NPCs don't rip you out of your vehicle & driving a car that explodes doesn't kill you instantly

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by Merronkur, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. this is definitely one of the most annoying things in not just this game, but any game. i'd like a mod where NPCs never get the notion to forcibly remove you from your vehicle in which you have no choice but to just sit there and take it, losing control of your character for all of what feels like 10 minutes.

    additionally, another annoying "feature" is that if you're "in" a car when it explodes, your character dies instantly, regardless of any upgrades. i say "in" in quotes because even if you're in the animation of exiting your vehicle but your character is not controllable yet, it still counts as being inside the vehicle and you can still die instantly when it explodes.
  2. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    The same issue exists in the original SR3 (not remastered) for PC. Surprisingly, this issue does NOT exist in the Xbox 360 version of the game. In the console version, if your character is fully upgraded, your character will not die if the vehicle they are driving explodes. I just tried it again on my Xbox 360 to be sure. I flipped my car, it started on fire, and I stayed in the car and waited for it to explode. When it exploded, I was thrown from the car, but did not die. So, this seems to be a PC bug that was propagated to the remaster.
  3. In the remaster, most vehicles that exploded don't kill you if you are in them. The vehicles that do kill you are limited to, mostly, the heavy type. For example APC, Tank, MixMaster and etc
  4. Singa

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    When I'm in an exploding tank, it doesn't kill me. It leaves me alive in the destroyed tank where I can't take damage until it despawns, or exit it.
  5. Perhaps the tank is bugged
  6. I hate how your car might not be on fire yet and next crash you get into instantly blows you up.

    But what I hate most, sometimes when getting in contact with the rear of a moving vehicle, you lose sooooo much health for some reason.
  7. Singa

    Singa Succubus Staff Member

    My reflex is to jump out of the car when I see it's about to explode, then the car explodes a few feet away from me and instantly kills me at full health, but if I stay inside of it when it explodes I only lose like half of my health.
  8. Interesting facts regarding vehicle hitpoints:
    Default is 5000.
    -Gat and Pierce have 6000, Shaundi and Kinzie have 4200...Brutes have 16000.

    So, my 4 door land yacht (Churchill) has no hitpoints listed in its xtbl, so it defaults to 5000. Gat has more hitpoints than my land yacht..? The dirt bike (Sandstorm) has 3000 hitpoints????

    My remedy (in SRTT original) is adjusting tweak_table.xtbl entry "Vehicle_small_arms_resistance" to "0.99". Description for this entry:

    "Fraction of damage reduced when the player's vehicle takes small-arms (pistol, SMG) fire. At 0.0 vehicles take full damage. At 0.5, vehicle take half-damage. At 1.0, vehicles are mobile, invulnerable fortresses of doom that operate with impunity."

    Then, I adjusted all large framed vehicles to have individual hitpoints. Long process, but now my cars don't blow to bits with one hit from a rocketlauncher cuz that's just not realistic. Now shooting a Churchill (50,000 HitPoints) full of bullets with SMGs doesn't explode it with half a mag empty. Rockets take two shots...with most vehicles. I gave tanks over quarter million hitpoints cuz...yeah those don't just explode without a MOAB or something...takes a big f**king bullet from another bigger tank to damage IRL tanks, right?

    As far as getting yanked out of a vehicle: tanks have an entry labelled "Allow_Passenger_Threat_Extract=No". You might be able to add this entry to vehicle xtbls to keep from getting jerked out of it...or in Character.xtbl add a flag for "ungrabbable" under "StyleTest_PC"? (Main story homies like Pierce and Zimos don't ever get pulled from vehicles, I assume this flag is the cause...but Boss/Player gets yanked by any ole bum.)

    I haven't purchased SRTT:Remastered, not sure I will considering they want full price for an upgrade...that we as modders have to start over with. With that said, I am not sure how far everyone has gotten with xtbl editing, so this info might not even be helpful. o_O
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