saints row the third

  1. T

    Porting Suit from SRIV to SRTT - need little help

    Hello everyone. I've been trying to port the Bathtowel for the female character by following this post I thought it was a success, until i saw the body is missing and i can't pick colors. I've uploaded two...
  2. Gector Nathan (Matt Fan)

    Killian art by Scarffist

    So i have a friend named Scarffist, and one day i asked her for commission and of course i payed her for that, i asked to draw my Saints Row 3/4 Character named Killian (The reason I give my characters names is because I'm schizophrenic (unofficially)), young skinny skeleton guy, and this post...
  3. A

    Close Cinematic TPS Camera Mod

    Greetings! This is a simple camera mod I've been working on for the past few days, which may continue to be updated over time. This is technically a heavily modified version of Uzi's version of Better Camera Mod...
  4. Singa

    Improved Syndicate Saints For Gang Customization

    I've always been bothered with the Syndicate soldiers we unlock for Gang Customization. Their outfits are covered in stars and skulls, with not a single fleur-de-lis on them. And the Morningstar males have these horrible yellow ties and pins. This mod tries to solve that problem by editing all...
  5. Nocturne59

    Porting SRTT vehicles to SR4

    Some people noticed some cars actually removed such as Cosmos, Go, Kayak, Neuron etc. in Saints Row 4. I saw a mod in here that ports <Assert> to Saints Row The Third. If porting vehicles is possible then can someone port removed SRTT vehicles to SR4?
  6. F

    Decker Specialist SR3

    Its my first time to create a character and it's looking good.
  7. T

    NPC hair for player?

    Hello, I'd like to ask if it's possible to make all the NPC hairs available for the player? I've seen some on my crew and in the city that aren't available. Has anyone done such a mod or would anyone like to do it? I realize that this isn't the place to ask but in case no on wants to do it, how...
  8. MODSaintsRow

    Homies & NPCs Saints Row The Third | 2022 New heli and land squad homies for protection / Vtol2 with squad 6man ,black beer full squad 6man ,white eagle squad 6man

  9. S

    SOLVED Can't Repack Textures Simply After Unpacking With SR3 Texture Utilities

    I have, in all honesty, racked my brain for hours now and can't for the life of me seem to figure this out. Right now, I'm simply working with interface-backend.cpeg_pc as two different mods I want have this file, one which modifies weapons and one which simply changes the look of the phone...
  10. F

    replace gang vehicles?

    Is it possible to replace the default vehicles of the customization gang? by a bear instead of a standard car for example
  11. Singa

    Angel Saints Stripper Tramp Stamp Fix

    It took me until the other day to notice that the lower back tattoo on the angel costume stripper in gang customization was applied wrong. So I decided to fix this minor detail that has been present for over a decade. Screenshots: Installation: To install the mod, move the 2 .str2_pc...
  12. Singa

    AB Destroyer - Free Aim

    In a game where the VTOL reigns supreme over the skies above Steelport, the AB Destroyer is an aircraft usually overlooked and ignored, so I tried to make the plane more useful and fun to use. This mod allows you to use freely shoot the AB Destroyer's rockets in any direction instead of...
  13. Singa

    Actual Fire Truck

    What's a fire truck without any fire? The polar opposite to my recent mod: This mod allows you to use the cannon on top of the fire truck, emphasis on the "fire" part. It is basically a weaker, yet more mobile version of the Gatmobile's flamethrower. It is still powerful, and unlike the...
  14. Singa

    Singa's Weapon Mods

    This is a bundle of all my weapon mods for Saints Row: The Third - Remastered, making my mods compatible with each other. You can choose to download the mod standalone or a version that is compatible with F13's Super Ethical Patch. Included are: Actual Fire Truck: This mod allows you to use...
  15. Singa

    Notoriety Adjustments & Variety

    This mod fixes some bugs and general issues I had with notoriety, as well as enhances enemy variety. It also includes my Female Cops, Female Soldiers, and SWAT & SNG Decal Fix Below you will find all changes in detail. Bug fixes: The SWAT Bear APCs now use the correct SWAT variant...
  16. Singa

    Female Soldiers

    Just like my female cops mod, this mod adds female soldiers to the Steelport National Guard. They're basically the alternate cop strippers with the SNG color scheme. They will spawn in SNG Bulldogs, Challenger tanks, Eagle and Vulture Helicopters. Screenshots: Installation: To install it...
  17. Singa

    Remaster Saints Row: The Third - Remastered Now On Steam and GoG

    As of today, Saints Row: The Third - Remastered is available on Steam and GoG! Unlike the Epic Games Store version of the game, the Steam and GoG versions have achievements. On Steam the remaster costs 40€ but is currently 40% off until the 28th of May, and even further discounted if you buy...
  18. Bucker1256

    My COOP Playa

    hello there ,that is my COOP Playa that i use for playing with my bro.
  19. ZackOps

    SRTT Running Animation Replacement

    Hello my talented beauties, I was wondering if someone made or is willing to make a mod that replaces the running animation in SRTT and/or SRTT:R with the super sprint animation from SR4. ...and that is all Thanks, -Ya Dude Zack
  20. Singa

    Shaundi Tattoo

    This mod adds Shaundi's tattoo from Saints Row 2 to her model from Saints Row: The Third. This also affects her different model during the bank heist intro. You can find the full list of my Shaundi tattoo mods here: CLICK Screenshots: Installation: To install the mod, move the 4 .str2_pc...