1. SkatefilterX-5

    Taxi script, I need help! This script isn't functioning even no sound played from start

    I try to get started with taxi mini game. Which I use as in m14 aka Live with Killbane. I grab decker groups and use them as passengers in lua and I keep checking over and over and I can't even find any errors not even notepad++ detects any errors i make. So it hard to find any mistakes without...
  2. Elgato

    Activities & Missions Proper zombie survival mod

    A mod where entire steelport is filled with a fixed number of zombies and you get limited supplies (ammo and weapons) scattered around the map and you have to kill all the zombies to pass the mission.I want it to be like the open world survival game that can be played with your coop partner. If...

    Activities & Missions Tales From Stilwater

    It's no question that SR2 is my favourite in the series, and I love the main campaign too. But my brain just won't stop with the "what if" scenarios. So I've wrote a fan-fic of 2 mini-story arcs that are designed to take place after the main campaign. (They are just in the order I wrote them...
  4. nclok1405

    [Classic/Remastered] Mission Replay Mini v0.4

    Mission Replay Mini v0.4 Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: srtt_mrm_v0.4.zip @Rainzeros confirmed it is working on Remastered! Note you must install Loose Lua Patch first. === Description === This mod enables you to replay completed missions by using the trigger near the pool of...
  5. SkatefilterX-5

    Compilation Sandbox+ Crazy/Silly Edition for Remastered

    1 week later a lot of testing... I put all these crazy stuff into Sandbox+ linking to Missions, Triggers at the fun. It's comes with loaded of 32/35 missions on start but one you complete it one of them, you won't able to do it again but reload your saves. Even you beat the game, all missions...

    Johnny Gat In More Missions... Please?

    Without replacing any Main Characters within the game, could Johnny Gat replace one of the generic Saints models that appears in most of the cutscenes? Just so it feels like he's still included. Because having a Johnny Gat Homie mod was not as thrilling as I thought it would be. Especially...

    Custom Story Arc

    How do I delete this thread?
  8. nclok1405

    Rigged to Blow v0.1 (Custom Mission)

    Rigged to Blow v0.1 Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: RiggedToBlow_v0.1.zip === IMPORTANT === This is a custom mission mod. To use it you must install SuperUI first. Download SuperUI from here. This mod is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual or other fictional events or...
  9. M

    First Prof Genki Story Mission black screen

    So the only mod I have installed is Things to do in Steelport and for some reason every time I try to start that mission the cutscene plays and then it goes black, I can still see the mouse cursor and move it around but no loading screen or sound or nothing, the game doesn't even crash it just...
  10. nclok1405

    SuperUI for SRIV v1.2 (No exit prompt in menus, Enhanced Gateway menu & more!)

    SuperUI for other games: SR2 | SRTT Classic | SRIV | SRGOOH SuperUI for SRIV v1.2 Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: sriv_superui_v1.2.7z === Description === This mod enhances user interface of Saints Row IV in many ways. It also adds bonus features to some of the missions. NOTICE...
  11. nclok1405

    Source Control (Custom Mission)

    Source Control v0.2 Created by nclok1405 Download: SourceControl_v0.2.zip This mod requires SuperUI MOD. A person known as Mike wants your help. He and his friends have been searching for the source code of their old game that got lost. Recently they found the possible locations, but these...
  12. JuanmachuloXD

    Saints Row 2 is crashing

    Saints Row 2 is crashing after uninstalling Gentlemen of the Row. When I try to load my save, it says no missions completed, shows the loading screen of the first mission of the game and then it crashes. I tried to verify the files with Steam but it doesn't work. Maybe this happens because I...
  13. nclok1405

    Mission Skip v0.4 (Missions autocomplete as soon as you start them)

    Mission Skip v0.4 Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: MissionSkip_v0.4.zip === Description === This mod modifies all mission scripts of Saints Row 2 so they are automatically completed as soon as you start them. This mod will be useful if you have trouble completing them (crashes...
  14. THPSX

    Modified Sandbox+ The Most Wanted Hell Edition

    I have a new version of sandbox+ I say to the most wanted edition, whenever mission homie see you do something bad or kill a husk he will kill you until you your notoriety reach level 0. After I was adding triggers to any targeted homie and messing around in saints row 3 and 4 that's not in...
  15. MasakoTeam

    Unused mission objective restoration

    Mod is aimed at restoring cut mission/stronghold objectives and features. I am going to color mission names in this page. Red - there's something that I am still to look at in the games files. Green - I am pretty much done with this mission. Blue - Cant fully restore it due to missing code...
  16. tijmendimple

    SOLVED Crash after Assault on Precinct 31

    hi! ever since i got a new pc, SR2 has been acting up. usually i can work around it by restarting often, but the Assault on Precinct 31 mission has crashed every time i tried it, even after restarting. it's starting to get really frustrating. i saw in this thread that it should be possible to...
  17. nclok1405

    Stilwater Caverns: Zombies Edition (Mission Mod) v0.2

    Stilwater Caverns: Zombies Edition v0.2 (November 24, 2018) Download: stilwater_caverns_zombies_v0.2.7z == Description == This mod replaces bums in Stilwater Caverns stronghold to zombies. Stilwater Caverns got invaded by 70 zombies. Go kill them all. Yes, these zombies are real ones from...
  18. Nonohi

    Deckers.die Problem

    in the mission "http: //deckers.die" it does not start, that's it, I just click to start it and it does not start, can you help me please?
  19. Incognytuz

    Does Anyone knows how to trigger this glitch?

    This video had been sitting in my disk drive for 2-4 months yet i still don't know how this happened or activated and i didn't even had cheats on at the time. All suggestions or remarks are appreciated.
  20. nclok1405

    [SRTT/SRIV/SRGOOH] Steelport Racing Club v2.5 (January 30, 2021) Custom Mission Mod

    Steelport Racing Club v2.5 Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: src_v2.5.zip === Screenshots === === Description === This is a custom mission mod for Saints Row: The Third (SRTT), Saints Row IV (SRIV), and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell (SRGOOH). This mod aims to bring back one of the...