Saints Row 2 is crashing

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by JuanmachuloXD, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Saints Row 2 is crashing after uninstalling Gentlemen of the Row. When I try to load my save, it says no missions completed, shows the loading screen of the first mission of the game and then it crashes. I tried to verify the files with Steam but it doesn't work. Maybe this happens because I saved when I finished the DLC mission called Corporate Meltdown?

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  2. If you have done anything related to GoTR, you can't play that save file without the mod.
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  3. You mean if I saved right after doing something related to the mod, right? Because I have uninstalled this mod other times without saving and it worked fine
  4. Let's say you had a GoTR gun equipped. Or some GoTR clothes on. That would make it so you can only play that save with the mod on.
  5. And what would happen if I install the mod again and leave everything as close as the vanilla version?
  6. Install the mod, remove all the stuff from your save that is related to Gentlemen of The Row, (guns, clothes, etc) then save. Uninstall the mod and see if your save loads then.
  7. That's what I'm going to do!
  8. GoTR save files are incompatible with vanilla game.
    You need to start a new game again.
  9. Yes, after many attempts I have given up. It makes me upset because some vanilla taunts are replaced with new ones when I install the mod
  10. I can give you a file to use with Gentlemen of the Row to give you the original taunts back. You don't need to get rid of the mod to use it!
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