saints row the third

  1. Singa

    Notoriety Adjustments & Variety

    This mod fixes some bugs and general issues I had with notoriety, as well as enhances enemy variety. It also includes my Female Cops, Female Soldiers, and SWAT & SNG Decal Fix Below you will find all changes in detail. Bug fixes: The SWAT Bear APCs now use the correct SWAT variant...
  2. Singa

    Female Soldiers

    Just like my female cops mod, this mod adds female soldiers to the Steelport National Guard. They're basically the alternate cop strippers with the SNG color scheme. They will spawn in SNG Bulldogs, Challenger tanks, Eagle and Vulture Helicopters. Screenshots: Installation: To install it...
  3. Singa

    Remaster Saints Row: The Third - Remastered Now On Steam and GoG

    As of today, Saints Row: The Third - Remastered is available on Steam and GoG! Unlike the Epic Games Store version of the game, the Steam and GoG versions have achievements. On Steam the remaster costs 40€ but is currently 40% off until the 28th of May, and even further discounted if you buy...
  4. Bucker1256

    My COOP Playa

    hello there ,that is my COOP Playa that i use for playing with my bro.
  5. ZackOps

    SRTT Running Animation Replacement

    Hello my talented beauties, I was wondering if someone made or is willing to make a mod that replaces the running animation in SRTT and/or SRTT:R with the super sprint animation from SR4. ...and that is all Thanks, -Ya Dude Zack
  6. Singa

    Shaundi Tattoo

    This mod adds Shaundi's tattoo from Saints Row 2 to her model from Saints Row: The Third. This also affects her different model during the bank heist intro. You can find the full list of my Shaundi tattoo mods here: CLICK Screenshots: Installation: To install the mod, move the 4 .str2_pc...
  7. Singa

    Female Cops

    This mod adds female cops to the Steelport PD. They're basically the cop strippers with the police color scheme (or SWAT to be specific since police makes their uniforms white), but I think it fits Steelport pretty well. Inspired by BadMadScientist's Notoriety: male and female cops, and...
  8. Singa

    Bloody Cannoness Homie

    This mod adds Viola as the Bloody Cannoness to your cellphone as a seperate homie, just like how Josh and NyteBlayde are seperate entries. She will silently unlock alongside Viola after you complete the mission Gangbang. If you load a save that already has that mission completed, you will still...
  9. Singa

    Cypher Homie

    This is a WIP that adds Cypher as a homie to your cellphone, she doesn't replace another homie but is a new entry in the file. So far she uses a placeholder name and description, in the cellphone. She is called "SUIT - ULTOR ASSASSIN" with a matching description and uses a female Saints icon...
  10. Singa

    Gat Is Back

    This is a WIP that adds Johnny Gat as a homie to your cellphone, he doesn't replace another homie but is a new entry in the file. Known issues: There is no name and description for his cellphone entry, since we can't edit strings from the remaster yet. While he does perform his unique knife...
  11. Singa

    Use Fine Aim With Sniper Rifle & Togo-13

    This mod allows you to fine aim with the McManus 2015 Sniper Rifle and the Togo-13. You can fine aim like with most other weapons by right clicking and then use the scroll wheel to enter scoped mode. I also added 2 more zoom stages to the Sniper Rifle to make using the scope on mid-range better...
  12. Singa

    Semi- & Fully-Automatic AR-55

    This mod changes the AR-55 to function as either a fully-automatic rifle or a semi-automatic rifle. You can choose which firing type you want to install. Installation: To install it, copy weapons.xtbl into "Program Files" > "Epic Games" > "SaintsRowTheThird" To uninstall it, remove...
  13. Singa

    Permanently Keep Temporary Weapons

    This mod changes the temporary pick-up weapons (Minigun, Flamethrower, Grenade Launcher and Shock Hammer) into regular weapons that you can keep and access in your weapons cache. You will find the Minigun and Flamethrower in the SPECIAL category, the Grenade Launcher in the EXPLOSIVES category...
  14. Singa

    SRTT - Remastered | More Gibs

    I edited most explosives and vehicle mounted weapons such as helicopter miniguns and VTOL lasers in the game to make enemies explode into gibs like the Apoca Fists or Sonic Boom. This mod is also available for Gat out of Hell -> here Installation: To install the mod, simply copy the included...
  15. Singa

    SRTT Remaster | More Crushing Vehicles

    This mod adds the crushing effect from tanks to multiple heavy vehicles in the game, like my similar mod for Saints Row IV. Version for the original game can be found here. The vehicles included in this mod: Installation: Open the folder of the vehicle you want and copy its .xtbl-file into...
  16. Singa

    SRTT | More Crushing Vehicles

    This mod adds the crushing effect from tanks to multiple heavy vehicles in the game, like my similar mod for Saints Row IV. There are two files attached to this thread: "More Crushing Vehicles SRTT.rar" has all the files in individual folders named after the vehicle it affects, to make it...
  17. ODiN_10

    Remastered support with old mods

    I was thinking, if the remaster is the same game just with new graphics could some mods actually work on this version of SRTT.
  18. Singa

    Modding Mishaps

    Share your stories or pictures of mods for Saints Row: The Third - Remastered that didn't quite turn out as expected with us!
  19. Cigano

    Raquel Vich

    Raquel Vich - Saints Row The Third.
  20. FREELANCER 212

    Johnny Gat In More Missions... Please?

    Without replacing any Main Characters within the game, could Johnny Gat replace one of the generic Saints models that appears in most of the cutscenes? Just so it feels like he's still included. Because having a Johnny Gat Homie mod was not as thrilling as I thought it would be. Especially...