Ah I just saw your reply. Well that's a shame, but I look forward to it. I think I can get the textures with ninja ripper then I guess. How do I acquire her actual mesh however in the meantime?
Unless you know your way around the file format and know how to decompress LZ4_HC, then it's probably best to just wait for v2. I'm planning to release an initial build of it this weekend.
Will this tool allow us to export models into a format which makes them usable in 3d programs, like fbx, ascii?
Added to that I plan on adding a model viewer to the tool as well in the future, but for the preview this won't be available yet. But since this is a web app, rolling feature releases are possible with no additional downloads required.
I seem to be getting this error, any suggestions?

might be your anti virus or windows defender detecting it as a false positive, or you may have installed it to the wrong location.
>or you may have installed it to the wrong location.
Installed the game, or the tools in the wrong location? If you're on about the latter, I didn't download the files from GitHub.

You need to select your game folder. Did you install your game to Program Files on C:/?
Yes, it's in the default Epic location.
>C:\Program Files\Epic Games\SaintsRowTheThird