Saints Row 5 Ideas thread

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  1. Ideas I've shared with xFL1PPYx via YouTube Personal message
    ♦♦♦ Video Game store
    In Saints Row 2 you could play a minigame classified as a Video Game called "Zombie Uprising" and even play it on arcade machines and the weird glitched ice cream freezer(s) in the airport.

    ♦♦ Video game ideas to put inside the video game

    ♦ Saints Fighter 4
    You're the one getting canonized this time! Use cheesy Kung Fu to defend yourself!

    ♦ Fireteam Charlie horse
    Tactical action! Clear out drug dens, but beware... You can die very easily!

    ♦ Operation Shitstorm
    Take down Al Quesadilla with a poop gun (Think the Septic Avenger turret but in the form of a squirt gun, or as I like to call it... the 69cal. Shartmaster. Kinda like the one in the Saints Row 2 Gentlemen of the Row mod!)

    ♦ The Whore Z
    Kinda like another game within itself, except the zombies are uh... Zombified Hookers.
    When you die you restart or go back to your previous Whore Z save. Vehicles are rare, firearms are rare, a decent looking zombie hooker is rare, mass hysteria.
    Maybe Zombie Carlos and Zombie Lin could make an appearance.

    ♦♦♦ City to City travel
    At the Airport there should be a marker that opens up a menu that has cities listed inside, when selected a cutscene plays of you riding in a plane, so you could travel between Stilwater, Steelport, and whatever city they have next, it could also act as a modloader so people can use it to travel to cities they created as mods.

    ♦♦♦ City ideas

    ♦♦Stowshire / Shaftshire
    ♦ Futuristic London style
    ♦ Lots of pizzerias
    ♦ The Effleurage tower

    ♦ Extreme Verticality (And I mean Extreme)
    ♦ Parkour focused
    ♦ Lots of rooftop areas
    ♦ Some skyscrapers have interiors

    Ideas I've shared in a topic on this forum
    **Body customization (The shape of your arms, the length of individual fingers, I wanna be as malformed as possible in videogames that allow for char-gen.)
    **Nipple piercings
    **Ankle bracelet section
    **Please bring back piercing sections like Ears, Nose, etc... Instead of having them all in one menu
    **Please bring back Fighting Styles and maybe allow me to customize the animations of my attacks, I could draw a concept of what exactly I mean. It's similar to editing a special move in the move maker in certain Tony Hawk games.
    **Sub gangs (There would be 4 Main gangs, The Third Street Saints, ____, ____, ____, and then a bunch of small time gangs, think of it like Divisions and Activities, Activities are marked on your map, and divisions are little insignificant fun things you can do while on the fly. Small sub gangs would appear in random areas in the map, sometimes they attack you, and sometimes they are kind of helpful, like maybe they have a beef with one of your enemies and they kill the lieutenants in a pushback for you, but that would be rare.)
    **Enemy gang territory being attacked by other opposing gangs on random
    Since your territory gets attacked, why don't they attack other gang territory?
    **Sending Saints to attack enemy territory, forcing the enemy to take part in their own pushback activity.
    **Special NPCs (Think of the special NPCs in the Hitman activity, they're rare NPCs.)

    New Ideas and suggestions
    ♦When you pull the left trigger or press L1 or right click to aim while unarmed, you kick like in Saints row 1.
    ♦Peeing on people like in Postal 2 (Very under appreciated and underrated game barely anyone has heard of!)
    ♦Please bring back Easy Listening
    ♦Unlocking your own radio station (Unlike Mixtape, NPCs can listen to it!)
    ♦More weapons
    ♦More restaraunts
    ♦Weapon shape customization (Like how you can customize your face by using sliders that shift a set of vertices.)
    ♦Poster and art placement in crib customization.
    ♦Custom Graffiti (Doubles as a tattoo editor, vehicle decal editor, clothing decal editor, saints radio station icon editor, and crib poster editor.)
    ♦Placing posters on random walls (Kind of a little insignificant feature, think of it as the graffiti feature in Tony Hawk Underground 2 where you press a button and your guy sprays something on the wall. Just an idea though!)
  2. Well these are good ideas,but a a little SPOILER : (don't read beyond this point if you want everything to be a mystery)
    Earth got kinda blown up in SR 4
  3. MrGarry2u

    MrGarry2u Guest

    Back to the future 3 parody... the saints go back in time to the Wild West, kinzie plays the inventor doc brown type character and everyone gets to dress all Steam punky and take the piss out of Red Dead Redemption.

    Or... Powers get replaced with Magic and the game takes a Skyrim turn... poking fun at WoW and such along the way.

    World war 2 setting, Saints vs Nazis... zombie robot nazis...
  4. Considering SR4 was supposed to be the last game in The Boss' story, it's safe to assume that SR5 will involve a new protagonist. That being said, I think the Saints will restore the earth and defeat Zinyak before he can destroy it again, but their mucking up with the timeline will remain. As a result, the story of SR5 will be played fairly straight, similar to SR2. However, throughout the game, you will discover multiple modified historical references to the Saints, some blatant, some subtle.

    For example, Keith David mentions in SR4 that he'd look good on money, so at some point you'd see a shot of a dollar bill up close and it'd have his face on it.
    Maybe you'll come across a famous painting that has now been modified to be Shaundi instead.
    There's actually a Gatue of Liberty in Manhattan now.

    beyond that however, I would just like to see as many features from SR2 return as possible, a varied, alive city being the most important.
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  5. That is exactly what I hope to see in sr5.
  6. MrGarry2u

    MrGarry2u Guest

    Saints Row V: Pride and Prostitutes.
  7. I thought that saints row 4 was the end of the series?
  8. MrGarry2u

    MrGarry2u Guest

    A few people have said that, or that it's the last adventure for the Boss character before a reboot of some kind.
    to be honest I'd like to see where they read that or see a link to something concrete.
    It was my belief that Volition had been acquired by Deep Silver, given clearance to finish SR:IV and then work on more if it did well.
  9. Eurotrash

    Eurotrash Banned

    It could be a GTA IV style reboot. GTA IV takes place in a completely different game universe from GTA 3, GTA VC, GTA SA, GTA 3.5 and GTA VC 1.5.
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