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Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by mamberu, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Hello there,
    Recently I installed GOTR and came into a small problem. Everything was going well, until I decided to begin playing some missions, starting with the Brotherhood.

    Basically, I did every single Brotherhood mission and Stronghold, only to notice that after doing Showdown (The final brotherhood mission), the neighborhood of Fox Drive was still under Brotherhood control.

    The Wiki for vanilla says it should unlock when bh09: The Enemy of my Enemy is completed, so I went back to a previous save and did it again. Still no control over it. Drove to it to see if there was a pushback, but there wasn't.

    I've tried googling the problem and while a few people quite some time ago have said they're stuck at 43/45 neighborhoods, or similar, I haven't seen any solution.

    Heres a picture just in case I'm blind and missing something.

    There was also something interesting I saw. On the reward screen for this mission, I unlock the Miami and the Brotherhood Opressor. Neither of which are vanilla unlocks nor are mentioned in the "Unlockables for the Gentlemen of the Row mod v1.9(SPOILERS)" text file.


    I'm using the GoG version with GOTR installed. Is there any way to edit my save just to flip this one neighborhood? It just bothers me that this tiny little piece of the map will forever be colored red.

    Edit: I also tried going back to vanilla for this one mission, but it doesn't seem to like my save files and crashes on the load screen.
  2. If you installed post game gang control, it does this. Un-install the mod and start a new save. I don't remember if you have to start a new gamesave, but I always did. If you did not install this mod then idk why you encountered this issue.
  3. I installed this mod right after character creation but before completing the tutorial. I just wanted controller prompts instead of keyboard and found this.

    edit: I'm already 9 hours into my current save, I'd rather not just restart my current playthrough for a small bit of territory that doesn't actually matter. It just annoys me.
  4. When installing GoTR you can install just GoTR with its fixes, etc. However in the optional mods stuff you can pick numerous diff random mods to go with GoTR, such as the Xbox 360 button layout. Maybe you installed post game gang control? If not then you using a vanilla save then playing GoTR may be your issue. For the sake of stability and less issues, always create a new gamesave when using GoTR, never use vanilla saves with GoTR and never use GoTR saves on vanilla.
  5. Yeah, that was it. Just opened the bat again and for some reason I decided to tick that option. Well, thanks for helping me with my question.
  6. No problem! Glad I was able to help.
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