saints row 2

  1. 0x82069194

    XBOX360 / XENIA Saints Row 2 TU3 patched XEX with plugin support & 60FPS

    credits to illusion for the 60fps find credits to Adrian for showing me how to inject DLLs using XePatcher credits to Saints Row Reverse Engineering team for their support credits to xSILENTx for his videos on making plugins credits to the original Saints Row developers without them Saints Row...
  2. MF2M

    Custom Sound Mods, Will It Ever Happen?

    Saints Row 2 uses XACT (Cross Platform Audio Creation Tool) for sounds and music. I really look forward to custom weapon sounds. I know it's possible to replace music, but I've never seen anyone make custom sound mods for this game. From my knowledge so far, custom sound mods are "impossible"...
  3. Singa

    Four-Leaf Clover Pasties

    This mod replaces the "Tape" style of the "Pasties" from Leather & Lace with four leaf clovers to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Screenshots: Installing: To install the mod, simply move the cmbra_wpasties01.g_peg_pc and cmbra_wpasties01.peg_pc files into "Gentlemen Of The Row" >...
  4. mehmetcan1238

    A Funny/Random Cutscene Mod

    This Mod Changes Now Just 14 Cutscenes (End Game,Clam Baking,Operation Voodoo Drop,Back For Seconds...,The Great Escape,Blind Date,Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder,Checking Out,Requiem,General's Orders,Old Friends, Older Enemies,The Coming Storm,Big Problems in Little China,An Amazing...
  5. HKSvsGreddy

    What unit of measurement do they use for "Range" in weapon.xtbl?

    I modding the weapon.xtbl to make it more realistic. I've already figured out that "refire delay" is in milliseconds. I'm just not sure what units they use for "range" - if its in inches, yards, meters, or whatever in-game measuring system they use for distance.
  6. tatani

    Game crashes on new game

    Hey, I have both the Steam and Gog versions of the game and they both crash when I'm trying to start a new game and I've tried EVERY possible way I could find on the entire internet: -reinstalling -verifying the files -with Gentlemen of the Row mod and without, -with compatibility modes and...
  7. O

    Saints Row 2 stuck at being capped at 42 fps

    I bought the game few days ago, unlocked the fps and capped it with rivatuner to 59 fps so that the cutscenes didn't break. Worked like a charm. Today I was messing around with some mods mainly Gentleman of the row and some HD textures. Anyway, I messed up copying some files so I ended up...
  8. K

    Mission Help? Ronin Room Service

    Have tried to do this mission probably 15 times now, and no matter what I do I can't kill all the lieutenants before the timer goes off. Any advice? I'm using Gentlemen of the Row, and have tried the mission skip file - but it crashed my game. Also tried with homies but they just got in the...
  9. The Notorious Josh 2.0™

    Animations SR1 Styled Gun Aiming (Sideways)

    i would really love to see a mod for SR2 to have the SR1 Styled Sideways gun holding from SR1 for SR2 Mod, hopefully someone in this site will be useful and at least answer if NOT able to make the mod or even have the files to download the mod, anyways thanks! :)
  10. Lynxrow

    Zombie uprising equivalent for Saints Row 4

    A mod for a wave based survival activity would be fun with the abilities, though ideally it’d be better off without any high flying since that’d defeat the point of it. powers from elements like fire blast could be used, and would balance the mini game. various themes additionally could fit in...
  11. Singa

    Fart Spray

    I decided to make the edit to the pepperspray from my previous mod its own separate mod for people who don't want diarrhea weapons. Screenshots: Installation: To install it simply move weapons.xtbl, p_pepperspray.peg_pc and p_pepperspray.g_peg_pc from this mod into "Gentlemen Of The...
  12. Singa

    Diarrhea Gun Sounds (April Fools 2022)

    This mod changes the audio of most weapons to vomit and poop sounds. Installation: To install it simply move the weapons.xtbl from this mod into "Gentlemen Of The Row" > "optional_mod_stuff" > "1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE" and build a patch like you usually do. To uninstall...
  13. CayeNyne

    SR2 ReShade Preset - Slick (Including UI Masks!)

    Hi! I Thought I'd put my personal shader into a folder and share it here, just for others to try it out, cause I like it! (But maybe I'm just biased towards myself... hm.) Anywho, here it is! :) Aesthetic of the shader is smooth and slick... like hair gel. I guess? Shader Used is ReShade...
  14. YeehawPhoenix

    The "GTA" Pack for SR2

    The GTA Pack for SR2 (December 09, 2021) Created by YeehawPhoenix Description This mod contains all GTA-related mods I've made for Saints Row 2 to make the game feel a little more like the GTA games such as "GTA V-style Camera", "GTA Online-like Weapon Pricing" and now much more! Features *...
  15. _eb_

    [SR2] GOG Shaundi Loadscreen v1.0.1

    This simple mod change the new-game loading screen with the Shaundi one found as goodies/wallpapers in the GOG version of the game. The texture itself sized at 1280x768. Installation: 01 -- Gentlemen of the Row -- extract the zipped archive and put both G_/PEC_PC files to...
  16. S

    Character Customization Even More Number Logos for Jerseys

    I Kinda Don't Like The Fact that There's only 13 Number Logos for Jerseys in Saints Row 2, would it be possible to make a mod to add more number logos bigger than 13 like 14, 15, 16, and etc.
  17. S

    How to Mod & Edit Cutscenes in SR2

    Can Someone tell me how to mod and edit cutscenes in saints row 2, i've seen masakoteam and mrsaintsgodzilla21 do it before, so how do i do it??
  18. S

    Green Beta Saints (Texture MOD)

    I Hope Someone Doesn't Mind Making a Texture Mod to Change the Saints Colors from Purple to Green like in the Beta Version of Saints Row 1, It would be interesting to see what the beta saints would've looked like in Saints Row 2 :)
  19. X

    Modders of the row for xbox 360

    so uhh i just got a rgh xbox 360 and i was looking forward to downloading modders of the row but looks like around 3 weeks ago the mod got deleted from the original forum, does anyone have the modded files of this mod?
  20. b800047

    [ReShade Preset] Project Zer0 - Saints Row 2

    Hello everyone, I call myself b800047 (how original i know lol), and I kid you not when I say I've tried searching and testing other Reshade presets to try and revive my experience I've had with Saints Row 2. Some have sort-of altered the theme, or at least the color scheme of Saints Row 2, but...