saints row 2

  1. ThePlayaJam765

    [XENIA] Saints Row 2 - Easy Respect + Cash/Non-Flagging Cheats/All Vehicles at Dealership

    With Xenia becoming the more stable method to play this game (at least until the PC patch comes out), I decided to dabble in creating a few mods for it. These mods include - All Vehicles at Dealerships Adds every single vehicle + every single variant to the car dealerships. Boats are at Ship...
  2. A

    New female hairstyles?

    Hello everyone! I've been looking around to find a decent mod that adds more female hairstyles to SR2. So far I haven't found anything at all. In my opinion the original hairstyles don't offer a big variety. So if anyone is interested to make a conversion from newer SR games or even a brand new...
  3. Bailzibub777

    Saints Row: Abridged

    i am currently in the process of recording video and audio for a new series id like to start on youtube which will be an abridged version of the saints row series with my version of the boss. I wanted to post this here to announce its coming either by the end of this year or beginning of next...
  4. SandwichGambino

    Saints Row 2 - Collector's Edition PS3 Theme

    This is the PS3 XMB theme included exclusively on the PS3 Collector's Edition of Saints Row 2. It includes 4 wallpapers with great artworks from the game. There's exclusives wallpapers not included in the 360 Collector's Edition of Saints Row 2 Just like the SR1 Dashboard Theme that I posted a...
  5. Singa

    Younger Troy

    Have you ever thought to yourself, "Man, Troy somehow aged 30 years since the first game."? Well, I have, and that's why I made this mod to make him look somewhat younger than the base game. I have removed the wrinkles around his eyes and mouth, reduced his nasolabial folds, and added some...
  6. AxleStone_Uppa

    Bronze, Silver & Gold Baseball Bats.

    Hi everyone, thought I would share with you my custom Baseball Bat mod which I have been working on for a while. As the title states the mod features Bronze, Silver and Golden Metallic Custom Baseball bats with a nice (Carbon Fibre Grip) at the bottom. Here are some images of the final designs...
  7. YeehawPhoenix

    Equal Damage (TRUE Hardcore Mode) / Instant Ragdolls for SR2

    Equal Damage (TRUE Hardcore Mode) / Instant Ragdolls Created by YeehawPhoenix Description I've had this mod to myself for a couple years now but I have now decided to release to y'all! I always thought that Saints Row 2 was a bit *too* easy, especially after playing it for years now. So I've...
  8. Rinkua

    Saints Row 2: Multiplayer Restored

    How you doin' Saints? Today i introduce myself uploading this SR2 mod to the forum. Multiplayer in Saints Row 2 is back and greater than ever! Thanks to the openspy team and specially me for the fix, now we get to play this masterpiece of game. This file is a modified version of the exe i...
  9. Saint_of_the_Barrio

    SotB's White stripe tires add-on + other customizations

    Remember how some vehicles in SR1 had thin white stripe tires (I.E the Compton or the Cavallaro)? Well, this mod adds those tires back into the game WITHOUT REPLACING ANY OTHERS. That's right, I managed to restore the white stripe tires by messing with the externalized components.xtbl and...
  10. PinkGuy

    SR2 Gta Style Graphics

    Based on BandiG's Saints Row 1.5 Lighting Mod , Only Need to install The GOTR File From Saints Row 1.5 Lighting . This Reshade is Friendly on AMD Cards ( I Have Removed Radiant Global Illumination ( this effect cause bricking on the AMD GFX cards ) so Don't Worry about it )\ this is for those...
  11. PinkGuy

    Saints Row 2 Remaster 2.0 | Ultra Realistic Graphic Overhaul |

    a Complete Lighting Update and a Huge Leap of Quality from my Previous Work ( Saints Row 2 Remastered Graphics Over Haul ) Based on BandiG's Saints Row 1.5 Lighting Mod , Only Need to install The GOTR File From Saints Row 1.5 Lighting . This Reshade is Friendly on AMD Cards ( I Have Removed...
  12. PinkGuy

    All These years I Had No Idea That You Could make Good looking Female Boss in SR2

    This is The First Time i made one that doesn't look like an average NPC , May be because i only play as The Default Boss From Every Trailer .
  13. PinkGuy

    Saints Row 2 Lore Accurate Graphics | Less Cinematic | MOD

    Same As Cinematic One but a It has heavy Light and Contrast Based on BandiG's Saints Row 1.5 Lighting Mod , Only Need to install The GOTR File From Saints Row 1.5 Lighting MOD . This Reshade is Friendly on AMD Cards , I Have Removed Radient Global Illumination ( this effect cause bricking on...
  14. YoungStallion94

    Saints Row 2 Xenia Canary Install Issues: DLC Not Working

    Hello, I've been trying to get Saints Row 2 and it's DLC up and running through Flippy's vidoes and download links that he's provided in those vidoes telling you how to install them, and while I got the original Saints Row up and running along with its DLC and have it running nice and smooth, I...
  15. Saint_of_the_Barrio

    Tools for console ver

    Specifically, I would like to know if there are any tools for the xbox 360 version of SR2, I want to port some of the mods I made for GoTR into the 360 version of the game.
  16. Singa

    Anime Decals for Ronin Vehicles

    This April Fools mod gives the Ronin vehicles anime decals. Yes, it's very creative. Screenshots: Installation: To install it simply move the ".g_peg_pc" and ".peg_pc" files from this mod's folder to "Gentlemen Of The Row" > "optional_mod_stuff" >...
  17. Xkynete

    Character Customization Cross Earrings

    I kind of don't like any of the earrings in this game, and I have this black cross earring irl and I think it would look awesome on my SR2 character, even an upside down cross would look cool, here are some ideas
  18. MF2M

    Custom Sound Mods, Will It Ever Happen?

    Saints Row 2 uses XACT (Cross Platform Audio Creation Tool) for sounds and music. I really look forward to custom weapon sounds. I know it's possible to replace music, but I've never seen anyone make custom sound mods for this game. From my knowledge so far, custom sound mods are "impossible"...
  19. Singa

    Four-Leaf Clover Pasties

    This mod replaces the "Tape" style of the "Pasties" from Leather & Lace with four leaf clovers to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Screenshots: Installing: To install the mod, simply move the cmbra_wpasties01.g_peg_pc and cmbra_wpasties01.peg_pc files into "Gentlemen Of The Row" >...
  20. M

    A Funny/Random Cutscene Mod

    This Mod Changes Now Just 14 Cutscenes (End Game,Clam Baking,Operation Voodoo Drop,Back For Seconds...,The Great Escape,Blind Date,Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder,Checking Out,Requiem,General's Orders,Old Friends, Older Enemies,The Coming Storm,Big Problems in Little China,An Amazing...