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  1. Playa gets out of coma and realizes that SR2, 3 and 4 were just a dream.
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  2. VSW


    Continues on a new planet with lots of super powers.
  3. A SR5 idea that Volition and the rest of THQ should AVOID: Initially advertise the game on Steam storefront, but just before releasing it, switch the game to an Epic Store exclusive and cancelling the Steam release or significantly delay it.

    No, seriously. Since Saints Row is a Deep Silver/Koch Media/THQ Nordic game, I'm deeply concerned about the future.
    I really do not want to see this kind of controversy or conspiracy to ever happen on Saints Row series.
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    Releasing Saints Row 5 on Epic would be the worst idea ever. Look how limited the launcher is:
    - Store
    - Library
    - Store
    - Library
    - Reviews
    - Guides
    - Workshop
    - Discussions
    - Artwork, Screenshots and Videos
    People can share things but on Epic you can't even take screenshots from Fortnite because such an option doesn't exist.
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    That's the reason we need independent forums like this one (thank you Minimaul). We can't rely on a single digital game distribution platform like Steam to provide everything we need into the future. Just look how many internet video providers there are now, when previously you could find everything on Netflix. It seems that a similar thing is now happening here.

    I like Steam and enjoy all the features it provides, and I'm a big fan of Valve's games like Half-Life and the Portal games. But I'm also a fan of Epic's games like Unreal Tournament 3 and the Gears of War series. I've been using the Epic Launcher for Unreal Engine 4, and it's not horrible, but I haven't used any multiplayer features so I can't really critique it.

    Competition is good, right? We don't really need Steam Workshop anyway. I know it's convenient, but we released a lot of mods on this forum before there was Workshop, and we can do it again. ;) :D
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  6. I just don't want 20 launchers for 20 games, it already annoys me to have battlenet for Overwatch and I'm glad EA and Ubisoft only shit out bad games so that I don't even have to consider their launchers.
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  8. Why can't we have both, switch, console and mobile...or better yet is illegal to create a Game that downloads your game to a Platform (Basically allowing Cross Platform via Emulator or like a Re-Config with Assets that change the Game vs Porting each game).


    I wish people realize to not just be redundant with their Source Material, but Upgrade & Apply it different ways. Examples taking the Weapon Styles and applying it to Clothing, or having Color Tier & Color Map for Weapons.

    Funny enough, I came up with this concept for GTA6 (4 Maps) & SR7 (Culture).
    The term "Open World" has a bad rep due to being big & empty, but GTA seems to capitalize on condensing a map with content & substance as a "Sandbox" game.

    Ideas I had for the Next World (Other than bringing back the Customization and try to stay/expand on Source Material's Lore vs parodying GTA's "Realistism" like if SR4's Zins = SR1 & SR2 Gangsters who Escaped from Ultor's experimentation & also tried running for President) is to actually keep AOM's Sandbox Vertical/Interior-based Seoul Map, but add to it & beside it rather than waste time making another map.

    ADD TO SEOUL - Lil Culture
    - Instead of diversifying with Rich/Poor Neighborhoods or 4-Seasons like every other Sandbox Game go for Little Culture Sections like Lil China, Lil Russia, Lil Jamaica or Continent-Base Sections like Lil Europe, Lil Africa, Lil America or Combined-Base like Lil Caribbean, Lil Eastern, Lil Western, Lil Latino, Lil Middle East, etc
    - Instead of changing Seoul, just add Objects, Flags/Banners & Images to make the Cultured Area without coming off as an SJW Extremist or Anti-PC Extremist
    e.g. having a Restaurant Sign different for Lil China (Animated & Neon) & Lil Jamaica (Partially 3D Coconut Trees)

