by default
car_2dr_compact04=Halberd, honestly, I forgot what I did here, but it probably has something to do with how common it is to find the dirty variant
car_2dr_exolux01=Baron, added the option to buy or remove the wheel cover and added the "Ho" hood ornament from the first game (it was always there but I enabled it, I think, I don't remember if GotR does that by default)
car_2dr_exoticsports01=Atrazzione, added the option to buy or remove the wheel covers, decals were added to the standard, dirty, bling and Saints variants
car_2dr_muscle01=Hammerhead, just rebalanced a few stuff regarding the decals and components and also removed the beater backfire as it makes the rear bumper fall off
car_2dr_muscle02=Bootlegger, same as above, a few rebalances on the components and decals, specially on the Saints variant
car_2dr_muscle03=La Fuerza, increased the chances for the car to spawn with something on the back, like a garbage bag or a tire, also I added the ability to pick and choose which one of these junk components you want at Rim Jobs (however, they don't actually spawn as they appear to clip through your car)
car_2dr_sports06=Magma, added the option to buy new variants of grills, remove the side mirrors and select the clutter inside (CD hanging from the rear view mirrior, box of cigarettes, both, neither)
car_2dr_standard07=Danville, added a new trim option, the ability to remove the antennas or have them all and a shit ton of grilles
car_4dr_classic01=Hollywood, added the option to select your license plate (mostly only here so you can remove it altogether) and rebalanced the component options of every variant, mostly just to make it so that the beater variant no longer only spawns with the same hotrod exhaust and also added the side and rear exhaust options for purchase
car_4dr_classic02=Ethel, added a new grill option that combines option 1 and 2, and also a few variant components rebalances
car_4dr_lowrider01=Compton, restored the decals options from SR1 and also a few rebalances to components on each variant (you should see it with a hotrod hood a bit more often)
car_4dr_standard07=Churchill, added new grill options like horizontal bars, a new trim option that combines options 1 and 2, and all of that was added to all the variants (most stuff is rare with the beater variant and becomes more common with better variants, the Sons of Samedi variant is included but most options outside the ones that you would expect are rare) and finally, I made a new skin mod that removes the speakers inside the car's trunk and from behind the front seats, they look good on the SoS variant but they feel out of place on the beater variant, it's the peg_pc and the g_peg_pc files, it's your choice if you want them or not
car_4dr_standard09=Wellington, added 2 new trim options and quite a few roof options, I also made the mudflaps and the "Wellington" logo separate components
truck_2dr_classic01=Betsy, restored the wheel covers component from SR1, a sideskirt option and also added a few new options for the bed components, all of them returning from SR1
truck_2dr_pickup02=Varsity, not a lot has changed, I think I made the dirty variant more common, I did restored the hydraulics from SR1 though
truck_2dr_pickup06=Legion, integrated the ability to buy or remove the rear seats and made it so that the Brotherhood variant can spawn with dirt more often as well as an option to remove the side mirrors and to have two antennas or none.
truck_4dr_pickup04=Compensator, added the ability to buy the tow bumper and all the Brotherhood decals, now you can pretend you're giving Carlos a ride lol... RIP Carlos, adios homie.
van_4dr_03=Topher, added a new antenna option and increased the possiblity to find variants with decals (mostly on the beater version) also added the ability to buy or remove wheel covers
suv_4dr_luxory01=Mag, not a lot has changed here, just more dirt levels for the dirty variant (which was also made a bit more common) and restored hydraulics like in SR1
suv_4dr_pickup04=Alaskan, added a bunch of new grill options and separated the antenna and mudflaps into their own categories
suv_4dr_luxory05=Bulldog, not a ton changed, just restored the ability to paint the bed cover
sp_hearse01=Reaper, added an option to remove the fins from the front bumper
sp_derbycar01, sp_derbycar02, sp_derbycar03 and sp_derbycar04= Ruckus, Rampage, Rumble and Frenzy in that order, added the ability to actually buy or remove the offensive and defensive components under the "Front Bumper" and "Rear Bumper" options, nothing else's changed for them
And that's all I can remeber I did, some of these I made over a month ago and didn't pay a lot of attention to it, still they should all work with their license plates intact.

-WARNING-: this one is a life or death one so pay fucking attention: this mod messes with car customization options, so here's something that happens, if you have any of the vehicles included here saved in your garage and you scroll to that vehicle after installing the mod it will
crash your game EVERY. TIME. So if you wanna play with this mod either remove the vehicles in this list from your garage (GotR allows you to buy them at any point so long as you have the cash)
or avoid scrolling to them in your garage, I think this is caused because the vehicle saved has different options
from the one that has the mod or something, the save says one thing but the game says another and so it crashes idk.


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I remember being so confused at one point when playing SR2 on my old 360. Because I couldn't find the "Hoe" hood ornament for the Baron, even tho I was sure I had already used it in the past. I probably got confused with SR1. Anyway, thanks for putting this whole thing to rest for me.