Yeah, just tested it on my side as well. Seems that, because Program Files is a special folder, it won't allow Chrome to access the folder. So if you want to modify the files through this tool, you might have to copy the game files to a different folder and load that one.

While I'm a tad late, I've since moved the folder to my desktop but now get a slightly different message. Using the latest version of Chrome, and am the Administrator of the PC.
k about the source , how can i turn this to exe? o_O

JavaScript isn't really meant to be turned into a self-contained executable. Sure, you could use something like Deno or Node.js, but you'd still have to change so much in the code since it mostly relies on Browser APIs. If you explicitly need offline availability, download the source code, then run yarn dev.
I did, and nothing happens.

Please disregard my ignorance, it seems I wasn't clicking the "Browser" icon on the left.

Yeah, I really need to improve the UX flow in the app for the actual v2 release, but this is still a preview and some other features are taking priority right now.
No. This webapp uses a very new API called the Native File System API, which is currently only available on Chrome 82+. Once Firefox adds this API, I'll add support for it as well.
That's unfortunate. I try to avoid Chrome whenever possible. :(