1. A

    Wwise 2012 DL Broken

    Hey all, So, I've recently been looking into making a mod for the Dubstep gun, and I see that it requires Wwise 2012.2 build 4419. When I went to the download page linked in the SRMods forum, it appears that even after accepting the license agreement the download does not initiate. I've spam...
  2. genderboi

    Tool Request (NPC model viewer)

    It would be amazing if someone made an NPC/Player model viewer. A tool that would launch outside of saints row 2, it would launch a model viewer, within this viewer all the NPC data would be prepackaged in this. You would select a model list, /Government /Gangs /Generic NPC ETC.. find the...
  3. Saint_of_the_Barrio

    Tools for console ver

    Specifically, I would like to know if there are any tools for the xbox 360 version of SR2, I want to port some of the mods I made for GoTR into the 360 version of the game.
  4. S

    SOLVED Can't Repack Textures Simply After Unpacking With SR3 Texture Utilities

    I have, in all honesty, racked my brain for hours now and can't for the life of me seem to figure this out. Right now, I'm simply working with interface-backend.cpeg_pc as two different mods I want have this file, one which modifies weapons and one which simply changes the look of the phone...
  5. F

    Unhandled exception while extracting sound files

    i've been using ThomasJepp and i've encounterd no problems with it while extracting sound files except with a single file name "interface_media.bnk_pc" located in "sounds_common.vpp_pc" every time it extracts the first 8 files then i get this error : Unhandled Exception...
  6. LucasRitter

    [WIP] menthe sr-tools

    sr-tools is a concept work-in-progress browser based editor for Saints Row: The Third Remastered Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any broken game files. Use this tool at your own risk! Changelog v2.preview0 - sr-tools v2 Preview Release - #d7a9095 Warning! This is a preview release...
  7. nclok1405

    (MIRROR) Saints Row 2 Powertools and Resolution Editor

    Saints Row 2 Powertools Download (rev5): Download (logging): powertools_rev5_logging.rar Download (Stopwatch Test): Powertools_Speedup_Stopwatch_Test_v1.2.rar Saints Row 2 Resolution Editor Download (Resolution Editor): 800x600 Windowed...
  8. Midnight Hunter

    Question about Saints Row 1 3D Models extraction.

    Hey. I have long been looking for a way to extract 3D car models from Saints Row 1. And today on GTAInside I saw a mod for GTA VC with a car conversion from SR1. So now it’s possible. Please tell me how to extract a 3D models of cars from SR1. What tools are needed and how to do it? Please help...
  9. nclok1405

    Saints Row 2 JP Strings Tools v0.3 (Extracts and builds Japanese le_strings files)

    Saints Row 2 JP Strings Tools v0.3 Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU This tool is based on the program codes from ThomasJepp.SaintsRow Copyright (c) 2013-2016, Thomas Jepp All rights reserved...
  10. SoldierSaint

    How to Setup an CVTF for a Variant Vehicle for a Mod ?

    i really like to edit an Car Variant in SRIV but i dont know how i need setup the CVTF at all Could someone Pls Help me ? well i tried my self to edit an Batch file adding vehicle_table_cruncher from Zynak Cache of Wonders adding the vpkg_wd file from Zynak Cache of Wonders and etc..... but it...
  11. D

    Saints Row 2 Tools to modify hairstyles

    Saints row 2 is one of my favorite games, and was hoping that I could get a little more insight on the tools to modify textures and meshes, safely and legally. The reason I'm asking is I want to make the bangs on the hairstyle "beehive" replace the ones on "draped over shoulders". If there is a...