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Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by MasakoTeam, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Listen everything on this website is fair use even the mod tools that you give to people is fair use because they don't have to pay for them or the mods on this site so yes I will move on and you know what I got a great idea I'm going to stick my mods on an ISO put them up for sale trademark them copyright them let me give you an example Call of Duty mods on the PC are free do not have to pay for them as soon as they put them on an ISO disc and have a website and distribution and trademark in copy right thumb because you have to pay for it also with ISO or different mods for Generation systems such as Playstation Xbox you also have to pay for it you cannot expect to ask what you are asking if you do not have to pay for the product in the first place I think you need a dictionary and look up fair use people use it all the time on YouTube adding videos from movies or TV shows to their video because it's free have a nice day
  2. I
    I’ll assume you banned him. Good job! I don’t like people like that. I mean he used to be chill kinda so idk where all that bs came from, I’m just glad something was done about it.
  3. Admixon

    Admixon Cybercat Staff Member

    This is not how we work here. We respect people's work. If someone wants to create a mod based on someone else's he need to ask for permission first and put original author in the credits. I always do that when I release my ports from other games like Overwatch.
    I banned him because he didn't respect anything I said above.
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  4. Great mod, can't wait to see what happens in the future.
  5. v1.7 released
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  6. I would love it if someone did a mod like MasakoTeam's Ultor Rising mod where you could play as a Ronin or Son's of Samedi member and restructure the missions so it would be you either in the Ronin or Samedi going against the other gongs like the Saints, Brotherhood, Ultor and if you are on the Ronin side the Samedi and if you are on the Samedi side the Ronin. If you are playing as a Ronin I imagine your homies would be Kazuo, Shogo and Jyunichi. If you are playing as a Samedi your homies would be The General, Mr. Sunshine and Veteran Child.

    However yeah I love this mod it is like a whole new game where you are an Ultor person.
  7. Why is my antivirus software telling me to block this download, saying that it does contain a virus that will harm my computer?

    I really want to play this mod, but I have been tricked before. All I would like to know is that this mod is safe.
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  8. It's safe. If it wasn't it probably wouldn't be here.
  9. Your anti virus is trash if it says that this mod is a virus, maybe you clicked to download it but your browser has pop adds and auto downloaded something else? Which happens alot on alot of diff browsers, plugins, etc. The mod is safe. If you download it and it's a exe file or a exe file comes with it, then you downloaded the wrong thing. The file is Ultor Rising 1.7.zip
  10. Nah, it's fine. I tried it with a few other mods, it says the same thing for all of them. Guess it's just over protective. Also not possible for pop up ads to appear, I've got a blocker for that too.
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