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Discussion in 'Homies & NPCs' started by shitface, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. Stag could spawn at level 4 and/or 5 notoriety. And Level 6 is Zin with all their ass-kicking stuff such as Marauders or Murderbots.

    Or, instead you could make Stag spawn as normal pedestrians just like gangs, and ride around the town on their n-forcers.

    Also adding ultor from mission The case of mr. X would be fun, i dont know about the vehicles they could use, but seeing them would be definitely fun. We got gangs from the past, so why not ultor?
  2. My notoriety is raising incredibly slow with this mod. Takes probably 10-15 minutes of mindlessly killing weak cops and civilians to even get to level 2.

    Also disappointed to see that notoriety doesn't effect gang's coming after you. Installed it in the hopes of having some gang car chases, but they don't really care how much I kill them.
  3. Yeah so there's 43 pages to go through so I've no idea if anyone has pointed this out, but I felt it important enough to give feedback on. I've been using this mod as part of the Dominatrix Mod Pack and some of it is good, while other aspects are kind of annoying. The increased aggressiveness of NPC's can be annoying, but only when there's tons of people stun locking you with melee attacks. But, to be fair, that's also a problem in the base game. Sometimes the amount of enemy gang spawns is annoying as well.

    The thing that really got to me doing a complete playthrough of the game (I'm sitting at 77% right now, level 50 with almost all activities Gold) is the Super Powered NPC's. They were so un-fun and frustrating at times that it actually made me stop playing. I think the idea is for them to be a challenge even after you've done a lot in the game. At low levels, they'll stomp you and you don't really have much of a way to retaliate. The way I began dealing with them was a fully upgraded Abduction Gun as it will one hit kill them. By that point in the game, they simply become a nuisance.

    Virus injection where you have to escort a vehicle, only to have it instantly blown up by a fireball. Getting constantly rag dolled by telekinetic objects smacking you when trying to go M.O.M and get Gold. I don't know if this will actually disable the spawns, but I opened the "spawn_info_groups" file with Notepad and did CTRL + F to find "toilet" I then proceeded to delete all of the character entries for super powered enemies, including the Genki's. I'm hoping this will keep the mod intact and get rid of these horrendously un-fun foes.

    I've no idea if this was play tested under the idea of beating the game 100%, but I'll say from my personal experience that these enemies only made the mod worse. If I'm unable to get the super powered enemies to go away, I'll likely uninstall the mod in its entirety.

    The only other gripe I have is that robbing a store (I did it for shits and giggles at very low levels) will instantly get you enough notoriety for the military to come after you. If a tank decides to spawn outside of the store, it's likely game over because as soon as you step foot outside, you die. Kinda silly but I learned my lesson after the first time.

    Okay so my bitching, whining, and complaining aside, this mod is still really cool. I've really noticed the increased NPC variety. By far the best feature is the changes to notoriety. Actually having the military come after you is really neat, instead of just endless police. It really makes it feel like a step by step increase in escalation rather than just jumping from cops to aliens.
  4. Are you ever going to put this on the steam workshop?
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  5. I think Shitface mentioned this before.
    And also these two replay just a page before.
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