Saints Row: The Third Saints Row: The Third - Remastered Announced

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I wouldn't call the art styles of those games cartoony at all. But Agents of Mayhem is definitely cartoony. I always liked the Saints Row games because of their graphical realism. I don't like cartoonish games like Fortnite.
I agree completely! I was watching the Unreal V tech demo, and while I was blown away by the graphics, I also felt it lacked personality and the character they shown just didn't fit in such a realistic enviroment. I rather hope that games wont look to realistic, but just use the tech to create a unique looking game. And Saints Row always "kinda" looked good when they were released, it always had its own style. I wouldn't mind it a bit if they stuck to a more cartoony look. It's like watching Final Fantasy Spirits Within, which is still to this date a pretty impressive looking CGI movie, but then you watch How To Train A Dragon or Frozen, and I just think that looks more fitting for CGI. Because you can do so much more with how character move and look. If you make a Saints Row game, give it the most realistic graphics like God of War, it would look just off when you are flying around getting hit by cars in the most ridiculous physics, and it would just break the immersion of the game. Like watching James Bond riding a CGI wave. It broke the movie.

Saints Row the Third, the game looks pretty good, though not for a 2020 release, but it is just a upgrade visually. To me it kinda feels like when you played Tomb Raider Legends on PS2 and then on XBOX 360. They polished it, and it works great at 4K resolution. What I think is a missed oppertunity is finetuning some other stuff in the remastered version, like better car mechanics, better animations, more NPC models in the city which stick to a certain point in the city, like in Saints Row 2, you could see what are you were not just by looking at the area, but also the NPC's walking around. There is also still a rather bad pop up. And while I still think Saints Row the Third is the 2nd best Saints Row game (Best will always be 2), I don't feel its worth the price now if you aren't a fan of the series.

If they changed some of the mechanics, redid the animation, the leveling system, created a more living city not just with the visual upgrade, but also the NPC's and stuff you can do, and added a full Dolby Digital support (Why is this game only stereo..?), added more clothing, hairstyles, etc, they could have sold this game for a full AAA game price easily and got a new generation hyped for Saints Row 5. Though, I hope the modding community can have a lot of fun with it too, and increase the fun even further for us players as well! :D

Also, can I be a complot theorist for a moment, is the reason they released SR:TTR beasue Saints Row 5 will be a follow up to to The Third? Because... How do you follow up on IV without using the time machine?
I've tried modding the remaster a little without knowing anything, and sofar the only issue I've found is in character_definitions.
XTBLs still get loaded from the root with the exe, so anything that doesn't involve VPP_PC, ASM_PC and STR2_PC are editable, as long as they haven't changed.

Let's see if we can tone down the amount of street sweepers and concrete mixers spawning...
(Vanilla character.xtbl and spawn_info_groups/categories from the original also doesn't crash the game, so there's hope).
If your game crashes on co-op, the game does something really strange.
You can't start a co-op session again, you can load any save, but after loading it the game crashes if you try to load a different save. Or when you try to go to main menu.
I find it strange how they made the guns look like real-life guns. Like the TEK Z-10 is now an MP7.

Anyways, the new STAG designs are hot! Their helmets have visors now.
shame the character that i built (female character) much slimmer then what i desired it to be it may sound weird but i would like to have a fattier character i had put the fat on 100% and to me by logic it look slim at least to me
I wouldn't call the art styles of those games cartoony at all. But Agents of Mayhem is definitely cartoony. I always liked the Saints Row games because of their graphical realism. I don't like cartoonish games like Fortnite.
On GDC Scott Phillips said that they shifted a little from realism because the idea to populate an entire city with randomly generated pedestrians in character editor as in SR2 cost a lot of performance also the city looks empty and bland. So they created low-poly exaggerated pedestrians and used colour differentiation for places.
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I don't really mind that it looks cartoony. Like I said above, I would rather see a game get a unique style and go 100% for it, like Zelda Wind Waker, or the new Gods and Monsters game from Ubisoft where it looks more like a cartoon, or Beyond Good & Evil 2. I think Saints Row really benefits from the cartoony look, and it could even work in their advantage if they expand on that, especially with the tools available now. But it doesn't take away that Saints Row 2 was far more superior with giving the city of Stillwater the most unique feel. But we'll see how SR5 will look. I am extremely curious at the very least! Can't wait. :D
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