    When Building World
    - So if say the Map was 2 Layered - #1 is Action Spot + #2 is Culture Design
    == Action Spot (So instead of Dropping specifics in a Spot, Pick where actions take place then highlight an area for its culture = The World Editor uses the bundled creations of Animation/Texture/Audio Designs of the Culture Design & doesn't use the same Version if Multiple Versions are available like Lil Italy's Shop is Pizza, Spaghetti & Lasagna): Outside of Restaurant/Booth-Related (RR), Near Beach/Land/Water-Related (WR), In Park-Related (PR)

    Example of Lil Culture
    - with Lil Jamaica's Culture: RR = BBQ w/Barrel Drum & Playing Dominos, WR = Swimming & Sea-doo, PR = Smoking & Dancing
    - with Lil Russia's Culture: RR = Butcher/Meat Deli Booth & Old men playing Chess, WR = Ice Fishing & Hockey, PR = Riding a Bear
    - with Lil Italy's Culture: Pizza Place & Gangsters boxing, WR = Romancing & Picnic, PR = Playing Soccer & Doing Tricks
    - with Lil Eastern's Culture: RR = Frying fish Booth & Sushi Bar, WR = Pike Fishing & Fighting off Octopus, PR = Cherry Blossoms & Samurai Showdown
    - with Lil Middle East's Culture: RR = Shawarma & Bazaar, WR = Walking on Water & Parting the Lake, PR = Herding Goats & Snake Charmer
    - with Lil Western's Culture: RR = Hot-dog Stand & Beer Pong, WR = Picnic & Volleyball, PR = Football & Baseball

    ADD BESIDE SEOUL - Add Mini Maps
    Cause Volition seems to be hindered by Budget & Time, they should create 4 other Mini Maps that Players Load into or Transition into. ALSO I JUST FOUND OUT via Wiki Saints Row doesn't have a Loading Screen when going to parts of map like GTA...which is probably also why they can't make a huge map.

    Access Maps
    A. Taxi Terminal on Map (Like a Portal > Walk up to or in Location > Press Key to Load into Map or Load into Highway that leads to Map) that Drops you off by Vehicle
    = Steamport: Jump from Burning Plane or Arrive by Boat (Thrown Overboard)
    = Sunkwater: Underwater Pod that shoots you to Map, Submarine Tour/Highway to Map
    = Star Harbour: Rocket-ship into Space, Teleport w/Spaceship in Space, Launchpod
    = Solar Tavern: Launchpod, Space Taxi, Teleport into Moonbase

    B. Transition/Load into another map if you hit the Invisible Wall/Map/Sky Limit like Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron

    The 4 Added Maps
    1. Steamport (Due to a lot of Games not using their Water...FO4, JC3, MGSV & GTA5)
    - Constant Surface Water Battles, w/3 Small Siren's Island (Like Whored Mode)
    - Big Slow Battleships w/Cannons & Torpedoes (JetCarrier/OilTanker/PirateYachts)
    - Fast 2/4-Person Turret-boats (Sea-doo/Speedboat/Gunboat)
    - Hover2Surf Boards (Like VTOL) w/Driveby (SurfBoard/WindSurfboard/Tubing)
    - No Useless Slow Boats
    - Located a bit Far from the outside of Seoul (Pass an invisible wall 500m of Sea between Steamport & Seoul City)

    2. Sunkwater
    - Underwater Scuba City/Fighting (Everyone is wearing Light/Heavy/Beach/etc Scuba Gear)
    - Multi-Stack Floating Traffic of Submarines or Diving Vehicles (Like GTA ViceCity's Drive on Water Cheat)
    - Floating Technological Glass Bubbles or Ruined Buildings to swim through/in (Genkibowl Arenas)
    - Located Deep 0.5km under Steamport, between would be some Submarine Traffic

    3. Star Harbour = Galactic Airspace between the Moon & Seoul, Spaceship/Station Battles (Re-use the VTOL & other flying crafts w/Space Add-ons), Located not to Far from Seoul's Sky (GTA Seoul's Ceiling Limit = 1km (GTA's BOGT = 700m & GTA5 = 2500m) > Hit the Sky Limit > Transition into Star Harbor > Between Solar Tavern & Seoul is 5km)

