1. PinkGuy

    Saints Row 2 Remaster 2.0 | Next Gen Lighting |

    Based on BandiG's Saints Row 1.5 Lighting Mod , Only Need to install The GOTR File From Saints Row 1.5 Lighting . This Reshade is Friendly on AMD Cards ( I Have Removed Radiant Global Illumination ( this effect cause bricking on the AMD GFX cards ) so Don't Worry about it )\ INGAME SETTINGS ...
  2. PinkGuy

    Saints Row 2 Remaster 2.0 | Ultra Realistic Graphic Overhaul |

    a Complete Lighting Update and a Huge Leap of Quality from my Previous Work ( Saints Row 2 Remastered Graphics Over Haul ) Based on BandiG's Saints Row 1.5 Lighting Mod , Only Need to install The GOTR File From Saints Row 1.5 Lighting . This Reshade is Friendly on AMD Cards ( I Have Removed...
  3. Admixon

    Saints Row IV Re-Elected on PC

    So a couple days a go there been rumors SR4 will get a remaster. Don't have any sources, I just saw many people talk about it on Saintscord and Twitter. Recently someone on Reddit found the game is getting an update on Steam Source: The icon was changed and the original name (in the...
  4. Singa

    AB Destroyer - Free Aim

    In a game where the VTOL reigns supreme over the skies above Steelport, the AB Destroyer is an aircraft usually overlooked and ignored, so I tried to make the plane more useful and fun to use. This mod allows you to use freely shoot the AB Destroyer's rockets in any direction instead of...
  5. Singa

    Notoriety Adjustments & Variety

    This mod fixes some bugs and general issues I had with notoriety, as well as enhances enemy variety. It also includes my Female Cops, Female Soldiers, and SWAT & SNG Decal Fix Below you will find all changes in detail. Bug fixes: The SWAT Bear APCs now use the correct SWAT variant...
  6. pleasegofuk

    So... about that Saints Row 2 rebuild

    It's been a whole year and not a lick of info about it, any news at all? We learned back in late 2019 about the SR2 source code being found and re-worked... So, has the team been silently working on it this whole time, or have things sputtered? The silence is killing some of us... even just a...
  7. Admixon

    Morningstar - Clara

    Description Second of three Morningstar outfits ported from SRTTR You can find it in any clothing store Available for male and female Customizable colors Screenshots Installation Guide (make sure your game is closed before downloading the mod) Steam 1. Go to...
  8. T

    Since SR3 was Remastered so will SR4?

    I don't think I need to mention anything else besides the title, but yes, I'm curious. Also included poll for users.
  9. Singa

    Female Cops

    This mod adds female cops to the Steelport PD. They're basically the cop strippers with the police color scheme (or SWAT to be specific since police makes their uniforms white), but I think it fits Steelport pretty well. Inspired by BadMadScientist's Notoriety: male and female cops, and...
  10. Singa

    Bloody Cannoness Homie

    This mod adds Viola as the Bloody Cannoness to your cellphone as a seperate homie, just like how Josh and NyteBlayde are seperate entries. She will silently unlock alongside Viola after you complete the mission Gangbang. If you load a save that already has that mission completed, you will still...
  11. Singa

    Semi- & Fully-Automatic AR-55

    This mod changes the AR-55 to function as either a fully-automatic rifle or a semi-automatic rifle. You can choose which firing type you want to install. Installation: To install it, copy weapons.xtbl into "Program Files" > "Epic Games" > "SaintsRowTheThird" To uninstall it, remove...
  12. Singa

    SRTT - Remastered | More Gibs

    I edited most explosives and vehicle mounted weapons such as helicopter miniguns and VTOL lasers in the game to make enemies explode into gibs like the Apoca Fists or Sonic Boom. This mod is also available for Gat out of Hell -> here Installation: To install the mod, simply copy the included...
  13. Admixon

    SR:TT Remaster | More destructible objects

    Description Want to open doors by shooting them with a shotgun or destroy that big Image as Designed banner with Sonic Boom? Now you can! This mod makes more objects vulnerable to damage of any kind. Saints Row: The Third version here...
  14. Singa

    SRTT Remaster | More Crushing Vehicles

    This mod adds the crushing effect from tanks to multiple heavy vehicles in the game, like my similar mod for Saints Row IV. Version for the original game can be found here. The vehicles included in this mod: Installation: Open the folder of the vehicle you want and copy its .xtbl-file into...
  15. F

    Super Ethical Pack v5 Remastered

    DOWNLOAD LATEST VERSION SAINTS ROW: THE THIRD REMASTERED — SUPER ETHICAL PACK This is a compilation of several mods and tweaks for Saints Row: The Third Remastered. All mods are 100% OPTIONAL and can be installed separately/ mix and matched INSTALLATION: Navigate to the files you want to...
  16. ODiN_10

    Remastered support with old mods

    I was thinking, if the remaster is the same game just with new graphics could some mods actually work on this version of SRTT.
  17. Admixon

    SR:TTR | Share your cool/funny screenshots

    Share cool and funny pics form Saints Row: The Third Remastered here. Please also read it:
  18. Singa

    Saints Row: The Third Saints Row: The Third - Remastered Announced

    So after weeks of speculations based on leaks online, we finally got official confirmation that Saints Row: The Third will receive a remaster that will release on May 22nd 2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on the Epic Games Store. [Source: see trailer below] It will come to Steam later at...