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  1. They actually did that. And I would have to say it is also a waste of time, but probably re-used for SR2 Mobile.

    I play Mobile/Java/.jar Games using KEmulator (The Most serious Jar Emulator) and even playing Games like DEEP & other RPG Jar games, Gangstar Rio looked better than the top down version they did (I even beat the game).
    Worst they used 3D version of SR1 or SR2 to illustrate that its SR, but then they created another .Jar Saints Row that was like .Jar Gangstar Rio


    Gangstar Rio
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  2. What your referring to is Meta humor, Self Awareness & Breaking the 4th wall...which is usually awesome and great for conversation between Players & Developers.
    I once came up with a Movie based on News Article (Rihanna & Friend) & Song (Young Cake Song) about someone who Pranks & Robs (Redirect Stolen Money) those who rob Charities (Like what World Vision did)...called "Rob'n them Back"

    ITS HEADS LIKE THIS WHY GET GAMES LIKE PROTOTYPE & INFAMOUS vs "oh "Parkour" & "Being bulletproof" is too op...axe the game, its just 1 hit kills"

    Also watching Flash, Its about Source Material you can create off anything like even though he can Time Travel > He can screw up the Future > Hence where one of his greatest villains were born (Savitar).
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  4. I hope Saints Row 5 will bring new Characters:
    Sr2 Pierce (he is voiced by Jamil Walker Smith)
    Fimos (Zimos' New Girlfriend is voiced by Beyoncé)
  5. I'm torn because I enjoyed the over-the-topness of the later games. It was kinda like Ghostbusters where it starts out kinda lowkey, but by the time the end comes around, you're not surprised a giant Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is walking through New York. That said, there is something to be said for the restrictions of SR2. Plus, I have to agree that Stillwater seemed more lived-in, like a real city that grew. But I guess what I really liked about SR2 was the character customization in clothing. You could wander around dressed however you wanted, down to your socks and underwear. So, if I could make sure one thing is in the game, it is that.

    If they really want to bring back the game and keep it connected, just introduce a Multiverse idea, that these are Saints Row in different universes. You can have some of the same people and situations, just jumbled up. Make every place Stillwater in name, but just with a new setting.

    Idea 1 -
    Saints Row in the 80's, essentially, Saints Row: Vice City. I'm a child of the 80's (well, teenager) and GTA: Vice City is still my favorite GTA game, even though San Andreas did bring in a lot of elements I liked. But the setting and the characters were my favorites of that series. So, drawing on the Mulitverse idea, have the characters transplanted in a Miami Vice/Scarface/insert 80's show here setting. Shandi in a Madonna/Valley Girl outfit, Pierce trying to be Tubbs on Miami Vice or Micheal Jackson, Gat wearing a headband and looking like Kung Fury... Or screw it all and come up with all original characters.

    Idea 2 -
    Saints Row where Stillwater is essentially modern Las Vegas. Spend your time trying to take over the casinos and strip clubs from the corrupt corporations that own them to save the city. Saints Row is seeing a rash of violence to try to depress the land value so one of the companies can buy it for a song and built a new megacasino in its spot. The Saints are formed to fight back.

    Idea 3 -
    Throw your ass back in the original Stillwater, into the original game, or more actually #2. But this time you are a new character, and your mission is to take back the city from the former Saints, who's absolute power with Ultor has corrupted them absolutely. Unlike before, Dane Vogel managed to talk the old Saints into a partnership and they end up kinda like the Vice Kings, becoming the thing they originally fought against. You pick up the old Saints standard and confront them. You have choices to kill or convert the lieutenants and pick up other characters along the way.

    Those are just some rough ideas. I just like the idea of them getting back to some of the basics, that they were originally formed to fight an even more corrupt gangs, corporations, and city government in a city that was full of people that would shoot you than deal with you.
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  6. Quest based story

    • Go there, Talk with that person, accept it, do it, receive reward.
    • You can actually talk with the NPCs, like in Skyrim or Fallout; selecting dialog lines to respond to them.
    Borderlands-level of gun variety

    • Lots of guns of every type, many variations to them, common and rare.
    Gun customization++

    • Attach different equipments to your gun, to make it better in one specification or another, example: a foregrip enhances accuracy, etc...
    Gun customization++: Part II

    • With official support, and software, there could be a gun skin market, run by the players, on the game. Like in Counter-Strike GO.
    Clothing customization

    • Another good idea from another game: You design your own clothing, with a variety of decals, by an ingame editor.
    • You can also make a player-run market for this one.
    More than one city

    • The player can travel to another city or areas, to face new challenges, on a different theme, and find new stores and unique items;
    • Industry: a city, or district, filled with factories, a very oppressive and dark place; this is where the violent syndicates operate;
    • Villesville: a pretty small city, surrounded by forest, good neighborhood, pretty houses; this is where a violet cult acts;
    • Chinatown: chinatown;
    • Bayside; A large bay, where illegal trade happens;
    • ???
    • More than two players (1-10?) face each other, as teams, or singles, on a series of different modes; DM, TDM, <<anything else the awesome devs come up with>>.
    Alternative shopping

    • Want a cheap gun? go to the black market and buy one, but the quality will be inferior
    • A shop where you buy only military wares: helmets, vests, boots, gloves...
    • A shop where you customize your vehicle with guns
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  7. Playa gets out of coma and realizes that SR2, 3 and 4 were just a dream.
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  8. A SR5 idea that Volition and the rest of THQ should AVOID: Initially advertise the game on Steam storefront, but just before releasing it, switch the game to an Epic Store exclusive and cancelling the Steam release or significantly delay it.

    No, seriously. Since Saints Row is a Deep Silver/Koch Media/THQ Nordic game, I'm deeply concerned about the future.
    I really do not want to see this kind of controversy or conspiracy to ever happen on Saints Row series.
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    Releasing Saints Row 5 on Epic would be the worst idea ever. Look how limited the launcher is:
    - Store
    - Library
    - Store
    - Library
    - Reviews
    - Guides
    - Workshop
    - Discussions
    - Artwork, Screenshots and Videos
    People can share things but on Epic you can't even take screenshots from Fortnite because such an option doesn't exist.
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