saints row 2

  1. SilentNinja

    Saints Row 2 question

    can someone tell me how to get the Du-rag in Saints Row 2?
  2. C

    Fulfilled Masako Gang Customisation

    Hi, I was wondering if there was any way to implement Ultor Masakos into gang customisation? I know it is in Gentlemen Of The Row but I was wondering if there was a way where it was just Masakos rather than cops alongside them.
  3. Bucker1256

    Saints Row 2 default playa - SRIV version

    Saints Row 2 default playa but its SRIV.i needed to do it because some clothing were missing in the SRTT version so here it is.
  4. Bucker1256

    Saints Row 2 Default Playa

    I made a Saints row 2 classic playa for saints row the third.May not be perfect ,but its very good in my opinion.
  5. Singa


    This mod changes the Freckle Bitch's freckles from Image as Designed, as well as the Tribal16 face tattoo into realistic looking freckles for your character. The face tattoo is located in the leg tattoo section. For a greater color selection, use my mod that adds more colors to make-up, and...
  6. Singa

    Cow Print Clothing

    This mod let's you put a cow print design on a bunch of female clothing items to celebrate 2021 as the Year of the Ox. Affected are bras, underwear, stockings and gloves. Screenshots: Installing: To install the mod, simply move the .g_peg_pc and .peg_pc files of the clothing item you...
  7. R

    A fix for “loading 5%” stuck?

    Hi, is there a final fix for the game stack at loading 5%? I tried everything, reinstalling the game, reinstalling Windows, running game in every compatibility mode (with Windows 95 compatibility mode it loads fine, but as soon as I start a new game from the main menu it crashes so basically I’m...
  8. pleasegofuk

    So... about that Saints Row 2 rebuild

    It's been a whole year and not a lick of info about it, any news at all? We learned back in late 2019 about the SR2 source code being found and re-worked... So, has the team been silently working on it this whole time, or have things sputtered? The silence is killing some of us... even just a...
  9. Singa

    Festive Socks

    This mod changes the "Horizontal Stripes" style of the "Shin High Socks", and the "Checkers" style of the "Women's Branded Stockings" from Branded to a festive design, similar to my Festive Knit Cap mod. It also adds a nicer woolen texture to the material of the socks, just like my other mod...
  10. M4v3r1ck_13

    Saints Row deserves a Reboot. Urgently.

    Sorry to say that. But the franchise needs a reboot. Only the Boss will retain his/her memories of the previous timeline. How can I put everything without fucking up my own Thread? First of all it's time to Make Saints Row Great Again. Greater than before I might say. Will sound silly. But...
  11. Singa

    WORKSHOP Shaundi Tattoo Pack

    This mod is a compilation of my individual Shaundi tattoo mods for Saints Row IV. It contains: Fun Shaundi Tattoo Fix Future Shaundi Tattoo Fix Nude Shaundi Tattoo Fix Saints Row: The Third Shaundi Tattoo Super Shaundi Tattoo Screenshots: Installation: Steam: To install this mod through...
  12. Singa

    WORKSHOP Saints Row: The Third Shaundi Tattoo

    This mod adds Shaundi's tattoo from Saints Row 2 to her model from Saints Row: The Third in Saints Row IV. You can find the full list of my Shaundi tattoo mods here: CLICK Screenshots: Installation: Steam: To install this mod through Steam, simply subscribe to it on the mod page and it...
  13. M4v3r1ck_13

    Vehicles Cavallaro and Vegas

    Years passed and I still mad about Cavallaro and Vegas cut from SR2. I know that Ruckus is the Cavallaro derby variant. But I still missing the Civilian Variant. Mostly because I like the Chrysler C Platform Vegas on the other hand... It probably fell off in favor of the Bootlegger for SR2...
  14. Gio Saunders

    Character Customization Add more Player Voices?

    So I've been wondering, is it possible to add more player voices in saints row 2 using custom sound files as custom voice quotes?? for example: there are total of 6 in game player voices for your character like: Male 01 Male o2 Male 03 Female 01 Female 02 Female 03 (So is it possible to add...
  15. F13

    SR2 Visual Overhaul Mod

    SR2 VISUAL OVERHAUL MOD This mod aims to improve the visual quality of SR2 while still being as faithful to the original game as possible. It also makes other adjustments such as increasing ped density, improving draw distance, increasing skybox boundaries, and makes debris last much longer...
  16. FREELANCER 212

    The New Saints Row

    Basically, I know people have being making mods based on altering the textures of specific areas or the entire map, example (someone made the entire map look like a Minecraft world. So with the Saints Row District being under Ultor's control for the foreseeable future, I was wondering if the...
  17. FREELANCER 212

    Homies & NPCs Lin is a possible Homie in SR2

    I found a model that could be used for Lin. (On the Right... I said the RIGHT) Yeah, I know it's not perfect, but it's as close as I can get without following every single NPC around Stilwater to find a closer model. 1st Question: Can NPC Hairstyles be changed? (Not a major issue for me, if...
  18. LividKilla66

    Proper Cop Animations

    Cop Animation V1 So ik you can get the cop animations thru gentlemen of the row but their missing a few animations and while some are broken amd don't work right, after 2 hours of digging and a lot of sweat I've fixed all the animations and added ones that were missing, also added new walks...
  19. Spiku 2

    Crashed on new game in saints row 2

    re oops i fucked up posting in gooh help hey try all solutions i tried direct x thing i tried delete settings.dat and i tried everything but keep crashing when i start new game Edit: okay just found out i have lot mods installed that why i can't select new game with vanilla Edit 2: maybe it's is...
  20. Singa

    WORKSHOP Future Shaundi Tattoo Fix

    This mod aims for consistency and gives Future Shaundi her correct lower back tattoo. In vanilla she has the same tattoo as Fun Shaundi, which is from SR2 but not the correct Shaundi tattoo, this mod gives her the right one. The "How The Saints Saved Christmas" DLC is required for this mod...