    4. Solar Tavern (Its like Sunkwater in Space) = Solar-Powered/Lunarwind-Powered Moonbase, LoGravity/Jetpack Fighting, Hover-base Vehicles or Sand/Offroad Vehicles
    - Has a Sky-Limit of 0.5km > Hit Sky Limit > Transition into Star Harbour

    STORY-WISE (Tie in AOM to the next SR)
    SR1 & SR2 Remake
    - I think for people who want SR1 & SR2 Remake, Volition should either make that an Expansion of AOM, Overhaul Rehash of SR4 or After/In/Apart/Elements in SR7 (The next SR, cause GOOH & AOM are Canon...seeing as SR4 is Canon).

    - They should have paced the Saints as they take over, becoming the Governor/Senator before President (Gang > Mayor > Senator > President > World Ruler > Sector/Star or Galactic Ruler), but for Seoul I guess Boss's Gang would be running for Governor over each Territory

    Time Loop
    - AOM should be tied in SR by saying Brimstone received help from a Purple (Or Green) Gang who aided in the Creation of Agents of Mayhem
    > Later reveal its the Arch Saints who work as Agents of Mayhem
    > After the defeat of LEGION, the Saints get back together (As though its new SR1 Origins to why Shaundi is such a Fun Person, Pierce always gets ignored & why Gat always tackles his problem 'head on' (From Wiki))
    > If the Gang was original Green then you can say the Idea of Purple came from when Brimstone was a Ministry of Glutton

    All Gangs/Ministries should be condensed into Split Gangs, having through own Brand & "Warden"
    = Purple: Arch Saints:
    === Made up of: Past/Future/Present Versions of Saints/Agents, Peds/Clones/Any, Zombies/Demons/Angels, Ministry of Gluttony/Lust

    = Red: Suave Roses: Sharply dressed crowd
    === Made up of: AOM's Ministry of Wrath/Greed, SR3 MorningStar, SR2 Brotherhood, SR1 The Los Carnales

    = Blue: Kilo Bytas: Made of Technologic & Chemical Genius/Cosplayers

    === Made up of: AOM's Ministry of Pride, SR3 Deckers, SR2 Ronin, SR1 Vice Kings

    = Green: Vegan Guerillas: Muscle/Warrior/Jungle Warfare Lords

    === Made up of: AOM's Ministry of Envy, SR3 Luchadores, SR2 Sons of Samedi, SR1 Westside Rollerz

    = Orange: P.R.I.S.M: Ultor & STAG join forces with Police & Army

    === Made up of: AOM's Ministry of Sloth, SR3 STAG, SR2 Ultor & SR Police/SWAt/Army

    New Wanted/Backup/Warden System
    (Based on Confusion in SR3's Wanted Level...I couldn't tell which group hated me)
    = 5 Points of 5 Stars, Each Points is a Gang = Purple/Red/Orange/Blue/Green

    = Each Star is a Level
    === For Purple/Arch Saints (Build Stars via Kills): 1-2 Stars means more NPC-based Gangsters backup (Multiplied by Recruited Lieutenant Clones/Homies), 3-4 Stars Saint's Specialist are Agents of Mayhem, @5 Aliens from Gangstas in Space (Purple Ladies/Brutes), Toggle Upgrade so they appear at lower Star Level

    === For Red/Green/Blue: 1-2 Lo-Level Gangsters, 3-4 Specialist & @5 is Warden /Alien Version (Based on SR4 Weaponary)
    + Red1 = Red/White Suits/Formal, Quick Pistols & Bat/Clubs
    > Red2 = Black Long Coats/Boots w/Red Suits, Quick Shotguns & Quick SMGs
    > Red3 = Red Glass/Coat Male w/Helicopter & Heavy Sniper and Crimson Canoness Bikers & Quick/Lite Rocket Launcher
    > Red4 = Suit/Formal Brutes of Red1 that do Flamethrower & Hand Combat
    > Red5 = Zinyak

