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    Look I had this problem and it was because I could not figure out how to use the re-packing steps. Basically I got up to the part to where I needed to reassemble everything and the guide gets sorta confusing I'm guessing if you are not fairly familiar with modding. HOWEVER, I have a way to get it to work WITHOUT having to repack anything. If you want to know how, this is not a joke, just e-mail me and I'll tell you. My e-mail is

    Basically it involves getting rid of the soundboot vpp in the saints row installation folder. Just cut it from there and put it somewhere safe (If you somehow made a bad "New" soundboot vpp and get rid of the original then you'll be fucked I'm guessing)

    Then what you need to do is unpack the three that Packer mentions INSIDE of the installation folder. Basically it would look like this.

    In the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\THQ\Saints Row The Third\packfiles\pc\cache" you need to unpack the following vpp's into three seperate folders. (This could probably be way more efficient somehow but I have ZERO experience modding and figured this out by accident)
    1. misc tables
    2.sound boot
    3.sounds common

    So in my cache folder I have those three folders with the respective vpp's unpacked inside.

    I got rid of the soundboot from the cache folder, just cut it and put it on my desktop. I took my brand new "radio_swim_media.mbnk_pc" file I created and put that in the unpacked soundboot folder, replacing the old one.

    What I'm guessing happens is that since the game doesn't see a soundboot vpp anymore it just looks for the files and finds them unpacked and considers it okay. I have had zero crashes or problems doing it this way and my custom radio station plays like a champ.

    Sorry if this is confusing but I don't really understand it myself lol. If you need more of an explanation e-mail me and I can try and answer your questions. Perhaps the OP can clarify on why this actually works. I'm just happy I get to listen to my favorite music while playing and could not have done it without the first 16 steps or so of the guide. Cheers.
  2. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    Only pirated versions of SRTT install to that path. Legitimate versions will always be under your steam folder.

    Banned for piracy (seriously guys, stop making it so easy).
  3. Hey guys, first of all thanks so much Toad King for taking the time to put all of this together and everyone else in this thread for the input and help also. Unfortunately like a few other people I seem to be having trouble packing up everything. My bnk_pc_packer.exe does not make the two new files like it should in the tutorial. It does nothing when I drag and drop and when I do the command I get "bnk_pc_packer is not recognized as an internal or external command"

    Am I just doing something retarded? I followed the instructions to the letter and have gotten through perfectly up until this point. I'm a novice with modding I'll admit, but I even did the whole process again triple checking and still am having problems with the packer step.

    Also, yes I have framework and yes I checked and double checked my metadata file to make sure I changed the file types correctly. I even tried to use the packer on a metadata that I didn't edit at all, so I don't believe it's that.

    One more thing, the .wav files I converted using Wwise (the ones in the SFX folder) are turned into .oggs. These are the files I'm supposed to rename from song1.ogg to song1.wav etc and place into my extracted station folder , correct? When this happens they are turned into .wavs. I was just wondering if what I'm doing there is correct, since that's part that it loses me.

    If anyone could maybe explain step 14 and on in a little more detail (maybe even post a video if it's not to much to ask) I would greatly appreciate it. I've gotta be doing something wrong since so many people got it working, I'm just not sure where I'm going wrong. Sorry I know you guys get a lot of questions about this, so thanks in advance for any help you can give!
  4. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    I don't think you can drag and drop to pack, only extract. I use a batch file and here's what mine looks like using k12 as an example:
    Code (Text):
    bnk_pc_packer radio_k12_media.txt radio_k12_media.bnk_pc
    basically, <exe> <metadata txt file> <output filename>

    Don't forget that you also need to rename any changed tracks inside the metadata text file before repacking with their new names.
  5. i dont understand on this step :

    14. Okay we're getting near the end! Find the metadata file you created with bnk_pc_extractor and open it up. Scroll down to the files you want to replace and change the filenames after the number to the ones you want to replace. For example, if you're replacing radio_swim_media_00005.wav, "00005: radio_swim_media_00005.wav" would change to "00005: mysong.wav". DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE! Then fire up your command line again and run bnk_pc_packer to pack up your new radio station .bnk_pc file. the bnk_pc_packer program works like this:
    bnk_pc_packer radio_swim_media.txt radio_swim_media.bnk_pc
    can someone explain how to pack file with bnk_pc_packer ?
  6. Ya that's what I was trying to explain, neither dragging and dropping OR using the command worked. I was getting an error ""bnk_pc_packer is not recognized as an internal or external command" when trying it that way. And like I said in my post, I double checked my metadata, it's definitely correct. Sorry to be a pain.
  7. [V] IdolNinja

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    That error indicates that the path to your bnk_pc_packer.exe is not correct. i.e. the first parameter. If your folders have spaces in them, then you'll need to enclose the path in quotes. Something like this:
    Code (Text):
    "c:\sr3 mods\audio tools\k12\bnk_pc_packer" "c:\sr3 mods\audio tools\k12\radio_k12_media.txt" radio_k12_media.bnk_pc
  8. Hey thanks very much much for the help. I was just being retarded with where the bnk_packer was pointing to. I managed to do it right and it works perfectly. Thanks everyone for the help and for making this guide, works great.
  9. Can someone post a video of how to do this ? Would be 1000x easier....

  10. Corrodias

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    It's a roughly 20 step, complex process explained clearly in text and screenshots; i don't think a video's going to make it much easier. You're welcome to try, i guess. Just don't go into it expecting to wind up with a video that makes it all look quick and easy.
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