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Gentlemen of Steelport Compilation

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by [V] IdolNinja, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Does Gentlemen of Steelport work with The Trouble With Clones DLC ?
  2. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

  3. Kudos sir
  4. Hey is there anyway this mod pack can work with the disc version of saints row the third?
  5. Ehm... disc version is the steam version.
  6. Oh thank you very much because i have just ordered a disc of amazon and I wanted to run this mod pack. Do these mods work in cooperative play or do both players need it?
  7. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    SRTT is much more robust with how it handles differences between players and mods. You can install mods and still coop with vanilla players with only slight odd differences. For example, weapon mods (all of which are optional in the installer) will cause your weapons to be invisible to your vanilla partner. Little odd glitches like that. This is a stark contrast to SR2 where mod differences would often cause both the client and host to crash.
  8. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    A quick sneak peek at the menu overview for GoS v1.0 beta 3
    Code (Text):

    1. CORE MODS
      1. Mission Replay
      2. All Vehicle Extended Customization and Delete Rewards
      3. Wardrobe Color Changer
      4. Enable tank radios and disable forced notoriety
      5. Additional Cheats
      6. New Clothing for Sale
      7. Extra Colors for Clothing and Makeup
      8. Cruise Control Hud Lowered
      9. Scythe Weapon Sound Fix
      1. Sticky Camera
      2. Disable Autoaim
      3. Increased FOV
      * 4. Steve's Better Camera Mod
      * 5. Uzi's Better Camera Mod
      7. Disable Tutorial Popups
      8. Clip Editor
      9. Clip Editor Hide Hud version
      1. Extended Character Creation Sliders
      2. Extended Taunts/Compliments
      * 3. Shiny Clothes for the Player (MENU)
      4. Blowup doll player face and toilet legs
      5. Remove Big Hat restrictions in cars
      6. Set Player Height to child size
      7. Set Player Height to teen size
      8. Set player height to average female size
      9. Set player height to brute size
      1. Convert all Helis to Boats so they can be customized at the dock
      * 2. Vehicle First Person Camera
      3. Increase Specter Speed
      * 4. Specter 2.0 - Faster and Lasers
      5. Death Orb - Converts Metal Ball into a plane
      6. Wheel Size Limit Mod
      * 7. Kenshin Overhaul
      8. 3 Homies in a Bulldog
      9. Supermodder's Super Fast Cars and Vtols +
      1. Snipe's Permanent Temporary
      2. Shitface Weapon Rebalance
      3. 50percentJoe's Handgun Fun
      4. Luckz' Excessive SR3
      5. Triple Shot, Incendiary, Explosive, Gravedigger
      6. Eradicator 1.0 Cyber Buster
      7. Epic Airstrike MOAB + More
      * 8. TOGO-13 Upgrades
      * 9. Rapidfire Highpower Sonic Gun
      * 10. Fun with Explosives
      1. Ethical Tough
      2. Ethical Fragile
      3. Unethical Tough
      4. Unethical Fragile
      5. Crowd Addon
      1. Open Cheats
      2. Forced Zero Notoriety
    * 8 HOMIE MODS
        * 1. Gat replace Zombie Gat
        * 2. Masked Angel replace Angel
        * 3. Bondage Zimos replace Zimos
        * 4. Nude Oleg replace Oleg
        * 5. Bloody Cannoness replace Viola
        * 6. Cyrus Temple replace Josh Birk
        * 7. Kia replace Nyteblade
        * 8. Villains replace Swat Team - Loren, Killbane, Matt, Kiki
        * 9. Genki crew replace Saints Backup - Genki, Tiger, Skinballs, Question
        * 10. Remove all mission restrictions for homie calls
        * 1. Stag Occupation - bridges up
        * 2. Stag Removal - bridges down
        * 3. Arapice Island Zombies
        * 4. Arapice normal pre-outbreak
        * 5. Statue Intact
        * 6. Statue Destroyed
        * 7. Loren Building Intact
        * 8. Loren Building Destroyed
        * 9. Loren Building Saints
        * 10. 3 Count Casino
        * 11. 3 Count Crib
        * 12. Nuke Plant Deckers
        * 13. Nuke Plant Crib
        * 14. Safeword BDSM Club
        * 15. Safeword Crib
        * 16. Thermopalye Intact
        * 17. Thermopalye Broken
        * 18. Thermopalye Removed
        * 19. Daedalus
        * 20. Daedalus Removed
    10. MISC MODS
      * 1. Super Powers Mod
      2. Pixel's Zombie Mod
      3. Fast and Mad
      4. Sadpanda Skyblazing Physics
      5. Avatar Rampage
      6. Saints HQ teleport elevator
      * 7. Remove forced outfit changes on mission replay
      * 8. Buddy Oleg - greatly increases friendly fire damage threshold
      * 9. Turn off Dracula Skill Bloodsucker Pack
      * 10. Whored Mode Better Characters
      * 11. Alternate Times of Day
      * 12. Genki Spawn Mod - Greatly increases chance to spawn
      * 13. Superman Flight Mod
      * 14. Increased Property Pricing
    The really cool thing is that I've written a vbscript to do search and replace within xtbl files. What this means is that GoS will now be building xtbl files dynamically, so you will be able to choose things like which individual alt homies get written in and built in homies.xtbl. For example, you can now choose just normal Gat and Masked Angel and not install Bondage Zimos, Nude Oleg, etc. GoS will also now enable the player to select and combine multiple weapon mods together, and even drill down and turn on and off certain features of each mod pack. For example, you can drill down in the Epic Airstrike mod and turn off the increased manapult launch distance, or any combination of features from all the mods.

    It.is.a.huge.amount.of.work. You can't even imagine how much time I've spent working on it this weekend. :eek:

    It's already working awesome with modifying individual entries in tweak_table.xtbl though. It's now just a matter of spending the time to break down all the weapon packs and work out all the individual changes, as well as integrate all the new stuff and updates. I think it will be totally worth it though and give players a massive increase in flexibility.

    Oh, I'm also planning on adding in a feature that saves all menu choices to an ini so that it will remember what you built last and reselect all options, similar to what I did with GotR. This should be pretty handy for people who like to tweak and play around.
  9. Idol, you are a fucking hero.
  10. Joa

    Joa Guest

    In section 8 would be better to add the Eprunega`s Johnny Gat mod rather than replace Zombie Gat: http://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-return-of-gat.125/page-2 # post-4686