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    I guess I'm an old school fan, but maybe I'm more of a middle school fan. I don't mind the Saints being celebrities, but I really think the whole science fiction blowing-up-the-world thing put the whole series off the rails. And, honestly, I'm a big science fiction fan, but there are already so many other games that do that already. The older Saints Row games, particularly 2 and 3, were very unique and had STYLE. There are no other games like that. That's what sets them apart from every other game. The emphasis on customization was a big factor in that.
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    Agreed, I liked the premise of SR:TT a lot more than SRIV's story, but I wish SR:TT's actss were more elaborate. I liked the STAG act, it brought another faction on the table to stir things up more, but the whole process, how it's placed and how it got dealt with was just really lacking.
    I hope in the next Saints Row game customization will be as abundant as SR2's. 3 and 4 feel pretty dumbed down in customization still.
    Variety is what makes things nicer.
  3. Remember in Saints Row IV, There are no commercials, jingles, station IDs, Just DJ dialogues and music.
  4. Something what I would like to see in the next Saints Row is something like Bloodborne: Trick Weapons, a weapon what can transform into another
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