1. -SeaboundSaint-

    preload.tbl explained

    I have decided to share this reply in the Guides and Tutorials section, as it may be helpful for other modders. Original thread: Female Prison Overhaul Also talked about here: Hotdog for sale The issue with the Big Swallow is caused by preload.tbl. preload.tbl works as a hierarchy of meshes...
  2. -SeaboundSaint-

    Cutscene Patch

    This mod aims to fix (as much as possible) all cutscene issues in Saint's Row 2. This includes Story cutscenes and Activity cutscenes. Some issues are exclusive to the PC port, while some others were shipped with the game on all platforms. The Changelog shown below is also included in the...
  3. -SeaboundSaint-

    "Family Ties" Samurai Swords Fix

    NOTICE: This mod is now part of CUTSCENE PATCH, which includes this, and many more Cutscene fixes! In Shot 5 of the "Family Ties" Ronin cutscene, the Samurai Swords disappear from the backs of Shogo, Jyunichi, and the Ronin Goon. This happens because during the porting process of Saints Row 2...
  4. -SeaboundSaint-

    GotR Homie Packs Fix

    Current Version: v1.1 (Original GotR "Misc Homie Pack" and "Villain Homie Pack" credit: IdolNinja.) This mod is a rebuild of the "Misc Homie Pack" and "Villain Homie Pack" mods included in Gentlemen Of The Row. It is designed to fix issues caused by those mods, such as the Assault On Precinct...
  5. -SeaboundSaint-

    General's Limo Cutscene Fixes

    NOTICE: This mod is now part of CUTSCENE PATCH, which includes this, and many more Cutscene fixes! This mod fixes the height of the General's Limo in the "Music Lovers" and "A Helluva Way To Break Up" Samedi cutscenes. SCREENSHOTS: INSTALLATION: (via Gentlemen Of The Row): 1. COPY both...
  6. j3lly_m3lly

    bugged backseat

    the backseats of any kenshin in my game doesn't work even tho the backseats of sandstorms, hoverbikes, and jetskis work perfectly fine for me. despite playing my entire playthru only using kenshin, i was able to get an npc to sit on it as a passenger only a single time, but they were sitting...
  7. j3lly_m3lly

    bugged clothing...

    "button-up, tie, vest" shirt has been ruined despite working perfectly fine before... whenever you try wearing any jacket over it, it starts glitching out- is there any solution?
  8. W

    Game fps drops to >5 after a while, usually while in a vehicle

    I have GOTR installed (no optional mods) and am running the game on windows 8. However, after about 20-30 minutes of playing the fps drops to an unplayable level. strangely enough it only seems to happen when in vehicles. The lag doesnt subside and when i go to the main menu and try reloading...
  9. L

    Saints of Rage Boss 3 - Jyunichi

    So I've been looking online as well as on this forum and one bug that's not really been addressed with any success is the game randomly soft-locking the player upon getting near the end of Gat's Nightmare. I've tried different methods to see if I can fix it like verifying the game's files...
  10. sonic65101

    Subtitles Don't Always Match Female One's Voice Lines

    I've noticed that the subtitles don't always match the voice lines for Female Voice One. This only seems to affect Story Missions and Loyalty Missions. I have the Steam version. OS:Windows 10 Home 64-Bit Processor: Intel i7-8750H Memory: 16GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 ti DirectX...
  11. N

    Saints Row 2 crashing after volition spraytag in intro

    Hey, I've had this problem for a while but it kept going between different places to crash. I've tried a ton of solutions, verifying game cache, a completely fresh install, deleting thq folder, )it happens with/without gotr), switching between drives, I have no solution
  12. K

    Game crash on CO OP activity

    I'm trying to make the achievement "Crew of two" and when starting any activity in CO OP, the game of the one who invited freezes and the game close, without error messages. PS: I've tried a clean save. PS: We did a run with full history and phone missions, with no major problems (occasionally...
  13. ozySR

    Saints Row The Third: Guardian Angel (Pierce) Mission Bug

    Someone could help me pls When I start the Guardian Angel mission, game teleporting me from heli to Pierce's next and I'm just runing behind of Pierce I dont even used any in game cheats but using just few mods for example: Sandbox+ Skinballs, etc.
  14. Z

    Clothes don't fit with body shape

    Don't know if anyone ever have this issue Clothes won't fit to body mesh (in this case, bigger size than it should be) the problem is, They fit IF I load the game without viewing clothes or going to spaceship Once I view clothes (whether it's just browsing or changing), the clothes become...
  15. B

    Can I use hex editor to achieve 100% takeover?

    My game is bugged: it stays 17/18 shantytown and my game cannot get 100% takeover, even I complete all quests and activities. I am thinking about edit my save file to make 17/18 to 18/18. But I have no idea which code I need to edit to make it happen. Any ideas for it? Thanks.
  16. M

    Tombstone Replaced by Orbital launcher

    Hi,i was playing GOTR with Nova spe,SuperUI and a few other mods that changes the graphics. Then i noticed when i killed a cop that was carrying a shotgun,his weapon was the tombstone but the weapon in the ground was the orbital Launcher. I don't know if this is a bug or something from the mods...
  17. mamberu

    SOLVED (GOTR) The Enemy of my Enemy

    Hello there, Recently I installed GOTR and came into a small problem. Everything was going well, until I decided to begin playing some missions, starting with the Brotherhood. _______ Basically, I did every single Brotherhood mission and Stronghold, only to notice that after doing Showdown (The...
  18. L

    SOLVED Female animations wrecked my SR2

    I still have this problem from 2 months ago. I once turned on girly walk animations and then turned it off but it won't go away, even if I press X in the custom patch menu to remove all mods and even if I uninstall and reinstall Saints Row 2 from steam, my male character will still swing his...
  19. YouShallFollow

    Map progress doesn't save

    After several hours I just realized that after saving the game and then loading again: - Neighborhoods exploring progress is lost. All map is grey, question marks everywhere. Funny thing that if I come back to some already explored neighborhood, ALL previously opened stores in that neighbohoo...
  20. K

    Crash to Desktop Co-op

    Game crashes everytime either of us goes out of the ship and into the simulation. It crashes just for my partner and not me. Here's a post with a guy that seemed to have the same problem, although I'm not sure how he fixed it: https://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum/threads/co-op-ship-bug.15826/