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  1. Designed to take place after the main Campaign, not replace it.

    Old Digs: Mission

    Spawn Location:
    Outside the Red Light Loft.
    Phone Call:
    Gat: It's time we take back our old hideout from Ultor, meet us at the Mission House.
    • Meet the Saints at the Old Mission House
    Gat, Pierce and Shaundi are recruited.
    • Go to the Saints Row Church
    • Kill the Masako
    • Enter the Church
    • Kill the Masako
    Looks like the former Stilwater Gangs think they have you trapped.
    • Defend the Eastside from the Sons Of Samedi
    • Defend the Westside from the Ronin
    • Defend the Northside from the Brotherhood
    The Masako sent in a Tornado.
    • Destroy the Tornado
    Crib: Saints Row Church

    Undercover Part 1: Mission
    Spawn Location:
    Outside the Saints Row Church.
    Phone Call:
    "3rd Street Saint": Hey, what happened with Carlos was pretty rough. But there's a possibility we can bring him back. Meet me at... Uh... Across the street from Donnie's.
    • Meet "3rd Street Saint" near Donnie's
    "3rd Street Saint" is recruited. (Donnie wearing a purple version of his outfit)
    • Go to the old Brotherhood Hideout
    • Kill the rogue Brotherhood
    • Steal the Compensator that dragged Carlos around the docks
    • Drive the Compensator to Sampson's old Garage

    Undercover Part 2: Mission
    Spawn Location:
    Inside Merhman's Night Club.
    Phone Call:
    "3rd Street Saint": I got the DNA from the Truck, but the Brotherhood found us. We need your help.
    • Go to Sampson's old Garage
    "3rd Street Saint" and Samson are recruited.
    • Kill the Brotherhood
    • Go to the Old Mission House
    Fade out then in with Pierce driving his Mag, with Playa, "3rd Street Saint" and Samson as passengers.
    • Defend Pierce's Mag until he reaches the Lake on top of Pleasant View
    Homie: Samson

    The Pyramid 2.0: Mission
    Spawn Location:
    Outside Blake Low's Wigs and Whiskers.
    Phone Call:
    Pierce: So, that new Saint guy was right about Ultor rebuilding the Pyramid. Now they even have cloning technology. If you break in, you can insert Carlos's DNA into their cloning machine. I'll make sure the outside stays clear.
    Gat and Shaundi are recruited.
    • Go to the Sewer Tunnels
    • Reach the Pyramid
    • Find the Cloning Machine Room
    Shaundi starts activating the machine.
    • Defend Shaundi until the process is complete
    Carlos spawns in and is recruited.
    • Escape the Pyramid via the Elevator to the Waterfall
    • Go to Forgive & Forget (Sommerset)
    Homie: Carlos

    Johnny's Favour: Stronghold
    Spawn Location:

    Inside the Suburbs Night Club.
    Phone Call:
    Gat: Hey, if we can clone Carlos, then what's stopping us from cloning Aisha. Just look around her house for something with her DNA on it.
    • Go to Aisha's House
    • Kill the Ronin
    • Check around the property for a decent DNA sample (Inside and outside the house)
    • Kill the Ronin
    • Take the DNA sample back to Shaundi at Freckle Bitch's (Suburbs)
    Homie: Aisha
    Crib: Aisha's House

    Dex's Escape: Mission
    Spawn Location:
    Outside Merhman's Night Club.
    Phone Call:
    Gat: We got a gang warfare taking place at our Hideout, we gotta stop them before they destroy the place.
    • Go to the Saints Row Church
    Gat and Carlos are recruited.
    • Kill all 3 Gangs and their Lieutenants
    "3rd Street Saint" arrives in Donnie's Voxel.

    Donnie: No time to explain, but I was Donnie the whole time, and this was just a decoy for Dex to escape.

    Fade out then in with Donnie driving his Voxel, with Playa, Gat and Carlos as passengers.
    • Defend Donnie's Voxel until he reaches the Airport
    • Get out of Donnie's Voxel and enter the Airport
    • Go to the Terminal
    • Kill the Masako
    Dex's Plane has already left the terminal.
    • Destroy Dex's Plane before it takes off
    • Go to Forgive & Forget
    • Go back to the Saints Row Church
    Homie: Donnie (Wearing Saints Purple)
    Crib: Donnie's
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