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    NOTE: Parts of this compilation are now outdated. I would suggest grabbing this modpack instead which contains the fixes and content from Gentlemen of Steelport (and more) but updated to work with the latest patch:

    Gentlemen of Steelport is the name of the SRTT mega mod compilation that features everyone's hard work and releases from this forum. It has a basic coop compatible mode that builds a stable set of core mods/ fixes and is geared towards the coop player who doesn't want to mess with anything. The advanced mode features a ton of extra optional mods that let you do all sorts of crazy stuff.

    The GoS compilation is completely 100% modular and lets you fine tune and select individual mods if you so choose. It also builds all asm files dynamically so that users can easily combine different mods together without having to use the command line tools.

    The basic philosophy behind the Gentlemen of Steelport mod:
    * It should enhance the game and fill in some of the gaps that Volition left out
    * A standardized public package so that users can easily play coop together with a common set of mods that won't crash the game.
    * Mods that enhance the game and add to it will be part of the standard build
    * Mods that replace things will be optional -unless- the majority agrees that the change is for the better of the game as a whole
    * Mods that break things can also be included as optional with clear warnings to the user
    * No DLC will be modded in. At all. Period. We will also be extremely cautious regarding mods that may infringe on future DLC.

    Most importantly, be prepared to discuss your mod and how it will affect the game as whole. It's nothing personal if questions are raised about its inclusion. Every single mod for GotR went through this process to make sure it didn't adversely affect other parts of the game.


    You can always grab the latest version of Gentlemen of Steelport in the Downloads section of my site:
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  2. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Current brainstormed TO DO list for GoS.
    NOTE: This list is woefully outdated and many of these features are already in. I really need to clean it up soon.

    NOTE: If nobody's name is attached to the mod then feel free to give it a try to make it work.

    Customize All Vehicles *INTEGRATED
    * Modding tires on the Woodpecker airplane crashes the game
    * Attempting to customize helis bumps you back to the crib after it flashes a bunch of menus up

    Jon's Specter speed mod: *INTEGRATED
    * The Specter is complete and added to v1 b1. Superfast Cars and Vtols added as well

    Bmhur1 Hidden Cheat Enabler *INTEGRATED
    * Are there npc morph cheats? They were listed in the IS files as "Be All You Can Be"

    Snipe's Unlocked Temporary Weapons Permanently Mod *INTEGRATED
    * Can we delay their sale until endgame? That would eliminate any mission issues in which temp weapons come into play.
    * Does the game auto add them to your stash if you finish the mission with them? May have to edit the lua to remove that slot and double check weapon cache.

    Optional non-flagging cheats *INTEGRATED

    Additional Homies: Johnny Gat (Mission 1), Genki, Cyber Avatar, Tiger, Naked Oleg, Minigun Brute, Flamethrower Brute, Brutina *INTEGRATED
    NOTE: The homie stuff is currently being worked on by Snipe and InnocentSam
    * Text formatting issues
    * Tiger is missing many anims
    * Angel homie in wrestling gear instead of normal outfit.
    * So far we can only replace instead of add new

    Extended character creation sliders *INTEGRATED

    Allow weapon ring usage when walking and/or running

    Player rollerblading teleporting (Decker Specialist anims for player.)

    Remove the annoying popup hints! *INTEGRATED

    Optional sticky/free camera that doesn't autocenter *INTEGRATED

    Mission Replay *INTEGRATED
    * This may be something better suited to Minimaul's save editor

    Extra level weapon upgrades for things like the Taser

    Reinstate facial expressions and walks if possible using assets/anims from SR2

    Lower onscreen cruise control notification to bottom of the screen like GotR *INTEGRATED

    Add all in-game music to the Mixtape list like mission music

    Gibbed is working on enabling the GTAIV style clip editor that seems to be fully functional *INTEGRATED
    * saved clips go in documents\my games\saints row the third\cinematic clips
    * Exporting doesn't work

    Adding clothing to the store so that it can be recolored. Snipe did this with the Decker reward jacket. There are likely others. *INTEGRATED
    * Need to make sure this is something that can be delayed so it doesn't make the unlock itself useless.
    * One of the rumored DLCs is a gang clothing pack that may make this all for naught.

