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  1. hi, when I convert the music I want using Wwise I only get a .wem file in the sfx folder. I'm not sure if its the version of Wwise I have, (since I cant find v2010.3.3 on their site so I have v2011.3.1). Am I doing something wrong that you know would cause me to get this particular file extension or do you know of anywhere I can find v2010.3.3.
  2. It looks like they removed the older versions from their site. What you can try is renaming the *.wem files to *.wav and try packing them that way, but I can't guarantee they will work.
  3. Me and IdolNinja discovered a limit recently: Audio banks larger than 128MB can have songs at the end of them cut off. An updated version of bnk_pc_packer has been uploaded that warns if this limit is reached.
  4. I cant find Wwise v2010.3.3 can somebody please upload this, because changing the file type to .wav didn't work with v2011.3.1. thank you in advance.
  5. Yes please, if someone still has that program, it will be great to upload it somewhere, so we can all change those awful tracks on the radio, as I would like to try out this method myself :) .
    You can practically change all the songs on a radio station ?
  6. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member


    We've secured permission to redistribute Wwise 2010.3.3 from the original developers, and I'll be putting up a download page later today.
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  7. That is great news to hear to thanks alot man.
  8. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    I'm just waiting for Audiokinetic to get back to me to confirm that what I've created is ok with them.

    When they get back to me, I'll hopefully be able to make this available!
  9. Thank you very much for this download and thank you for the guide :), now I can finally change all those awful tracks to something better !
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