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    sr-tools is a concept work-in-progress browser based editor for Saints Row: The Third Remastered

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    While the initial version is very basic, it still allows extraction of VPP and STR_2 files.
    A second version is in the works and coming very soon. The beauty of a web version is that there's no download required.
    Version 2 is coming very soon.

    I am not responsible for any broken game files. Use this tool at your own risk!

    v2.preview0 - sr-tools v2 Preview Release -
    Warning! This is a preview release!
    Expect (a lot) of bugs!
    - ✨ Redesign
    - ✨ Full STR2 and VPP unpack support
    - ✨ STR2 and VPP repack support
    - Compressed and Condensed packfiles should now be read properly

    0.1 - Initial WIP Release -
    Warning! This is a WIP release!
    Expect (a lot) of bugs!
    - ✨ Ability to unpack VPP
    - ✨ (Initial) Ability to unpack STR_2
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  2. Thanks a lot, I already managed to use this for a simple decal mod!
  3. Could you explain how you did so? When I try using the old texture unpacker tools I just get a DDS file I can't seem to open. How did you unpack the textures?
  4. STR_2 offset calculation is broken, so only the first file in the stream extracts properly. It'll be fixed with V2.
  5. You are awesome! Thank you.
  6. Correction, I only edited the xtbl's for the decals, not the decals themselves.
  7. Ahhh, this is why I'z have'n issues. Was trying to "update" the skin textures, and normal maps. Can't wait for V2!
  8. I love you, marry me ? :p

    Have you a release date ?

    Thx a lot.
  9. Is V2 version would support more files formats, like .ccar_pc or something?
  10. Finally I will be able to unpack stuff and transfer to the old version
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