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Ultor Rising

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by MasakoTeam, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Help Ultor take over Stilwater and fix the gang problem once and for all.

    List of features and contents starting from v1.4 (list still in progress)
    3 new alcoholic drinks.

    Hennessy - Cost: 35 Duration: 40 Beer Muscles: 150 Melle Boost: 20
    Gin n juice - Cost: 50 Duration: 40 Beer Muscles: 300 Melle Boost: 40
    Bubbly - Cost: 60 Duration: 30 Beer Muscles: 450 Melle Boost: 60

    Beer Muscles: Using this drug adds this percentage to the force applied to ragdolls by melee attacks.
    Melee Boost: Melee attack strength will be increased by this percentage while this drug is in effect.
    3 new smokes.

    Spliff - Cost: 10 Duration: 60 Health Regen: 3
    Bong - Cost: 20 Duration: 30 Health Regen: 5
    Pipe - Cost: 500 Duration: 40 Health Regen: 7 Damage Reduction: 20

    Damage Reduction: Any injury suffered by the player while using this drug will have its effect on hit points reduced by this percentage.
    Health Regen: While the player is under the effect of this drug, he regains health at this many hitpoints per second.
    Mod contains reworked missions against all 4 gangs, including The 3rd Street saints.

    4 missions against The Saints
    4 missions against The Sons Of Samedi
    2 missions against The Ronin
    3 missions against The Brotherhood
    1 Ultor mission
    1 Ultor introduction/game intro along with a Police station unlock mission

    5 New weapons

    Voodoo doll - Plays an animation, after that insta kills target npc. (will be disabled from 1.5 untill reworked but still avaivable in 1.4)
    Dual nightsticks - A weaker form of dual katanas.
    Smoke grenade - Smokes up the area, currently doesnt have any practical use.
    Stun grenade - Has the effect of the stun gun but in grenade form and can stun multiple people at once.
    Firebomb - Basicly molotov but with way wider range of fire blast.

    Upgraded/changed weapons

    XS-2 Ultimax - Thanks to Ultor technology this gun on top of dealing high damage will also stun its targets.
    Collectable Ultor stashes to unlock various outfits.

    Since 1.5 there are scattered 21 stashes

    Collecting 10 will unlock the Police Outfit
    Collecting 20 will unlock the Swat Outfit
    Collecting 21 will unlock the FBI Outfit
    Recruitable cops, that come along with the team change to Ultor
    3 new radio stations
    Police station Headquarters along with brass knuckles and gun store.
    Train stations with warps between them.
    Brass Knuckles has a separate map icon than the gun shop.
    Some other minor changes.
    Future content (current planned features)
    Reworked hitman activity.
    Heavily fortified forts for various gangs that can be attacked at any time while in freeroam.
    More weapons.
    More missions.
    Reworked taunts and compliments.
    More overall improvements.
    Known bugs:
    *fixed with the release of 1.5* The save file might show completion at 177% and move to the bottom of the list, though its still useable.
    Credits/special thanks:
    MLVNRT - For adding the Ultor logos on the starting outfits, since i was too lazy to add them myself at start
    Idolninja - For thinking up the name of the mod
    iFarbod - For the mod that changes the player faction to Ultor
    Install using Gentlemen of the Row: https://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum/threads/gentlemen-of-the-row.24/
    Put all the files in this folder : C:\desktop\Gentlemen_of_the_Row_Saints_Row_2_Super_Mod_v1.9.2\optional_mod_stuff\1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE , then you make a new patch and copy that in the games directory, then take the preload.tbl (provided with the mod) and place it in the games directory.
    Start a new game to play the mod properly.
    Standalone version for the smokes and drinks: https://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum/threads/saints-row-1-drugs.16540/

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  2. v1.1 released
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  3. I modified one of your files so the default outfit is more like the GotR Masako outfit (armor pads and logo). Feel free to use it, or use as reference.

    Edit 2018-04-17: add new file that should remove armor pads from all Masako members. I haven't tested it, but I know mods for SR2 generally just work. So this should work...
    -Got stuck when entering "Phuc Mi Phuc Yue" food vendor in Little Shanghai
    I have some pictures.png

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  4. I hate the shoulder pads and knee pads, they just don't look that great, thats why i don't use them. But i do need the Ultor logos, thanks , will use those in the next release, i added your name in the credits section of my mod post, above the attached files
  5. mm will try to fix the vendor , probs has to do something with my alcohol and smokes mod
  6. v1.2 released
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  7. Great job, I always wanted to play as ultor, so this looks to be worth a try.
  8. I've always wanted to see the notoriety bar fill up with Fleur De Lis, be a part of the other gangs to have missions against the others, very interesting.
    Saints Row 1 had this prologue where you weren't a part of the Saints yet, imagine if you had the option to join any of the other gangs and defect. That added layer of politics within the game really expands it quite a bit, and it's very smart design to have the player join the Saints as an action within the game, to contrast you from being a bystander to a part of something bigger.
  9. v1.3 released
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  10. v1.4 released