    + Green1 = Vest/Pads, Heavy Pistols & Shields
    > Green2 = Heavy Armor, Heavy MGs & Shielded Heavy SMGs
    > Green3 = Grenadier Thrower/Launcher & Heavy Shotguns
    > Green4 = Armored APC Flamethrowing Driver & Gatling Rocket Brute
    > Green5 = Grutes (= Tree/Roots + Brutes, Wrestlers)
    + Blue1 = Hoodie Metal/Glowwear, Quick SMGS & Decker/Braver Sword
    > Blue2 = Party Glowwear, LaserRazer & Alien SMG
    > Blue3 = Dual-SMG/Hammer Rollerskate Specialist & Dubstep Gun EDM-DJ
    > Blue4 = Electroblade Mechsuit Decker & RC Car/Object Detonator Hacker
    > Blue5 = Dominator

    === For Orange:
    > 1 = Dot Guards (Baton, STAG Pistol/Roit Shields, Hover Motorcycle, Light Helmet),
    & Line Officers (Pistol, STAG Shotgun, Coupe Cruiser, Hat)
    > 2= Angle Enforcer (Vest/Pads/Helmet, STAG SMGs/Alien Shields, Earpiece), Shape Soldiers (Mech Skeleton, STAG MachineGuns or Airstrike Laptop, Balistic Mask), STAG Armored Van/Turret Hummer
    > 3/4= Polygon Pilot (Tanks or VTOL) & Polyhedron General (Mechbot with Laser Cannons & Shielding)
    > 5= Warden

    === All Points: @3 Summons Professor Genki, @4 Summon Professor Genki's Mascots (Angry Tiger, Sad Panda, Laughing Dog, Silly Sheep, Tired Lion, Sneaky Cat, Hungry Wolf, etc) & @5 Professor Genki's Alien (Robo Genkiball like Voltron)
  9. Most colourful idea I skimmed upon so far.
  10. Or better yet, waking up sometime after the events of SR2 and realizing that they just got really high the night before off of something new that Shaundi had them try.

    Adding to this thread, I had some ideas a few years ago about a Saints Row 5, which I guess now would be more of a rebooted Saints Row since it would definitely go back on the whole superpowers and Earth getting blown up. My idea was to bring the game back to Stilwater, but expanding on it yet again. It makes sense, because it'll have been a long time since the events of SR2 and cities can change. If the city managed to change as much as it did in the several years between SR1 and SR2, then it could change again in a decade or more.

    • Include the original map as we saw it in SR2, but expand it to west of the University district. Include a bit of countryside like a forest or some fields, and then another small city or a couple of small towns.
    • An amusement park or theme park somewhere in this new landmass based on all of the gangs we've seen in the series. They could call it "Gangland."
    • Shivington and Sunnyvale Gardens would be completely made over like how Ultor planned to in SR2. Skyscrapers and high end businesses replacing the old projects
    • The Red Light District should now be called something else (maybe LeSalle, its beta name according to road signs in SR1) and made into a hipster area, parodying gentrification even further.
    • The areas to the far south end of the city, such as the Barrio district and docks, would be the new poverty-stricken and run-down areas.
    • Bring back being able to ride the train, and include a new underground subway system.

    Of course, if they decided to go to a brand new city, I think a city based somewhere on the southern coast would be pretty cool. Stilwater was supposed to be an amaglamation of various Midwest cities, Steelport was the rust belt, maybe this southern city could be some sort of cross between Miami, Tampa, New Orleans, Houston, etc.

    Also, bring back talk radio if it's anything like The Mike & David Show from SR1. Better yet, just bring back Mike & David. SR1's parody of the right wing talk radio format has aged surprisingly well 13 years later, and a satirical take on today's politics and current events would be welcome listening and would add to the variety of radio stations beyond just music.
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