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  1. Yue


    Oh god. Okay, so I'm trying a pretty expansive radio mod, swapping out almost every song. I'm splitting the Mix into an 80s station and a 90s station, so What I Got is on the latter. Will this screw up the karaoke thing with Pierce? I'm noticing all the singalong tags in the .xtbl and they're making me really nervous. I couldn't just apply them to the new What I Got and hope it works, 'cause the game is scripted to play What I Got there, right...?
  2. The singalong versions are actually separate clips in the radio_misc audio bank, so it shouldn't mess anything up.
  3. Yue


    Nyet. :< What I Got isn't playing, but the singalong is.
  4. make a video for it i cant understand what any of u are saying im new to this plus itll be alot more easier.
  5. So how did you do this then, Yue? Did you make a new bank or something for these? (can we even do that yet?) Did you just make a new station xtbl and split which songs are on which station? And if so, did What I Got move or not?
    (it does answer my wonder though if the real song played in the background or if a special instrumental version did though)

    As for the singalong tags, I *think* they're in case your character has pre-recorded lines to sing along with.. didn't they do that in SR2, where some songs your character would sing along to while driving (not mission scripted like the first mission here, but completely random spontaneous?)
    I've never actually heard it happen, but that doesn't mean it never can, they were rare back then too..

    The mission we're looking at is m04.. looking over the lua (in sr3_city_0.vpp_pc/m04_modal.str2_pc) has a specific little function to call this...

    Code (Text):
    function m04_play_sing_along()
        -- TODO: Have Pierce and player sing along w/ radio
        local test = -1
        M04_convo.sing_intro.handle = audio_conversation_load(
        while not (character_is_in_vehicle(LOCAL_PLAYER))do
            if Clothes_Store_Reached then
        test = radio_get_station(get_char_vehicle_name(LOCAL_PLAYER))
        vehicle_set_radio_controls_locked(get_char_vehicle_name(LOCAL_PLAYER), true)
        radio_set_station(LOCAL_PLAYER, 4)
        radio_set_station(LOCAL_PLAYER, 6)
        radio_set_station(LOCAL_PLAYER, 10)
        test = radio_get_station(LOCAL_PLAYER)
        M04_convo.sing_intro.handle = INVALID_CONVERSATION_HANDLE
        -- Sing alongs are normally not allowed during missions, override that.
        -- TODO: We'll need to turn this back off at the end of the mission or
        -- after the sing along has ended.
        -- Enable the player's sing along for this track during the mission.
        -- TODO: Call radio_clear_sing_along_track to clear this when the mission
        --  ends so that we don't play the sing along during regular gameplay.
        radio_set_sing_along_track("MIX_Sublime___What_I_Got", "M04_SINGALONG_WM_PLAYER")
        sing_along = true
    and also, in function m04_cleanup()
    Code (Text):
        -- Cleanup singalong

    Not a lua programmer, but it looks like to make that work you'd have to change which station it sets to according to what you did, and make sure the internal name (MIX_Sublime__What_I_Got) isn't changed, nor are the special <info> blocks in the <sing_along> section declaring the sign-along tracks from misc are unchanged and packaged with the song.

    It *shouldn't* care about which station it's in, provided you remember to change the station it flips to in the m04_modal str2, then save and repackage the str2 and slot it to override.
  6. Yue


    I just changed alllll the .xtbls so there was a whole new soundtrack. Kabron is now a 90s station, and the track spot on the Mix that used to belong to What I Got now belongs to Take On Me.

    I took the singalong data from the Mix and put it into kabron, and tried the mission with both an edited and unedited mission lua, but it didn't make any difference. =/
  7. Sorry, perhaps I'm not following what you did, but, you repackaged all the soundbanks? Or what?

    When you say "the track spot" do you mean the order in the audio stream package? Or if you didn't repackage the audio tracks themselves the xtbl should be referencing the actual songs.. did you change which radio station What I Got was in? If so did you also remember to move the singalong list (<Singalong_list>)? And if not.. it still plays the singalong but not the song behind it? Hmm..

    Right now I'm at a loss for some of this... perhaps it's referenced somewhere else but I was following the trail of files and noticed that the radio stations (and most things really) run on cues in the xtbls, which are just names. It seems they refer to assorted files, in the case of audio it's to audio_syncs.xtbl also in misc_tables. In that file is the audio cue names... and a <wwise_id> tag. Is that some sort of internal table file somewhere? Is the fact that the file moved possibly related to it not working cleanly when it needs a specific file (as some other thing has to be updated)? Anyone else know what those tags are referencing?
  8. Yue


    Sorry. Yeah. I repackaged all the soundbanks and redid the .xtbls to fit. I moved the singalong to Kabron, to the entry in the .xblt that references What I Got now.
  9. Very interesting read. Thanks for the information!
  10. I really wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this guide, man. The music in SR3 sucked big time and I was surprised by how horrible the tracks they selected were compared to SR1 and SR2 where there was at least a couple dozen songs I liked. There was none in SR3, beside Kanye West's Power, which is damn old now considering how long the tracks been out. I've already replaced two of the radio stations, even though it's taking a long time... it's getting done.

    Thank you again.
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