    Ability to toggle on/off weapon upgrades
    * This may be something better suited to Minimaul's save editor

    Remove Oleg homie's turning on you if you accidentally hit him

    Fix zombie ped cheat (brains) so it works in coop instead of just single player *rumored

    Hex edit vehicle cvtf files for enabling additional customization options like the gang decals which are currently not removable *INTEGRATED
    * mr tukrleton is working on the gang vehicles

    Shorten/Disable homie phone cooldown
    * part of the upcoming save editor from Minimaul

    Wireframe outfit/morph *INTEGRATED

    New tattoos
    * Gibbed figured out how add new tattoos (not replace)

    Remove the laser weapon overheating when you get the instant reload upgrades

    Maxwell Adams FOV mod - Optional *INTEGRATED ...
    * Will need to be thoroughly tested since it merely just increases all fov by 50%

    Add additional gang customization vehicles the Saints can drive like the Spectre

    Add additional clothing/paint colors and fix the lighting at IAD/mechanic so they look correct

    Possibly rebalance shotguns and rifles since they seem very weak compared to the other weapon classes like pistols and smg *INTEGRATED

    Add Spectre and other helicopter vehicle delivery

    Fix taunts so they proc for the challenge correctly. i.e. they only work when you taunt a gang member and don't have notoriety * PATCHED BY VOLITION

    Fix the hitzone for nutshots since they are almost impossible to proc

    Fix vehicle engine sounds so they don't sound like they infinite gears when they rev even at low speeds

    Fix homies so they start spawning more as you take over territory. Currently it seems like you never see homies walking around.

    True random gang member option. Right now, you can random for every category, but not a random from all categories; a real random option so that you can enjoy all the cool different ganger types unlocked during the course of the game.

    Ability to start the wave survival missions from a menu instead of waiting for a timed random event

    Add blur streaks to the lightcycle unlock similar to the Decker Specialist to make it more Tron-like

    Cyrus as an unlockable outfit/morph *INTEGRATED

    Additional gang types: *INTEGRATED
    * encogen's awesome GPO mod

    Optional mod to color already purchased clothing while in the wardrobe like GotR *INTEGRATED

    Listen to radio or mixtape while on foot

    Additional laser weapons like a pistol and sniper rifle:

    Challenger (tank) Radio enabled *INTEGRATED

    Clothing wear options if possible (unlikely)

    Custom music if we can enable it so players can use their own mp3s. (No copyrighted music should be added to GoS.)

    Optional mod to change npcs to gangs and make it more of a war zone:

    Add races like we had in SR2 (if the code is still in there.)

    Add additional levels to the Sonic Boom gun with much higher ragdoll like in the Cherished Memories trailer so you can send your partner (and other things flying.)
    NOTE: Will need to force equip it back to level 1 for all missions that use like the zed cleanup and the final.

    Additional activity levels. More specifically additional instances of Professor Genki SERC.
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  3. colers

    colers Pirate

    i also have some good ideas you can maybe proces into the mod ( if it isnt allowed to post em just delete this):

    reinstalled notoretie bar: it is very hard to read where you are in your notority in the third. is it possible to see the bar back instead of a flashing gang/cops mark?

    more Lazer weapons: there are only 2 pistols in the game , but none of them are laser weapons.

    Burna-89: a pistol that fires strong bursts of plasma at the target.

    upgrade 2: takes longer to overheat, more damage
    up 3: increase rate of fire, more damage
    up 4 : hot lasers ( thermal stuff) and better hip fire aim

    P0-phd: sniping laser, is a explosion weapon due a small explosion and instant vehicle destruction ( unless its a tank)
    can only fire once before overheating , unless you upgrade it to lvl 3.

    up 2: allows a decent hipfire
    up 3: increases the cooler, allowing you to shoot 3 vehicle popping bullets

    i made a more detailed list here
  4. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Anyone and everyone is welcome to post in this thread, but its primary focus is on discussing the compilation itself and what should and should not go in it based on what is already done. A better place for any future question would probably be the Mod Request subforum instead.

    Having said that, I think it's a great idea and have added it to the list.
  5. Extended character creation sliders!!!!!

    The one for the initiation station is pretty cool, but once you go too skinny it looks funny, is their a way to scale it down better, so the legs, arms and body look more proportioned?

    Also is their a web site or a startup guide so if anything i can try to work on it myself? My friends a decent programmer so he could prob help me with some things. Thanx for all the hard work you and the other modders have did!!

    And btw this is what my char looked like in SR2:
  6. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    The extended sliders are already on the list above, and yes I'm aware that the IS version has issues and needs work. It's likely the included muscle morph that's partly to blame. I plan on redoing everything once I have time.
  7. Awsome sounds great idolninja keep up the great work! Thanx again. :D
  8. maybe sum thing with cloths like when you try pants or shorts it gives a option too rise or lower them and maybe sum thing for custom music
  9. Corrodias

    Corrodias Generally Awesome

    Do you wish for feedback on, say, what mods we'd want to be optional? Or would you rather wait until they actually exist?
  10. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    I value everyone's input, so discussing now will definitely help the first release be the best it can be. Fire away.
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