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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by BDX777, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. this, needs to be on the mix too!
  2. smashbro596

    smashbro596 Modding patch tester

    this too.
  3. Something that got me thinking from that one:

    A cheap way to add a big amount of more music "for free" in a future SR title could be if it has a station which plays the radio music from older SR titles when they are installed. They do not come with the new SR; it requires to own (and have installed of course) previous SRs. Additional bonus: Some ppl might buy the older titles just because of that. If you do not have them; that station just plays static.
  4. smashbro596

    smashbro596 Modding patch tester

    this song would be perfect in a saints row game.

    also. we need a custom radio. ie a folder we can plunk mp3s into to load into the game.
  5. HokyoHollowpoint

    HokyoHollowpoint Modding patch tester

    I think there is a custom radio station. I think SRTT had one at least.

    Also, if they can pull off allowing for another player or two in co-op, I think they should.
  6. A while back I dried up my eyes reading through all the threads for ideas for the next Saints Row. I found that the community was very split apart. I tried to extract what the franchise meant to its fans and ended up with a headache. From now, I've already slept off the stress and forgotten most of the conflicting factors surrounding the franchises survival and the clashing ideas fans have for Saints Row.

    Instead of "jumping through the players hoops" or trying to satisfy both types of fans. What if it acknowledged the impossibility. The story could loosely reflect the franchises troubles with publishers, sacrifices, and the pressures of handling a big game with many disappointed fans. Inspiration: In 2008, Tom Cruise was at his low, with embarrassing publicity regarding Scientology, and the failed box-office of Mission Impossible 3. When Ben Stiller asked him to be in Tropic Thunder, Cruise added an interesting character into the film: Les Grossman. Grossman was head of a film studio who not only made studio heads look evil and careless, but added a new perspective of hierarchy of the film industry Cruise himself found difficulties with. Other characters include:
    • Tugg Speedman an action star with a dying career (like Tom Cruise)
    • Kirk Lazarus a controversial actor with a lack of self identity (like Robert Downey Jr. himself)

    In this scene, Les Grossman celebrates after saving Tugg Speedman's career with a best actor award which be bought with wealth. This relates to Tom Cruise, as this film (Tropic Thunder) also saved his career and got him nominated for supporting actor.
    What to take from this is, that the game could lightly discuss Volition's hardships and the problems of gaming industry as a whole. All said in a fun absurd gangster theme. At the end however, I believe Volition knows best of where the franchise should go.

    +Tom Cruise as default boss just putting that out there...
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  7. Let's see...

    A city that's as alive as Stilwater (if not Stilwater itself)
    Bring back food and drugs.
    A talk radio station or two like KBOOM in SR1.
    Character customization that rivals SR2.
    Car customization that rivals SR4.
    Making use the time travel hook would be nice.

    That's all I can think of for now.
  8. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    I miss KBOOM so much! I loved listening to that station. I laughed because I thought it was just outlandish satire back then, but now it's not so funny anymore. o_O
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  9. Having clothes and outfits that people can actually see themselves wearing, instead of having
    something like being an actual foam finger, with the middle finger standing up, with a gold ring
    that says 69, just for the lolz. Saints Row's supposed to be about self expression and style, as much as
    it is supposed to be about a satire about gang culture in general. I would hate to see that accessibility the
    earlier games had especially Saints Row 1 & 2, to be oversaturated with outfits that people would wear, only
    when playing with friends or streaming. Sometimes bigger, better, crazier, and "f e e l i n g b o s s" isn't what makes
    good games... sure it's good to have those elements, but if I can avoid looking like a Juggalo-Goldust hybrid, the better
    I can remember the story. Till this day, I can not tell anyone what SRTT's actual plot was, because I was too busy
    listening to WAVVES and Danger Doom, while shot-gunning zombies on my motorcycle in a pink cat outfit.
    Don't get me wrong, crazy over the top fun, can be awesome, but when I also want to be immersed in that said
    world on my own terms and own style with the ability to do so. (Improved melee would be cool too)
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  10. NeonDrift.jpg

    I want the game to have a euphoric feel. Neon lights everywhere. Driving in the rain is calming yet atmospheric and immersive.
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